Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Justin Trudeau and the New and Better Canada

Isn't it great that after all the challenges he has had to face since he came to power, and the way the corporate media has gone after him, that Justin Trudeau is still incredibly popular. 

In Canada and all over the world. 

Have you seen the news from Canada lately? It’s all good. Canadians are currently basking in the glow of the world’s handsomest prime minister, Justin Trudeau, who has just appointed a cabinet we can only dream of.

Imagine, the folks in charge of protecting the land and its people are the original owners. Can you handle it? There’s more. The minister for sport and disabilities is a visually impaired Paralympian. Logic and experience? Please make the acquaintance of politics.

Isn't this a great sign that our Canada is back?

The Prime Minister and the Premiers meeting after almost seven years, and being promised a Canadian approach to climate change. 

"We'll demonstrate that we are serious about climate change … This means making decisions based on science, it means reducing carbon emissions, including through carbon pricing towards a climate resilient economy. It means collaborating with our provincial and territorial partners, supporting climate change efforts in developing countries and investing in sustainable economic prosperity."

Isn't it awesome to see scientists unmuzzled at last? Free to brief us on the threat of global warming. 

Telling the truth Stephen Harper wanted suppressed... 

Isn't it amazing how Justin Trudeau has managed to inspire and motivate the so-called millennial generation?

Trudeau is popular with young people. It doesn’t sound like an especially shocking result; after all, we’re taking about a leader whose penchant for political correctness is matched only by his prowess at pummelling conservatives in the boxing ring. But millennial support for the PM is uniquely interesting in this instance, because of when the Forum Research poll was conducted — Nov. 17. That’s only four days after Islamic State militants murdered at least 130 people in Paris.

Revealing why so many of them find his message attractive at a time when war fever is sweeping the world.

Perhaps younger Canadians simply don’t care for bold declarative statements and hawkish policy in times of political unrest. Perhaps what many older Canadians perceive as moral relativism in Trudeau’s softer foreign policy, younger Canadians perceive as virtue and strength.

Which may be his greatest achievement, because it ensures that the future belongs to us, and can only reinforce our precious Canadian values. 

The ones we fought so hard to save from the clutches of this depraved leader...

Who tried so hard to destroy them.

You know, Justin Trudeau has only been in power for a few weeks, there are many challenges ahead, and as I've mentioned before I didn't vote for him.

But in a country where many people are notoriously miserly with their praise, or too quick to tear others down, I have to give Justin credit for getting off to an excellent start.

And for making me feel like I'm living in my kind of Canada again. 

When I see him on TV I have to pinch myself to believe that he's our Prime Minister. 

And when it sinks in, I can't help but smile. 

And of course I can't wait until he meets the Queen tomorrow...

Sunny days are here again, there is light where once there was darkness.

Even Neil Young has found his Canada again.

And if I could ask him to play a song for me it would probably be this one...

Yup. Rockin' in the free world.

And in the Great White North. 

It's starting to look a lot like Canada again...

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  1. Not to throw shade, Simon, but let's be honest here, if JT wanted war, who would be sent as cannon fodder? That's right, young people...I agree that there might be other reasons why they support him, including having a conscience about the environment, but that is a big one..

    1. Anonymous1:52 PM

      and, lest we forget, the CONS were planning to introduce a "draft" here to conscript bodies for the R.C. M.F. Even the u.s. doesn't draft people any more.

    2. hi mizdarlin...you throw shade? No that's not possible ;) But yes the young are always the cannon fodder for their elders. But no that is not the only reason they support him. He simply reflects them and their values better than any other leader in this country. In an aging country where so many are so bitter and morose, he offers idealism and hope. And
      that is something precious and worth celebrating...

  2. Trudeau is out to prove that, once again, we (Canada) can dream big, accomplish big, and do it with a smile. He'll bring in the 25,000 Syrian refugees one way or another. I suspect the next rabbit he'll pull out of his hat will be at the upcoming climate summit.

    This gut is not the lightweight the Conservatives either believed. Or, at least wanted everyone else to believe. He knocked the stuffing out of Brazeau. He took down Harper. Look out world. We're back. And, we'll do it with a smile!

    1. hi UU4077...I agree, to me Trudeau represents our values well, and the spirit of what is still a young country. I don't want to make him sound like some kind of demigod, but after ten years of Harper he does represent real change. As I said in my post, when I see him representing us abroad I can't imagine anyone better suited to rehabilitate our image in the eyes of the world. And although I usually have a smile on my face, that makes my smile even broader. I can't relate to the miserable bitterness of so many in this country, and welcome the chance to live in hope again...

  3. Anonymous1:47 PM

    All we're going to hear up to and after January 1 is the same number repeated ad nauseum: 25,000, or the Liberal promise with Syrian refugees. The corporate media shills are hoping to hang the Liberals on this. And even if they're able to at least get a start on this (something the racist Cons wouldn't dare do), the Con implants with every department of the Federal government (and elsewhere) will do everything they can to obfuscate the process.
    We still need lots of firings to happen in the government so that Canada can move forward again.

    1. hi anon...yes the Con media in this country is having a field day trying to bring down Trudeau to their level. But it only makes them look low and desperate, and very very small. I think the refugees we take in are going to be a source of wonderful and inspiring stories, and will help us regain our Canadian values, as well as make many of us realize how fortunate we are to live in this big beautiful country. But yes, I have always understood that if you want to build a kinder, gentler, fairer world you have to be prepared to be ruthless and show the bullies who stand in the way of that goal, absolutely no mercy....

  4. The millennials don't believe what they read in the corporate media anymore. Despite all the opposition and the crap from the CBC about the refugees costing over 1.2 B, all the shills do is cry wolf. This article helps to explain the fall of the corporate print media. It also applies to the TV and radio media. After telling their editors who to support during elections and writing articles that everybody knows are poorly researched and biased and wrapping newspapers in Conservative support ads just before election day, they have lost their position as the source of news. More honest reporting is found in the alternate media and on Twitter and Facebook as well as the various news aggregators.It is sad that those who inform us, journalists and writers are seeing their jobs disappear and that there is way less income related value given to investigative reporting but the fact is, people did not believe the Corporate media before the last election and they don't believe it now. This is a diversion from theories that media would be controlled by the state (1984) or that media can always be relied on to influence opinion. The election and the continued support for Trudeau show this is happening in Canada right now and no matter how hard the corporate shills wail to the public they are simply not being believed by a full 2/3 of people in Canada/Quebec.They have fed us so much bullshit that most do not believe them anymore. http://www.nationalobserver.com/2015/11/24/news/tawdry-fall-postmedia-newspaper-empire

    1. You're absolutely right! During the election, Canadians ignored the MSM minimizing of Trudeau and their usual implicit support of Harper. Instead Canadians used their own judgement and gave Trudeau a majority.The MSM is still going after Trudeau, but Canadians are not listening. They don't believe the Corporate media anymore. Most like myself use alternate media. They think of Canadians as being these unaware, malleable followers, but it is the Corporate media that follows, it's corporate bosses. They also don't seem to get that it is the people who voted in Trudeau, so they can go off on their anti-Trudeau spins all they want, but Canadans aren't interested.

    2. hi John...I agree with you, by failing to understand their own people the MSM is only hurting itself. They fail to understand that people can get their information from other sources these days, so they can't pull the wool over our eyes as easily as they once did.
      And when so many of them endorsed the Cons despite the fact that most Canadians wanted them gone, I can't help feeling that they are hammering a stake into their own hearts. I read that story in the National Observer, which was very well written, and far better than most of the garbage I read in our MSM these days. As I've said many times before, they better smarten up or they will have no future...

  5. http://music.cbc.ca/#!/blogs/2015/10/Kelly-and-Kaylen-Prescott-on-writing-Justin-Trudeaus-victory-song-It-was-an-absolute-honour


    We're Ready by Kelly & Kaylen Prescott (Liberal Party Of Canada's Song.)

    To convert YouTube audio to an mp3 and download:


    1. hi David....the Liberal ad campaign was a cut above all the others, and that song captured its mood perfectly. The election was always going to be about change, and only the Liberals seemed to understand that. So if you were watching TV and an NDP ad came on attacking Justin Trudeau just like the Cons, and then you saw a Liberal ad, the choice was a no brainer...

    2. Thank you, David! The last link will be very useful.The song is nice, too.

    3. Anonymous4:22 AM



      The following three sets of videos range from anthemic tributes and wryly humorous ditties to heartwarming ballads and toe-tapping rabble rousers. I've also included songs by Canadian artists that are not directly about Captain Canuck, but are highly appropriate to both the occasion of his retirement and the celebratory upcoming election; and you'll also find some illuminating documentary clips; genial, rib-tickling commentaries; and tributes to the Canada of our dreams. I especially urge you to listen to the final song; I guarantee you'll be glad you did.

      Caution: Some of the following folks get a trifle over-enthusiastic, language-wise. Voter discretion is advised.

  6. Well ... I guess I was wrong on the refugees timing.

    Now everyone that was saying it was too fast are saying that "see, the Liberals never keep their promises!" Geez ...

    1. hi UU4077...I am extremely relieved that the deadline was extended, because it is absolutely essential that we are as prepared as possible to make the refugees feel at home. A couple of months won't make much difference, and anyone who makes a big deal out of it and accuses the Liberals of not keeping their promise is both petty and delusional...

  7. Bet you sort of wished you voted for him, eh? ;-)

    1. Assuming that comment is aimed at me, I voted for the candidate most likely to defeat the Conservatives - so, yes, I guess I did vote for him - indirectly.

    2. hi Omar...believe me I've already taken quite a bit of heat about that, starting with my buddy Seb, We had both made up our minds to vote for the Liberal candidate, because we weren't happy with the way Mulcair seemed to spend more time attacking Justin rather than the Cons. But when I picked up that stubby pencil it first headed for the Liberal candidate, only to end up at the very last second on the NDP box. And when I told Seb what I had done he was furious and accused me of cancelling out our vote. But I don't regret it. I didn't think that Trudeau would ever get a majority, and I wanted to make sure that the NDP was well represented in a coalition government. However, since coming to power Justin has been better than I had ever imagined. And I couldn't be happier...

    3. Hi UU4077, the comment was for Simon, but I'm always interested in how people voted in Election 42. I usually always vote my conscience and had well planned to vote NDP until Mulcair started with his ways during the campaign. The end result was a Liberal rout here in West Nova with the NDP candidate getting something like 350 votes. So I could have safely voted NDP, but I really wanted to be part of this Liberal win. I think Trudeau is going to amaze a lot of people. Just watch him :)

  8. Yeah the last two weeks have been hard. #Moonie

    1. hi Tony...I think that the cartoon at the top of my post says it all. Trudeau hardly had time to celebrate his victory before he was faced with a situation that would have floored many other newly elected leader. And one of the things I like most about him is his idealism and optimism, for I find the cynicism so many seem to wallow in at this point in human history as tired as a dead man walking and as corrosive as acid, And quite frankly as boring as batshit...

  9. I always read other people's comments because I prefer to keep my 66 year old mind 'open'.......aha you say......another blue hair!
    Over the years, I have voted for all 3 major political parties for one reason or another and have lost my vote many times. However, my reasoning for mentioning this is due to the fact that when considering which candidate to cast my ballot for in whatever level of Government, I have always gone with my gut feeling as to who comes across to me as the person with the higher degree of INTEGRITY! From the beginning, Justin Trudeau, has Not let me down.

  10. Anonymous8:01 AM

    I was born in the 1930s and I agree with the young people. War is simply for greed, not for values. It is often just a giant money laundering scheme. And its ramification can last lifetimes. One has only to read the history of the French colonization of Algeria to understand what the bombing in Paris was about. Yoo hoo, main stream media, people have memories and they remember when their friends and family members have been slaughtered and sometimes they strike back.

  11. e.a.f.7:12 PM

    Loved the pic. of Trudeau and the Premiers. The premiers, except for B.C.'s Christy, photo op queen, is looking at the P.M. Christy, who knows who she is looking at. Must be the next idiot who wants to take her picture or do a news conference. perhaps she is smiling because while she is out of province, the child poverty report was issued and yes b.c. is still NUMBER one WHEN IT comes to child poverty. Oh and we had 4 dead kids who died while in provincial care. yes, Christy, don't look at the P.M. like the other premiers, set you self apart, worst premier in Canada.

    Now the P.M. may be the best looking around, but lets not forget the Minister of Defense. He maybe older, but he isn't bad looking either or so some of believe out here in B.C. Smart too

  12. Anonymous4:34 AM

    Inside the First Standoff Between Media and the Trudeau Government