Thursday, August 27, 2009

When Gays Bash Back: Part Two

The other day I wrote a post on whether the bullied should bash the bullies. And because I felt my old anger management counselor, my karate instructor, my boyfriend and my Mum were looking over my shoulder as I wrote it, it came out rather badly.

Some of my friends and readers suggested it sounded like I didn't believe gay people should learn to defend themselves. When all I was saying was they shouldn't have to, because it was up to society to protect them. And that we shouldn't pick fights even if we can win them.

But as for defending bashing the bigots who would kill us ....I'm all for it.

Although, I have to say that even if I was still sixteen and angry, I wouldn't be joining this gay gang.

Not because I have anything against anarchists....they do hold the best parties in Montreal. I just don't agree with their tactics. I find them juvenile and counterproductive.

But then they are young, juvenile goes with the territory, and I sure like their ATTITUDE.

"We're not trying to change people's minds, we're not trying to bend straight people to give us freedom—we're fighting back," says Milwaukee member Tristyn Trailer-Trash. "We're going to stop them from preaching hate, stop them from creating an environment that's unfriendly to gay, queer, and trans people. We're not going to be nice about it—they're not being nice about it!"

Because she's right about one thing...our enemies aren't nice. Just look what they did to poor Eudy Simelane.

The top striker, who was gay, was set upon by a gang of thugs, gang-raped and stabbed 25 times. Her sexuality and supposedly butch looks were a death sentence in a country in which the sport is still considered a man’s game by many.

So if what these kids are really saying is that they will never allow those violent homophobes to do to them what they have done to so many.

Or will never be silent while so many are hurt or killed. Or won't be told what women can or cannot do.

And that if gays are bashed they WILL bash back.

Then forget about the baseball bat. But gimme a pink bandanna !!!!!!

I'm with them all the way....


  1. It's unfortunate that it has to be this way, but I think it's only right that gay people should give back as good as they get.

    You know what bullies are like: they pick on people who they think won't return fire. They're generally not prepared to take a few shots in the head themselves, and if it starts happening on a regular basis, they might think about changing their bullying ways.

  2. hi don't encourage me.... :)
    But of course you're right. It's amazing how many bullies stopped being bullies when I fought back. I guess I resent the fact that a gentle boy had to become violent ...and all the trouble that caused me...when society should be far more proactive in stopping bullying.

  3. I Bash Back logo:

  4. hi Zeke...thanks for that.It's a good one, but I think I am going to try designing one of my own. I have no talent unfortunately, but the more the merrier... :)