Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Jen Gerson's Bizarre Attack on Canada's Civil Servants

The other day I wrote a post complaining about the way all the MSM reporters on a Power and Politics panel, had dumped on a group of civil servants for giving Justin Trudeau a warm welcome when he visited their building.

Accusing them of being "biased" and calling their behaviour "disgusting."

When in fact it was just a natural human reaction to meeting the glamorous young leader who had just liberated them from the foul bully Stephen Harper and his gang of Con thugs.

And those stuffy Con tools on that panel should really get a life.

But alas, now one of them, Jen Gerson of the National Post, has taken this assault on the civil service in a new and deranged direction.

Yes believe it or not, Gerson seems to think that Stephen Harper wasn't THAT bad, and that the election was really a power struggle between the "Ottawa establishment"and her beloved Albertonia.

You see, I don’t think this current venting of venom toward Stephen Harper is about ideology... I’m not even convinced that Harper’s personality or autocratic style accounts for it — although it wouldn’t have hurt the former prime minister to have figured out how to hold a baby in front of a camera without cringing.

No, the heart of the thing has always been about power. And, specifically, the shift of power from Canada’s traditional strongholds in urban Ontario and Quebec to the demographically emerging prairie and western provinces (although we’ll certainly see how long that trend holds with $40 per barrel oil).

And even suggests that those happy civil servants are part of that conspiracy, so Harper was right to distrust them....

This is why Friday’s episode in the halls of the Department of Foreign affairs was so telling and distasteful...Open partisanship is not only unprofessional, it undermines the bureaucracy’s credibility. It supports the notion that Conservative distrust of the establishment was reasonable. 

(And, no, I do not buy the argument that this example can be explained away as a spontaneous rapture brought about by the vicious and dictatorial conditions imposed by Harper et al. on the beleaguered civil service. We are talking about professional adults, not abused puppies.)

And by so doing manages to mangle her facts, or turn them on their head.

Starting with the fact that Stephen Harper's foul regime was indeed THAT bad, the worst and most morally depraved government in Canadian history. 

Secondly, if Harper distrusted civil servants it was because he hated government, and would have killed it if he could...

And thirdly, civil servants who were abused, and muzzled, or just plain terrorized, had every right to celebrate the downfall of the Harper regime. Along with millions of other Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

For that was what that election was all about. Not an assault on Alberta, but a defence of our Canadian values.

And we need Gerson's bitter politics of alienation, like we need her fellow Albertan Michelle Rempel's weird Star War fantasies...

But then of course, what all those Cons have in common is desperation. 

They just can't believe that they've lost power.

Or that their Big Daddy has lost his throne AND his limo...

And Gerson's not alone. Even Ezra Levant is back on the air.

Sort of.

And no doubt preparing to scream out his twisted conspiracy theories...

And the good news? 

I think I've found the perfect solution. Gerson should forget about Power and Politics and be a regular panelist on the Ezra Show. 

Where among other things, she could do her version of the federalist dance...

Because that would be entertaining.

In the meantime, Power and Politics should either bring her under control, or give her the cowboy boot, if it wants to be considered a serious news show.

And as for the rest of us, we should just go on celebrating this happy sight...


For as long and as loudly as we like.

Just like I intend to do.

And all I can say to Gerson is this:

Jen, Jen, please get a life. The Ottawa establishment didn't being down Harper we  all did.

But since I do love a warm Alberta Clipper, at this time of the year.

Please keep the hot air coming...

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  1. Simon bud I could not finish reading this I was laughing so hard I fell off my chair {almost] here we had a criminal cabal running Canada from the secret secret secret closet and they have the balls to make their MSM attack dogs wimps and chimpanzees attack Trudeau's friendship with Canadians that happen to be in public service that Harper made enemies of?

    Listen I'm all in on my 70th birthday I will fly you and Seb to the Caribbean My lady and I will enjoy the time out were going too:>

    Cheers Mogs <:

    1. hi Mogs...I'm glad I made you laugh. After what we've been through we deserve a few. And yes aren't those Cons too much? Trying to make something ugly and threatening, out of something so human and so beautiful...

  2. And you had dreams of retiring this blog. Events, my dear boy, events! ;-)

    1. hi Omar....yes, it's true, I may have missed my chance for a dignified exit. I probably could retire quite easily, because I think the country is back in safe Canadian hands, and I don't have to worry anymore about Harper and his gang razing it to the ground. But I have to admit I have been greatly moved by the hope and optimism of your man Justin. And when I see the MSM ganging up on him, my loathing for bullies kicks in, I feel I must defend him, and yes now I'm stuck... ;)

  3. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Two steps are required as we move ahead into the future for Canada:
    1. A full audit of the advertising spending from Stephen Harper to the media, focusing on endorsements that followed. Our new government must shame these international conglomerates and put them in their place before they're able to muster support against progressive politics in 2019.
    2. Firing of all of the appointments that Stephen Harper made in the last 10 years, poisoning politics for potentially decades to come. That starts with people like Hubert Lacroix, who has ruined the reputation of the CBC.

    Without these actions, it'll be the endless 'same old, same old' as bureaucrats and the media fight against any forward steps to be taken by Justin Trudeau.

    1. hi anon....I totally agree. We need a full accounting of the Harper years, because who knows what criminal activities the Cons may have been engaged in. And the apparatchiks they installed all over the place need to be fired, for if they are not they will cause trouble...

  4. Anonymous9:11 AM

    The Reformacons are all about finding a difference and turning it into an enemy that needs to be converted or destroyed. The idea that differences can become a major strength under the right conditions is foreign to their fundamental views. You are either for us or against us, end of story. Similar to thermal differences in the atmosphere that can result in a gentle summer breeze or propel a parasail, but under the right conditions can turn into a destructive cyclone or hurricane where everything in its path is captured and then destroyed. Thankfully Canada voted for the summer breeze and parasail.

    1. hi RT...yes, that's all they were ever about, dividing Canadians, and creating one wedge issue after the other. Which just happened to reflect Stephen Harper's view of the world. Thank goodness we defeated him, and have the wind of freedom in our sails...

  5. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Oh Simon you are so right on. The only thing good coming out of Alberta lately is a Easterner coming home from the dirty, stinky oil patch, or a warm Alberta clipper!!!!!! Gerson is looking to be the female version of Erza!!!!!! Wonder if Obama is interested in switching Alberta off for Maine, Vermont...... Anything right now!!!!!! Boy they are nasty now they are a have not province yet again because their CONS give big oil corporations any profits Alberta could have saved for a rainy day like today!!!!!! No one to blame but themselves. Lip smacking bullshat will not help their cause right now!!!!!!! I just cannot stomach Power and Politics and their giggling!!!!!! Turned to CTV for some balanced reporting!!!!!

    1. Me too anon 9:26 AM

      Irene Marie

    2. hi anon...yes I'm worried about what might happen in Alberta. They have suffered a huge shock, and a lot of people are suffering. So I do feel for them, and I hate people like Gerson who try to use what's happening to fuel alienation, and make it sound like it was some kind of conspiracy aimed at that province. No good can come of that. And I agree with you there is far too much giggling on Power and Politics, and it needs to ground itself again...

  6. John B.9:35 AM

    Unprofessional open partisanship that undermines credibility? She could have been talking about herself and a couple of the other stooges who appear on these panels as "journalists".

    1. hi John....Gerson's bias is written all over her face, the way she sneers at people, or shrugs off the horrible conditions civil servants have had to endure for years. As that video shows, even when she's trying to be funny, it comes off looking angry, and just slightly deranged....

  7. The west wanted out. They worked hard at it and out they went. Isn't freedom of speech wonderful.

    1. hi rumleyfips...I always understood the West's desire to be in, especially after I lived in BC for a few months. But what I never understood or enjoyed was the way that some Albertans remained so angry with the test of us, even after they were practically running the country. And yes, their blind faith in the Cons or the Bloc Alberta, has left them isolated again...

  8. Jen Gerson


    and others were on the Nov. 9 Power & Politics for several segments, beginning at the 35 minute mark: (slide the time bar)


    At the 56 minute mark, Gerson accuses the Liberals of only making "mouth noises" with regard to climate change. Hilarious!

    1. hi David....surely you're not going to make me watch more of Gerson? When a mere thirty seconds makes my blood pressure soar. ;) But yes, every time an Alberta supremacist like her accuses others of not doing enough to fight climate change I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

  9. Maybe I should send Jen Gerson the weblink to this post by Simon. 8-)

    1. hi David....no please don't. I don't really want to attract her attention. It's bad enough that I have Michelle Rempel blocking me on Twitter, and no doubt sticking pins in my doll. If Gerson launched some voodoo curse at me who knows what might happen... ;)

  10. It's great to see Cons still telling themselves fairy tales. They clearly do not understand the level of fear and oppression the civil service felt. The Conservatives arrived feeling that the civil service was against them. This I doubt. Some or many probably did not vote Con but in 2005 we had a professional civil service, proud of their neutrality and skills who would have done their best to advise and serve the government in office.

    After a few sho- trials such as Keene, insane policy decisions (cancelling the long form census or gagging scientists) or unfathomable foreign policy decisions, (unconditional support for Israel, insulting the Chinese leadership, closing the Tehran embassy) and generally ignoring any advice from the civil service it is no wonder that the Liberals are seen somewhat like a liberating army.

    Scientists can actually talk about their research without having the Thought Police (aka PMO) going berserk, Heck they may even be able to go to a conference without having a Thought Police minder (reminiscent of the Soviet Union or Red China ) dogging their steps.

    People like Directors or Director Generals may even be able to talk to a reporter without 100 emails circulating around the PMO.

    Staff in departments such as Veterans' Affairs may even someday get enough resources to do their job, (i.e. serve veterans).

    Heck, it's surprising the people at Pearson weren't throwing rose petals.

    1. hi jrkrideau...yes you sum it up well. What the Cons did was very wrong. It was buying of the worst sort and utterly despicable. So the reaction of those civil servants was only human, and nothing to get upset about. The fact that so many in the MSM don't seem to understand that tells me they don't know their own people well enough, and they are going to have to change that if they want to survive....

  11. e.a.f.4:17 PM

    I suggest they keep Gerson on. It reminds Canadians how "crazy" some of the main stream media are. Gerson's comments were almost like a comedy show. Really, laughing, having fun, celebrating is showing bias. How soon she forgets. Laughing, having fun is human. Like when was the last time Canada had, please forgive me for sexist comments, a young good looking P.M. Personally, I'd have been cheering too. Now Trudeau wasn't elected for his good looks, but it doesn't hurt when one turns on the t.v. and sees the P.M. of Canada or the President of the U.S.A. Kathleen Wynn of Ontario also gets kudos for her appearance. Love her in that black suit!

    Gerson may need to do some reading. Federal government workers have political rights. That includes the freedom of association--rallies that sort of stuff. There is nothing wrong, ethically about the gathering and display of welcome. its what people do. The law permits federal government workers to run for office vote, and protest. There are some preameters around protests and criticising the government of the day, but nothing these workers did deserves critism. Gerson and her ilk are just bad sports.

    If some want to view this as a power struggle between east and west, good for them. Its called democracy. We have a system which says the majority wins, but must take into consideration the minorities rights. There are simply more people in the east than in the west. Gerson ought to do some reading. Even Albertans can get tired of Tories, both provincially and federally.

    Some of those like Gerson will be a good source of comedy in the years to come. Like who is going to take her shit seriously, o.k. some of the cons.

    1. hi e.a.f...well maybe they can keep Gerson for her entertainment value, but as you can see from that article sh really does have a nasty streak in her. She clearly sees those civil servants to be the "eastern enemy," even if they are drawn from all regions of the country. And you can expect many others to follow her example as Postmedia and other big MSM organizations sic their reporters on Justin Trudeau...

  12. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Deranged bleatings by the sheep is the best description of the MSM. Rona Ambrose is a fresh voice? Voice of reason and tolerance. Like Reefer Madness on Acid awaits legalization

    1. hi anon...yes Ambrose's performance as health minster was the final straw for me. When she put the Con's foul ideology before the needs of suffering Canadians, she lost what was left of her credibility, which wasn't much. And could never be the voice of reason and tolerance....

  13. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Since the election, the most shrill and vacuous attacks on the Libs together with the attempted canonization of Big Daddy Ratfink Harper, seem to have been disproportionately come from women "journalists", hosted in PostMedia.

    I read this particular diatribe yesterday, but Tasha Kheirriddin is equally out to lunch, and Christie Blatchford often seems belligerently bereft of reason. Then we had the mental midget Rempel wanting to be Con leader. Quite why women seem, on the surface at least, to end up as more passionate followers/defenders than men of some idiotic twit or another is something I leave for sociologists to ponder. But for sheer nipping-at-the-heels cur behaviour for no reason other than sheer nastiness and meanness, these women stand apart from the general crowd in my view. It is quite unbecoming because it is so obviously partisan with no basis in logic.

    Perhaps the Post offers them decent bux to write tripe, despite its desperate financial woes.

    1. hi anon...I'm not sure that's true. John Ivison may not be as obvious or obnoxious as Gerson and Blatchford,, but he has been leading the charge. And then you have all the Sun's male columnists, including David Akin, blasting away. So it seems that at Postmedia idiocy is an equal opportunity, or gender parity employer... ;)