Monday, August 17, 2009

The Bloody Massacre of Gays in Iraq

It's a horrible story that just keeps getting worse.

Iraqi militias are torturing and killing "hundreds" of men in a growing, systematic campaign against suspected homosexual activity that may be aided by Iraqi security forces, an international human rights group said Monday.

Another man described how four masked men, dressed in black, kidnapped his partner of 10 years in April.

"He was found in the neighbourhood the day after," the man was quoted as saying. "They had thrown his corpse in the garbage. His genitals were cut off and a piece of his throat was ripped out."

And if it's not murder, or torture, it's rape.

Kamal was just 16 when gunmen snatched him off the streets of Baghdad, stuffed him in the trunk of a car and whisked him away to a house. But the real terror was about to begin.

"They told me to take off my clothes to rape me or they would kill me immediately...The other two kidnappers took off my clothes by force, and, at that time, I saw them as three dirty animals trying to tear my body apart."

So that's what "victory" looks like. And what do the Canadian defenders of this criminal war have to say about that? I know what Michael Ignatieff says. He's sorry...sort of.

But what would Stephen Harper say? Oh right. I forgot. God Bless America.

"...We Canadians are not and cannot be neutral any more than we can be for Saddam; that we are with our friends, our allies and our own troops; and that we support them for freedom, for democracy, for the reconstruction of Iraq, and for the liberation of its people.

This is not a question on how this war happened or whether it should have occurred in the first place. It is something very different. It is now how this will play out and how we will stand in it."

You mean stand in the blood of gay people?

And what do you think Harper's homophobic ReformCon government would do if a gay Iraqi asked for asylum in Canada?

Answer: send him back to be murdered like they do with all the others.

Oh boy. I'm so angry and so sad. The war criminals turned a secular dictatorship into a religious one, and called it victory.

The poor gay people in Iraq are being massacred.

And nobody will help them...


  1. If you want to practically help send some $$$ the way of 'Iraqi LGBT'

    They run safe houses inside Iraq as well as supporting refugees in the rest of the middle east.

    Whilst the HRW report is good news for raising the profile of the pogrom, only Iraqi LGBT is actually supporting people (saving them from murder) inside the country. But funds are scarce and they consequently have to turn people away.

    To find out more, read their annual report which is published on their website.

  2. Anonymous1:32 PM

    gee simon, it's hard to think of what to say. nobody had any business being in iraq in the first place but our liberals made sure there were two ships in the gulf right away and then the rcmp were contracted by the u.s. to train iraqui's to be police (this took place in jordan). so liberal, conservative....we'll only get one lie after another.

    paul canning's comment seems the best solution for now.

  3. That's disgusting! The perpetrators and Iraqi government should be ashamed!

  4. Hi Paul...thanks for that link. I'll look them up.
    I also see if there is any Iraqi group here so we can set up some kind of underground railroad to help gay people find refuge here...

  5. Hi Scout,,,,yes the Iraq story is a nightmare not just for gays but for women as well. The sad truth is that both groups did better under Saddam. He may have been a bloody tyrant but he was a secular one and kept the religious fanatics at bay.
    Now they're turning the place into another theocratic hellhole like Iran, and the future looks really bleak.
    The Blogging Tories are always going on about what a glorious victory it was.
    Some glory. Some victory...

  6. Hi Hannah...yes it is disgusting and depressing. But unfortunately the perpetrators are beyond shame.
    And the Iraqi government is collaborating with the killers. And executing gays in prison.
    So there is nobody to stop what is going on and I'm afraid it's only going to get worse.
    Depressing isn't strong enough...