Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stephen Harper's Ridiculous Arctic Parade

As Stephen Harper and his Con cabinet continue their extravagant pre-election junket ,photo shoot, vote buying Parade of the North.

Hoping to fool Canadians into thinking that Great Angry Leader is a warrior who will lead us to victory over the Russians.

Political aides travelling with the prime minister were thrilled with the series of photo opportunities they had arranged.

Some told reporters privately that, ahead of a fall political season that could see yet another federal election, they felt the images of Harper amidst a display of military vigour would help boost his popularity among voters.

Instead of a bitter deranged nerd who is leading us all to disaster. A man who couldn't give a damn about improving the lives of the people of the north.

Local politicians in Nunavut, for example, told reporters earlier this week that while they appreciated the prime minister's enthusiasm for the North, they remain hopeful federal funding will materialize for projects such as drug and alcohol abuse treatment centres in the territory.

A Con with only two missions: to try to fool Canadians into giving him the majority he craves so much.

And to make sure that the oil and gas pimps in Calgary are protected as they drill the Arctic DRY.The pimps who walk him like a poodle, and have supported his criminal crusade against Kyoto.

Even as global warming kills the north .... and the planet.

"If this process becomes widespread along Arctic continental margins, tens of megatonnes of methane a year - equivalent to 5-10% of the total amount released globally by natural sources, could be released into the ocean."

They're killing the north. They're killing our country and its values. They're killing the planet. And now they're holding a PARADE?

Because they think it can help them win an election.

Could there be anything more obscene?

Could there be anything more RIDICULOUS?

You know they really shouldn't have called him a nerd when he was young....and he wanted to play Stalin.

Because it made Stephen Harper really crazy.

And now we're ALL going to pay for it...


  1. I couldn't agree with you more. I've been blogging about Harper's visit to the North for a couple of weeks now. I've added your post to my blog (hope you don't mind).

  2. oooh.

    "..display of military vigour"

    Ah. the old testosterone by proximity ploy. Does it get any more American neocon? Or freudian?

  3. hi Jason...I certainly don't mind. In fact I'm flattered. In fact I'm adding your blog to my blog roll
    immediately so I can read YOUR posts !! :)

    P.S. I love the name of your blog. Believe it or not I once thought of calling my blog that. But since I live in the south...duh...that would have been CHEATING... :)

  4. hi Niles...yes the whole thing is frightening. Harper is just staging this phony photo-op to win votes and satisy his Big Oil masters.
    While completely ignoring the REAL needs of the people of the north.
    You know when I read that there wasn't a single treatment centre in Nunavut. Not one. I just couldn't believe it. I was STUNNED.
    It'd an absolute disgrace...