Monday, August 17, 2009

The NDP Convention and the Media Circus

As you know, I try to stay away from criticizing Canada's progressive parties, because I believe in a united left, and don't think it's a good idea to burn bridges we will some day have to cross.

But the reaction to the NDP's convention is so absurd ...such a circus...I feel I must.

First came the dumb media reducing everything to an idiot headline.

As if there weren't more important things to discuss. Like how to win more seats in the next election.

And most idiot of all....completely ignoring the fact that if you translate the words Democratic Party into French, and then use the initials it sounds like Pe- De. The slang word for FAGGOT. Which would make the party the laughing stock of the province.

Why do you think Mario Dumont called his party the ACTION Democratique instead of the Parti Democratique? Duh.

Then came the country's disgusting right-wing media

The more than 1,000 delegates endorsed action to prevent violence against aboriginal women. They endorsed enshrining childcare into law. They endorsed investment in environmentally friendly jobs. They endorsed ending rules that prevent homosexuals from donating organs.

In the end, there were more than 50 policies approved. But there was little to raise the eyebrows of the party's socialist founders.

As if the word SOCIALIST... as in social democracy.... was something to be ashamed about. Instead of the trademark of some of the world's most advanced democracies. As if the issues discussed weren't important.

Then came the Liberal bloggers.

Who sounded like members of the Con choir. Even though if Ignatieff does manage to win an election, because the Bloc isn't going ANYWHERE he can only hope for a minority. And will have to depend on the NDP to stay in power.

Oh boy. It's all such a ridiculous and tragic FARCE. The centre-left eats itself while the dirty Cons kill Canada.

And while I'm at it .....I'm still waiting to hear why, according to the latest EKOS poll, 41 per cent of Liberals believe the country is heading in the RIGHT direction. And why one out of three of them would choose the Cons as their second choice?

Because let's face it, with those kind of scary numbers, if the NDP didn't exist we would have to invent it.

You see that's the irony eh?

The NDP doesn't need to change its name because EVERYBODY knows who they are.

But who I wonder are the Liberals?

And isn't it about time THEY changed their name to the LCP? The Liberal Conservative Party.

People please. Trust me I love you ALL. But we must understand that thanks to the Bloc, the home team of the semi autonomous nation of Quebec, the political landscape of Canada has changed FOREVER.

And the only way the tyranny of the Con minority will be defeated, is if the left unites or forms a coalition like they do in other civilized countries.

The Coalition for Change was an idea ahead of its time in a country stuck in a rut and going NOWHERE. But sooner or later everyone will recognize the obvious.

And it will be back...

My advice? Love it now or love it later. But while we wait for it to return don't do the Con's dirty work for them.

If you really love Canada.

Don't shit in your own backyard...


Ricky Barnes said...

Thank you for your post. I couldn't agree more on this issue.

The NDP did some good work at the convention. They will be introducing a motion to eliminate small business taxes, wait for the rallying cry from the LPC or as you suggest LCP. "NDP abandons workers"

janfromthebruce said...

thanks Simon for your post - I hope they do adopt eliminating tax on small business.
The majority of jobs created in the country - 75% are created by small and medium size business. Creating a wedge between them and the big corporations, where they vote a certain way that actually doesn't work for small business but only act as props as lg corporations laugh all the way to the bank. I know lots of workers who operate small businesses on the side - it's actually worker friendly.
At the same time, we can push provs to raise minimum wages and cont to push a no scab law (perhaps the libs will vote for it next time, instead of being the great progressive pretenders.

Simon said...

hi Rick...your welcome. You know I really do hate to criticize any of the progressive parties but sometimes I just can't help it. I seems so obvious to me. The country has changed and progressives must change their strategy, or the Cons will rule FOREVER...

Simon said...

hi Jan...look I don't expect any party to be perfect, but all I know is that any party is better than the Harper Conservatives. So I hope the left can at least find enough common ground to join forces and drive the Cons from power.
Because policies are important but power is EVERYTHING...