Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Missing Surplus and Stephen Harper's Last Big Lie

Up until the very moment his Con regime went crashing down in flames, Stephen Harper's waxy face stared out at us trying to brainwash us into believing that he knew what he was doing.

That only he, Great Economist Leader, could protect the tanking economy from the opposition and other terrorist sympathizers, spend billions trying to buy votes, but still balance the budget. 

And still produce a miraculous $2 billion dollar surplus !!!

But sadly for him his ghastly game show was abruptly cancelled. He went missing. 

And sadly for us so did the surplus.

Now it's a $3 billion DEFICIT.

The new Liberal government has gone over the books and says it is likely inheriting lots of red ink. The last Conservative budget forecasted a $2.3-billion surplus for this year, but Finance Canada now says it's more likely the year will end with a $3-billion deficit — and that's before Liberal campaign promises are costed in.

And Stephen Harper's last Big Lie...

He wasn't a Great Economist Leader.

And Joe Oliver wasn't a real finance minister...

Before he finally fell off that tightrope, and was booted out by the voters.

But of course, we're left holding the bag for the Con's disastrous economic policies, and their oily obsessions. With an economy on life support, an inflated housing market, one of the highest levels of household debt. 

And a tanking loonie ...

Which is driving up the price of food, stretching the budgets of many poor Canadians to the breaking point. 

And among other things, will make it harder for millions of others to get to the sun this year...

Great eh?

But of course the really scary part is what Stephen Harper might have done to Canada, if he had won the election.

And then revealed that there was no surplus, and that we were all going to PAY for it...

But luckily he lost, his myth as a Great Economist Leader was finally demolished. 

And it seems only right to me,  as Justin Trudeau sets out to destroy what's left of his legacy, brick by brick, that Harper should last be spotted in a book shop trying to bone up on the subject.

On Remembrance Day, he was apparently wandering around a Chapters store in Calgary. A local author, Shelley Arnusch, was in the store to promote her new kids’ book, Too Many Teddies, when she was approached by the former prime minister. “He mistook me for store staff and asked if I could help him find the ‘business and economics section,’” Arnusch wrote on Twitter. 

And no doubt trying to improve his skills as a Con artist...

Which makes me think that the Harper regime should be audited, like they audited their enemies, to see if they've been cooking the books in other places. 

And that we need a full criminal investigation into the activities of that corrupt gang during their years in power.

So that hopefully at least the ring leader might be jailed...

But of course we can't have everything.

And what we got was good enough. 

A chance for a better life, in a better country, with a REAL Canadian Prime Minister.

And this epitaph for the Con artists...

What more could we ask for?

Have a great weekend everybody...

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  1. Simon, don't you love the MSM's silence about this? Instead their asking how the Libs are going to fulfill their promises as if the issue is not that Harper lied about having a surplus and instead left Canadians with a another deficit, instead it's more, let's see how good the Liberals are at keeping their promises. Pathetic!

    1. hi Pamela...exactly, I should have underlined that point myself. It's stunning how the Con media is trying to make it Justin Trudeau's problem, without pausing to ask the Cons how their forecast could have been so wrong. And yes they really are pathetic...

  2. Did anyone actually believe him ?

    1. hi rumleyfips....I'm sure most Canadians didn't, but the Cons were flooding the airwaves with that phoney promise, so I bet they fooled a few. And if they hadn't lied so grossly I'm sure they would have had at least ten seats less...

    2. Sadly, way more Canadians than I would have believed fell for this. I know the old school Conservatives have been left without a team for many years but they have to get their heads around the fact that their Progressive Conservative Party is dead, and the ReformaCons are not a reasonable facsimile. The Alliance/Reform cult had their day in the sun, and did manage to abuse the inherent beliefs of their supports. One can only hope that as these truths come out more will realize how they were lead by the nose down an extreme road they did not choose. Maybe JT won't be perfect but already he's a damn sight better than anything we've seen over the last ten years...

  3. Anonymous11:38 AM

    No surprise there Simon. Further proof is that he was asking for the business and economics section and not the food section as he was already quite adept at "cooking the books".
    Good riddance Steve.

    1. hi is a great scene isn't it? Harper confusing an author for a book shop employee, and too stupid or too dazed to find the business and economics section himself. And yes indeed, good riddance Steve. You idiot....

  4. Given the secrecy, economic incompetence etc. of the Con gov't I am actually rather relieved that the projected deficit is no more than it is. Maybe the Parliamentary Budget Officer managed to keep the Cons from distorting things too much?

    1. hi jrkrideau....well that's true, the deficit is nothing the Trudeau government can't handle. But it's the principle that offends me. I've heard people saying oh well all governments do that. But I don't accept that. Knowing the Cons I'm almost sure they cooked the books, and for a government that spent a billion dollars bragging about its phoney economic credentials, being off by five billion dollars is simply outrageous...

    2. I suspect there is more to come....

  5. Anonymous4:00 PM

    The mystery is solved. We have always had our doubts that Harper was a real economist. Now we know what kind of economics his B.A. and M.A. (Bachelor and Master of Aviary? ... for the bird courses, Lol) really were in: Home Economics. He was a real expert in cooking ... the books, as befitting someone with Home Econs. on his C.V.

    And then of course there was "Con" Ivison already asking which of Trudeau's promises he was going to break now that the budget is short of some $5B (it was a $3B shortfall instead of a $2B surplus, so a shortfall of $5B). Instead of dissing his Cons masters for the lie they had spun about balancing the books this year.

    Cons will be cons, eh?

    1. hi anon...yes I saw that article by John Ivison who has now abandoned any notion of impartiality, and is beating the drum for Paul Godfrey as hard as he can. It's disgraceful how the Con media who let Stephen Harper get away with murder for almost a decade, is now doing the same things after he was defeated. We've got a real media concentration problem in this country and it really is time we did something about it. And yes Cons will be Cons....

  6. e.a.f.5:41 PM

    ah, well a fool and his money are soon parted and in this case it was a country full of fools who kept voting steve and his cons into office.

    First of all the federal government might want to look at closing a few loop holes, i.e. can't do business here and "hide" the money in some off shore country. That would bring the bank balance back up. Canada has one of the lowest corporate tax rates amongst the G-whatevers and we might want to investigate increasing that by at least 1%. Pick up a few bucks there.

    When governments offer tax cuts and tax benefits, it defunds the government. At some time they run out of money, if there is no money coming in. People and corporations loved it when Steve kept lowering taxes, but where did they really think the money was going to come from to run the country.

    Paul Martin "balanced' the budget, but he didn't make the pension contributions he ought to have to the pension fund for the Postal Workers. that is why Steve said he couldn't afford the postal worker pensions.

    Auditing the former government's "accounting skills". Even if it is reported they cooked the books, what will happen. There are creative methods of "cooking the books" and it still being legal.

    If there was no wrong doing in the sense they didn't steal, they just put the deficit monies in another column, well there is nothing illegal about that. Might be immoral, but illegal, most likely not so much.

    Living out here in B.C. we have a provincial government which likes to say it has a "balanced budget". However, others say the deficit is somewhere between $60 to $100 billion. Yes you read correctly.

    Canadians might have to consider paying more taxes if they want the services they are used to. That includes corporations, because without a civilized society, they won't be doing as well as they might.

    as the saying goes, "I like paying taxes. it buys me civilization".

    As to Harper and his Cons and their inability to balance a budget, what did people expect. Mulroney wasn't able to do so either. When you have right wing governments, deficits usually go up. Now just lets focus on making this a better country and not waste time and energy looking at the past, just remember it.

    1. hi e.a.f...yes you're absolutely right. Thanks to Harper and his Cons we don't have enough revenue to properly build this country. For they would put us into a permanent statutory deficit so they can keep killing government. Far too many Canadians want first class services but don't want to pay for them. And if we are to develop the potential of this country that is going to have to change....

    2. BC's total provincial government debt is about $65 billion, with future financial obligations of about $100 billion. Good luck with that.

    3. e.a.f.3:22 AM

      Thanks there for the more accurate figures Hugh. I like to call my province, not B.C. but B.C., Detroit North.

      With the debt load in B.C., it is really hard to figure out why no one wants to talk about it except Norm Farrell. Oh, right, he was an accountant.

  7. Jolly Roger7:35 PM

    Bring in Keven Page Mr. Trudeau, and let him go over the books -- wasn't there a billion dollars that disappeared right from the get go around the G20 summit -- let's get to the bottom of harper corrupt finances and begin the prosecutions -- I'm tired of being ripped off by the system..

    1. hi Jolly Roger....that's a brilliant idea. Who better than Page to give us an idea of what the Cons have been up to? I don't blame the Trudeau government for wanting to move on. And I'm sure a lot of Canadians feel the same way. But I can't help feeling that the Cons have cooked the books all over the place, and I want to make sure that they don't get away with it....

  8. Anonymous3:13 AM

    From what I've read, Harper got his Masters degree at age 40, same year he got married and moved to Ottawa. Outside of politics, I don't believe he had any real employment. Apparently he tried to get a job as an economist in the civil service.

  9. Anonymous5:38 AM

    Con Lisa Raitt in denial and challenges the fiscal update:

  10. Anonymous7:16 AM

    And now joe (the Village Idiot) oliver is standing by/defending the heil harper bullshit propaganda line that there still is a surplus and that Trudeau is "cooking the books" to make it look like there isn't. You can't make this shit up! It's even better than Monty Python! My bullshit detecto-meter is going insane after seeing that article!