Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stephen Harper and The Great Flying Toilet

Is it my imagination or is Stephen Harper being followed on his trips by a Great Flying Toilet?

Because after you say HARPER, VISIT, and EMBARRASSING eh? That's what comes to mind.

First he misses not one but two summit photo ops because nature called at the wrong moment.. Then he flushed what was left of his credibility/sanity down the toilet by attacking Michael Ignatieff...for something he didn't say.

Now he goes up north and insults the people of Iqaluit by making it sound like THEY don't wipe THEIR bums?

Just because he has John Baird to do that for him. What a nerve eh?

While he tries to win the Don Cherry vote by picking a fight with the Russians.

During his five-day tour through Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon, he will hold a Cabinet meeting, board one of Canada's submarines and try to send a message to Russia, the United States and other Arctic powers that Canada's aspirations to be a northern power are not to be taken lightly.

Because he'll say or do ANYTHING for a vote.

And because he's suffering from minority constipation, he needs an election before he EXPLODES. And he thinks the time is NOW.

And his mentor Tom "Strangelove" Flanagan thinks he knows how to provoke one.

The opposition parties formed their famous coalition and threatened to vote non-confidence against the Conservatives, who quickly retracted the proposal. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, however, has vowed to bring it back as part of his campaign platform in the next election.

Because the good doctor knows very well that it would be perceived as an attack on the Bloc Quebecois. And that would allow Harper to run against the separatists/Quebec and place the other parties in a difficult position.

Hmmmm.... I know that most people don't think there's going to be an election this fall.

But with this gigantic Arctic photo-op, and yet another Obama photo-shoot coming up. And the fact that the real economy is melting faster than even the ice up north. And the ominous flight of the Great Flying Toilet. And the madness of Stephen Harper.....and Dr Strangelove.

And oh yeah...the war with the Russians.

I don't know about you eh?

But I can feel the Big One coming....

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