Friday, November 06, 2015

Why Rona Ambrose Will Lead the Cons to Disaster

Well I knew the Cons were desperate, and that it was not going to be easy to find or lasso an interim leader to replace Boss or Bull Harper. 

Because most of the ones that needed to be fed rather than watered, had jumped over the fence before the election, or went down with the cattle call.

But who knew those Reform rednecks were so desperate that they would choose the Con clown Rona Ambrose? 

Rona Ambrose has been chosen as the Conservative Party's interim leader and says her team is prepared to work hard to return to power. "I'm extremely proud to be leader of the Opposition," said the Alberta MP and former health minister.

It must be a death wish, the sort of thing that happens to other cults when they lose their Great Leader. And they all go crazy. 

For it can be safely said that no member of the Harper regime, as rotten and incompetent as they all were, has screwed up so many jobs as has Rona Ambrose.

In 2006, in her first role as an Environment Minister, she almost brought down the Con government after only four months in office, when the opposition tabled a motion calling for her resignation

The motion contains a long list of criticisms against Ms. Ambrose, including the fact that she refused to attend a smog summit in Toronto and spurned repeated invitations to appear before the environment committee itself. 

Some of the most serious complaints are that she does not intend for Canada to meet its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol and has no plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

For seeking to torch the planet instead of trying to save it.

Then as the Minister Responsible for the Status of Women she voted to support a motion that would have re-opened the abortion debate, only to face more calls for her resignation.

For once again doing the opposite of what she was supposed to be doing, and attacking the rights of Canadian women rather than defending them.

But it was in her latest role as Health Minister that Ambrose really hit rock bottom. .

By first distorting scientific facts about marijuana just to attack Justin Trudeau.

As only a reefer maniac or a Harper stooge could.

Only to be accused by the country's doctors of playing politics with the health of Canadians.

Then, when the Supreme Court ruled that medical marijuana can be legally consumed in a variety of ways from cannabis-infused cookies and brownies to cooking oils and tea, she declared that she was "outraged" by the ruling.

And I mean OUTRAGED...

Even though the only outrageous thing was the way she attacked the Supreme Court. 

And even though consuming the drug orally is the only way it can be ingested by people with respiratory problems...

Which didn't seem to bother the so-called Health Minister in the least.

And if that wasn't bad enough, she also fought tooth and nail to close down Vancouver's needle-sharing Insite clinic, even though it has saved thousands of lives...

And after the Supreme Court kept the clinic open, she introduced legislation that would make it almost impossible to open a similar clinic anywhere else in Canada.

Which if there was any justice, should have resulted in attempted murder charges. 

For seeking to pleasure the Con's rabid base, rather than following the sacred principles of harm reduction, and doing what she could to save as many lives as possible.

So why would ANYBODY choose that heartless Reform Con to be the interim leader of the Harper cult?

Answer: because she's from Alberta, and seems determined to serve Jason Kenney as faithfully as she once served Stephen Harper...

And her only mission is to keep the seat warm for his fleshy behind, until he can be chosen as the Con's permanent leader.

And the good news? If Ambrose's  mission is to unify that shattered and demoralized party, her disastrous record suggests she will do exactly the opposite.

Her inability to speak French properly will cost the Cons any chance of building up their new support in Quebec. As will her attempts to criminalize abortion, and jail people for using marijuana.

And the best news?

More than seven years ago I made this button...

And now I can wear it again.

Or send a few copies to Michelle Rempel, because you can imagine how she's feeling eh?

Kumbaya !!!!

The Cons have a death wish. 

And I couldn't be more delighted...

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    162. "Marijuana is infinitely worse than tobacco, though there's no scientific evidence to support my claim."


  2. Anonymous3:35 AM

    "This is, by definition, anti-democratic. No individual American has the resources to ensure his or her economic and political interests are safeguarded within this vast global regulatory structure. The predictable and surely desired result of the TPP is to put greater distance between the governed and those who govern. It puts those who make the rules out of reach of those who live under them, empowering unelected regulators who cannot be recalled or voted out of office. In turn, it diminishes the power of the people’s bulwark: their constitutionally-formed Congress."

    Jeff Sessions: Kill The ‘Anti-Democratic’ Trans-Pacific Partnership In The Crib, Repeal Fast-Track Authority Now

  3. "The devil is in the details" first response!

  4. Spied at the Last Post : She speaks three languages. Unsaid, of course , French is not one of them. Other right wing commentators cheer the number of cabinet jobs she has had. They equate being fired a lot with achievement .

    So, stay the course, full speed ahead on the Harper bearing and plump like hell for Jason ( no not the Argonought one ).

    This is good . An incompetent in charge of delivering the party to a chubbier incompetent while Ben's dad will be backstabbing in the back room. Free pass for LPC.

    1. hi rumleyfips...well that's how I'm hoping the main Con leadership race will go.You know, down in flames. I'd normally be happy to see a party like the Cons get a female leader. But Ambrose's disgraceful ideologically insane record on matters involving life and death makes it impossible for me to wish her well. And as I pointed out in the post, she is just a bench warmer for Jason Kenney...

  5. Ambrose is truly unhinged and this bunch deserves no better than to be driven into the ground by her appalling incompetence. Trudeau will have little patience for her idiocy in parliament and it will be a pleasure to all Canadians to watch him pummel this wretched party to bits and ensure they lose even more seats in 2019. A good sign that if they'er willing to go with her as interim, lord Jason's chances are really good as permanent "leader".

    1. hi bcwaterboy...yes, how Ambrose can pose as a new and enlightened Con when she acts like a Reformer, says or does anything to pleasure their rabid base, and is carrying the torch for Jason Kenney, is simply beyond belief. And hopefully it will end disastrously. But yes, it does show that Kenney still retains enough clout to swing things his way...

  6. Anonymous8:51 AM

    I read that she is an admirer of Any Rand. I wonder if she knows Ayn Rand lived on social security for the last years of her life.

    I am an admirer of Tommy Douglas and he didn't live on social security, ever. Very confusing indeed.

    1. Just for the record, Ayn Rand did not live on social security in the last years of her life. She died at age 77, a very wealthy woman and she had been wealthy for at least 25 yrs,Her books sold in the millions and still do today.

    2. Actually, she did take Social Security despite an estate worth 500k (at the time of her death.)

  7. Anonymous9:30 AM

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.
    In the reform-a-cons rush to try and match Justin's gender parity goals they forgot a few things about Rona that Simon so graciously pointed out for us, her horrible record and complete failure as a human being. To try and deny gravely ill people the only thing that alleviates their pain and anguish so her brainless base will be appeased is beneath contempt and unforgivable.
    The reform-a-cons have shown their true colors once again by choosing her as interim leader but have made a serious error if they think she can rebuild the party of one.
    Simon, can I now address her as Stephanie Harper?

    1. hi JD....I could forgive Ambrose for a lot of things, but not for putting her rigid ideology before the lives of some of the poorest and most marginalized Canadians. I can see why the Cons might have chosen her, to try to bridge the gap between the Red Tories out east, and the hardline reformers out west. But she is working for Kenney, so I can't see how she's going to accomplish that, and of course I'm not wishing her any luck....

  8. Is it true that the Imperial Rona is making Stockboy Day and Peter McKay carry her into the new session of parliament in a sedan chair ?

    1. hi mean like Cleopatra? Well as you know she does have Cleo's hair, so anything is possible. But one thing is for sure, Peter Mackay is going for permanent leader like a trout goes after a fly...

  9. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Her parents appear to have named her after a building supply store. Does she have the mental acuity of a bag of hammers?

    1. hi anon...I'm not sure whether she is really dumb or really rigidly ideological, but yes in a Rona store you'd probably find her in the bag of hammer's section... ;)

  10. Anonymous2:20 PM

    I want one of these buttons so,so bad!!!!!

    1. hi anon...well sadly there is only a limited edition at the present time. And of course Michelle Rempel will no doubt be begging for the one I have. But all you have to do is print the picture, crazy glue it on to any kind of button, and you too can wear the Village Idiot on your chest. Or as I do on my behind... ;)

  11. e.a.f.4:15 PM

    Simon, A. 2:20 p.m.maybe on to something. the poster isn't the only one who wants a button like that. might make a nice fund raiser for a charity and make great Christmas gifts for your friends.

    The Conservative caucus has signaled which direction they are choosing to go. It is doubtful they will return to office any time soon. If the caucus agrees with Ambrose's positions on things like Insight, etc. they are out of touch with a lot of Canadians. People have come to understand Insight is useful. They want m.j. available especially as medicine. We spent billion developing drugs, which frequently don't work for all. With m.j., it works for others. Why not use it. There are strains which have been developed for children to control seizures, so they don't get high. Like why wouldn't some one want that type of medicine. Its cheap and cheerful. Oh, now I get it, big pharma doesn't want cheap and cheerful.

    It will be interesting to see if a new political party arises, one which would appeal to "Red Tories" or will there be a definite shift in Canadian politics to a central and left and leftier positions.

    1. hi e.a.f.... well making all those buttons does seem like a lot of work, and I am lazy. But I'm also wondering whether Village Idiot does Ambrose justice, or whether I should change the writing to "Wanted for Attempted Murder."
      But yes Insite is a useful too in the fight against drug addiction, and one of the best ways to reach heroin addicts and convince them to be treated, or just monitor their general health. It also take a huge load off ambulance crews and ER personnel. So I find any opposition to the idea both ignorant and criminal. As for whether the Cons can morph into a slightly more progressive party, I think that will depend on whether Jason Kenney, or one of his surrogates, is chosen as the permanent leader. For if they are the party will never expand beyond its loyal but shallow base...

  12. Aw, c'mon, Simon, admit it..she's the perfect stooge to lead this merry band of pranksters down the garden path to limbo-land...I think it was a master stroke on (someone's) part, and this keeps her from actually running for the leadership, which would be so funny we would all die laughing...
    This leaves the post open for that girliest of all Cons, Jason Kenny...can you imagine? Of course you can!

    1. hi mizdarlin...well if you put it that way, she is well equipped to lead them all over the cliff. I had hoped that Candace Bergen would be the one entertaining us, along with the gun lobby, but as long as Jason Kenney is chosen as permanent leader that's all that counts. That will be the permanent Conapocalypse... ;)

  13. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Rona Ambrose is such an incompetent twit I have no idea how she stayed in as a Harper seal.

    Honestly, I've had dogs who are 10x smarter than this moron.

    1. hi anon...I don't know how she's survived so long. I can only attribute that to the mediocrity of the Harperites, and the fact the the Cons have so few women MPs so they can't afford to lose any of them....

  14. Anonymous1:10 AM

    Besides being an outright dullard who never seemed to get the gist of any question she was asked, it is amazing in this day and age that someone could grow up in Canada and develop such an outdated set of personal beliefs. But Rona did.

    Ronna, for that is how she insists we pronounce her name, was as usual, tongue-tied at her first press conference as opposition leader, in both official languages. No doubt in her mind she was planning the renovation of Stornaway as a rustic log cabin with salon facilities rather than paying attention.

    To have someone with such a down-home 1890s viewpoint as leader suits the followers of the foppish Preston Manning, whose chief talent was to talk endlessly and soothingly about nothing in particular while coming across as the point man on Dr Snively's Travelling Medicine Show dispensing fake bottles of hope. Very popular across the prairies a hundred years ago, and apparently still popular in the back streets of Edmonton. Social scientists are still trying to understand the phenomenon, although the Fraser Institute attempts to put a gloss on it by paying hypnotized "academics" to perjure their life education by issuing right wing propaganda of no particular cunning.

    Still convinced that their policies were correct, but the tone of the campaign merely wrong, the Conservatives have apparently hoodwinked themselves into believing that Ronna will keep the home fires burning while they engage their tiny minds in thinking up even more stink-bomb policies for the future. Delusion of a high order, but we're not talking grand intellects here.

    Even Andrew Coyne, flibberty-gibbert Journalist-at-Large, careful to not piss off the medieval powers-that-be at the fiscally bankrupt National Post and thus lose income, has managed to suss out the obvious in a column today. The campaign tone was wrong AND so were the policies. Good god, give that man a gold star to wear on his forehead! - I think he finally got it.

    His fellow scribblers are still hard at it denying everything, tapping out snivelling little columns that reflect the unreality which grips the Conservative mind. It has not sunk in that the election was lost.

    Even Rex Murphy, a man who benefited from Cecil Rhodes largesse to go and maunder in Oxford for a year or two, and who lost his mind and hair style several decades ago while thundering tortuous verbal rubbish aloud as if mere pomp made his opinions valid, is still at it. Clearly, the intellectual powers he may have once had 50 years ago scattered in horror from their host as time went by, leaving a dried up, hollowed-out shell of preposterousness.

    So there we have it, a bunch of vacuous tiny-minded, nasty Con MPs have simply outdone themselves and appointed a bona fide nitwit as their leader. And they're so stupid, they do not even realize the mistake they have made.

    For the rest of us, years of fun pointing out zany, wacko Con verbiage await. Let us not waste the opportunity.

    1. hi anon...after reading your comment I must say I am flushed with optimism that Rona's tenure could be a real disaster. And I am going to have to get her a crown fit for Cleopatra. You're right, with her in charge of those Con clowns, that disaster in the making could be quite hilarious...;)

  15. Anonymous3:08 AM

    I was sort of hoping Pierre Poutine would have been chosen as the interim Con leader. 8-)

    1. hi anon....don't be so greedy, we can't have EVERYTHING. But Pierre Poilievre might run for permanent leader and that would be almost as good as Poutine... ;)

  16. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Ambrose was on Power and Politics earlier in the week droning on about a long and open leadership process when she remarked "but we will stay focused on the enemy" meaning the new government. Of course old Rosie let the remark pass. As Coyne said in the post this morning the cons have to change their mindset. How about a constructive opposition instead of blind partisanship.

  17. In the land of the halfwits, they made the witless their Queen.

    1. Um you took the words right off of my tongue :> I'm glad for that because the taste was rancid. Now I don't have to you did it for me :>


    Rona Ambrose, Ayn Rand and the conservative online barking chain

    Speaking of getting bent out of shape over the wrong issues, what’s with the obsessive right-wing objection to mentioning it when a politician reads Ayn (rhymes with swine*) Rand?

  19. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Does anybody know how well Rona Ambrose speaks Portuguese and/or Spanish? I ask because she's been in Ottawa for almost a dozen years and speaks very poor French. If she could speak reasonably good Spanish or Portuguese she ought to have been able to speak reasonably good French within a few months ---well, no more than a year. (I am quite sure of that, because I've done the reverse: my French is pretty good, so I was able to me debrouiller in Spanish with six months' rather desultory study. (A native French speaker would find learning Spanish child's play: Trudeau Sr., for example, was able to give speeches in Spanish) So I'd be surprised if her Spanish or Portuguese is much better than her French. Does anybody have any hard information?

  20. At last week's Con caucus, did Rona Ambrose simply ask for a show of hands to this question?

    "OK, who thinks we should now support the inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women, now that former Dear Leader has left the room?"

    It shows that from 2006 until Oct. 19, 2015 the Cons was truly a party of one.