Sunday, November 08, 2015

The Fall of Darth Harper and the Revenge of Michelle Rempel

As the whole Galactic Empire knows by now, Darth Harper's evil plan to complete his total destruction of Canada failed catastrophically.

When his tiny Death Star was blown to smithereens by his nemesis, Hans Solo Trudeau...

But although Harper's party has lost its head, and Rona Ambrose is steering her even tinier Death Star to disaster.

The Con conspiracy in this country is very much alive, and apparently plotting to take back the country by whatever means necessary.

The old Con Chewbacca Gerry Nicholls is urging demoralized members of his cult to unite, declare ideological war on Justin Trudeau 

If having a blatantly left-wing leader like Trudeau in charge of Ottawa, doesn’t mobilize and energize Canada’s conservatives for ideological combat, I don’t know what will. Yes, conservatives may have their differences, but nothing unifies them like having a common enemy, especially when that enemy has a last name like Trudeau.

And support groups like Conservative Voice.

This is why in the months and years ahead, conservatives should actively fund free market research groups like the Fraser Institute and support feisty advocacy organizations like the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and Working Canadians as well as helping new organizations like Conservative Voice which aims to aggressively promote and defend true conservative values.

For obvious reasons. 

The Conservative Party of Canada’s former executive director has set up what could be a game-changing new organization to raise money and promote the benefits of “a strong, stable Conservative government” while bypassing the legal limits on fundraising faced by political parties, iPolitics has learned.

So Big Money in this country can get their revenge on Trudeau for daring to raise their taxes.

But if you thought that was scary, consider the revenge of Michelle Rempel.

Who as you know was VERY disappointed that even though she said, or screamed she was READY !!!!!!

Still lost the interim leadership race to Rona Ambrose...

Which has apparently driven Rempel off the deep end. 

For in yet another cryptic late night tweet, and this one in a foreign language, she has now let us know how she feels about what happened to the Cons...

And what in her mind the ideological struggle ahead will look like...

Can you believe that? She seems to be confusing Hans Solo Trudeau with Darth Harper.

Which won't please her former leader...

Or what's left of him.

And she is STILL strongly suggesting that she's the only one who can lead the shattered Cons to victory....

Which tells me she is not happy, and will cause trouble for both Rona Ambrose and Jason Kenney, and will help turn the Con leadership race into a movie more Planet of the Apes than Star Wars. 

And the best news?

If we close that loophole which allows shadowy Con groups to bypass legal fundraising limits. And we keep fighting them with the same spirit we used to bring down the Harper regime.

When we deploy our Doomsday  Weapon.

No matter what they do, we will still blow them out of the sky...

Holy Obi-Wan Kenobi. When will the Cons understand that their Death Star days are numbered?

When will Michelle Rempel understand that most Canadians AND The Force are on our side?

That she will never be ready, after the way she sold her soul to Darth Harper and his foul alien ideology. 

And that the future bright and decent belongs to us...

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  1. "Good" luck, with that Gerry.

    That's what the Republicans in the US did in 2008 after Obama won and, closer to home, the ReformerCons did in 1993.

    When I hear the mention of Frasier Institute or any of the other RW think tanks, I automatically tune out anything afterwards because I know it's going to be a variation of "blah blah blah low taxes blah blah blah deregulation blah blah blah small government blah blah blah privatization blah blah blah." I can't take anyone seriously who says that. A big bloated bureaucracy is bad. Crippling taxes are bad. But we've been down that low tax/deregulation/small gov/privatization road before and it's horrible. Even putting on a velvet glove over the iron fist isn't going to change the fact that the current RW ideology is shit for everyone except the 1% and their wannabe minions. Nothing they say can change that.

    Denying reality like global climate change and the fact that financial deregulation put everyone in this shit hole in the first place isn't going to help. The fact that they would rather double down their increasingly shrill message isn't going to help.

    1. Dan it is a crying shame and crime that people don't see what we see. But bud we are the 99% and it is high time we threw of that yoke they mistakenly believe they have on us :>

    2. hi Dan...yes I agree with you, Nicholls is trying to blow a trumpet for all those right-wing think tanks, and still seems to think that Canadians can be convinced to believe in his tea bagger obsessions. But what I wanted to point is that the Con conspiracy is stirring and that we better be ready to counter it....

  2. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Rejection for remple means tweeting in tongues...makes me laugh for sure....Another laugh is rona ambrose's rush to get back to power...You've been right along Simon.They're all crazy...hahahahaha
    After all the negative comments from the MSM about Trudeau meeting the public service on Fri especially on that Power and Politics program we can't let our guards down for a minute..These people are capable of trying anything.
    The fact the P Service booed the media was the right response..It was only a few weeks ago this same media was supporting the refromacons with or without harper...

    1. hi anon....I don't know what state Remple must be in after her desperate lunge for power failed. But when I watched that video she posted, and heard lines like "I can wait" and could imagine her saying the same thing, I practically fell out of my chair laughing. But yes the MSM will be trying anything to try to discredit the Trudeau government...

  3. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Wonder what the reformacons think about Rempel using the oriental based views of good and evil in Star Wars as a proxy for their fundamentalist inspired religious views It smacks of confusion and heresy which seems to be the party norm these days. Its sort of a catch 22 as they can either remain true to their fundamentalist views and the party shrinks to half its size or cater to the "weaker" questioning part of the membership and spend the next forty years wandering in the wilderness as punishment. They must pray every night for Trudeau to don his horns and grab a pitch fork so they can externally focus the troops before they devour themselves.

    1. hi anon....after demonizing Trudeau for so many years, his victory and his popularity must be almost impossible to bear. But if Rempel thinks that he makes a better Darth Vader than her depraved fallen leader, she must be out of her mind....

  4. Anonymous3:18 PM

    "The Con conspiracy in this country is very much alive, and apparently plotting to take back the country by whatever means necessary."

    That would be an obstructionist Senate.

    105 seats
    Conservative 47
    Liberal 29
    other 7
    vacant 22

    I have a feeling the Senate cons will use their majority to block legislation, and then complain bitterly when JT anoints 22 new members to the upper house.

    On the other hand: "A Senator will be disqualified where he or she is convicted of treason or a felony." That might be a way end the Senate con majority too, but I don't think the country can afford to wait that long.

    1. If the Senate blocks legislation in an attempt to "force" Trudeau to appoint new Senators, I suspect he will do exactly that.

      It'll be a "just watch me" moment, if you will.

    2. hi anon 3:18...I don't know if we can arrest them for treason, but if the Con senators try to hold up legislation they will do themselves no favours. The image of that place has already suffered enough, so they better be on their best behaviour....

  5. e.a.f.5:18 PM

    when I saw your second picture with the captions, regarding Darth Harper's head I could not stop laughing. One of your best!

    The quotes from Jody Paterson were nice to see. If I am not mistaken this is the same Jody Paterson who has a progressive blog out here in B.C. Great place to find out what the B.C. Lieberals are up to, and they are not liberals, they are cons and nasty people using a respectable name.

    Don't forget out in B.C. they have the Fraser Institute. Such a "lovely" right wing group. Don't care if kids are dying in Ministry care, think children can be raised on nickels and dimes and dont' believe seniors live in poverty. funnel all sorts of reports and "press releases" to the Vancouver Sun and Province with their right wing crap. Never saw them say anything positive about Unions, but they love all that money Christy Clark tosses their way via tax cuts and boy have they got them in B.C. Norm Farrell, on Northern Insight's blog has another good post on how Christy and her clowns use the auto delete button. Might be a problem when Ralph Goodale starts enquiries into B.C.'s Highway of Tears and all the dead First Nations people along it--Christy and her cabal deleted the memos. No records.
    Expect RCMP heads to roll out in B.C. also with Goodale in charge. B.C. is the home of the lawsuit against the RCMP for sexual harassment, etc. Oh and the famous gun fights on city streets. kept the same RCMP commander in Surrey and the "out of control freak" in the Comox Valley. (well that is my honestly held opinion).

    Although many look to Alberta as the "home" of the Cons, have a really good look at B.C. and see where Steve's "theories and practises" have really been put into action. Christy Clark and her cabal are still negotiating LNG in secret, with big tax give aways, while the province is down approx. 100 social workers with 4 kids, in care, recently dead.

    Expect to see a lot of attacks from the right coming from B.C. The provincial government triple deletes its e-mails.

    1. Anonymous11:26 PM

      Any chance clark borrowed some ballot counters from heil harper to pull off her miraculous "win" when the NDP looked like they had it in the bag the last time you people voted provincially there? That scenario had the same rotten smell that 2011 did with stevie slime's "majority" vote when all the ballots that were conveniently trashed came to light later on.
      I aint sayin'...I'm just sayin'... ;-)

    2. hi e.a.f....I'm glad you liked that little photoshop. I was hoping to have the head lying on the road in from of them next to a pumpkin, but you can't have everything... ;)

    3. e.a.f.2:09 AM

      A. 11:26 PM. I doubt if there were problems counting the ballots. The NDP has always had members present for all ballot countings. It would be hard to cheat that way.

      the problem with the provincial election was Dix and company used an outside firm. They did not use Gerry Scott. Notley in alberta did and she won. Dix changed his message and did not remind voters of the B.C. Lieberals' "faults". that is one thing the NDP campaign got right. They simply listed the Cons' "achievements". In end people wanted Harper and his Cons gone and they thought Trudeau and his Liberals had the best chance of doing that. The NDP LOST a lot of seats in Quebec, but those were seats they had not had before.

      B.C. is in a terrible mess and it is not going to get better. Coleman is still "negotiating" with foreign entities to "give away" our LNG, with us paying for it to be taken away.


  7. Justin Trudeau as Han Solo, what a joke. The NDP did all the work, and Trudeau swooped in at the last minute to take advanaged thanks to a few campaign mistakes.

    Mulcair is the one who trashed and damaged Harper to the point where Canadians were desperate to get rid of him, but Trudeau benifited.

    Just once again shows that hard work is not the way to get a head in life, being a narcassist, who will say anything, do anything is.

    You traded Darth Harper for Jabba the Trudeau.

    1. I agree with cartoonist deAdder, Justin as Luke Skywalker. Although Mulcair has been the best Opposition Leader of the modern era, asking hard questions of Harper during Question Period, who just skirted most of them anyway. Better a riding went NDP than Con.

    2. omg. You're a glutton for punishment, ain't ya Gyor? Mulcair and the NDP ran a poor campaign. Period. All that HoC prosecutorial brilliance Mulcair displayed the past few years during QP? Pretty much irrelevant during the election. Rather it was one blunder after the next. For me it began with the incessant (and unnecessary) braying about Senate abolition. Mulcair wouldn't stf about it. How many votes do you think that "hard work" maneuver got him? Absolutely none here in the Maritimes where some of us rather like and admire the Senate of Canada. Anyway, do carry on about how Canadians were duped or something into voting for Trudeau when it was your leader and his advisers who *lost* the goddamn election.

    3. oh, and keeping Tom Mulcair on as leader? Stupid move. But do carry on. Third place status in Parliament is where you seem most comfortable. lol

    4. "thanks to a few campaign mistakes"

      Well, that's some progress, at least now you are acknowledging that there were mistakes, but they were more than a few and they weren't minor ones either. Nor were they simply tactical errors but strategic ones as well, not least of which was underestimating the political skills and strengths of Justin Trudeau himself. I've already detailed here and elsewhere the main mistakes the NDP made to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and then to crash and burn back into third place behind the nakedly racist CPC, but this claim that Trudeau is a do anything say anything type of politician is clearly sour grapes and projectionism. I say that because when Trudeau and the Libs were in third place for the middle part of this year and going into the election, he was getting a lot of pressure both within and without the party to start going hard negative, to join Mulcair and Harper is that kind of politics. He didn't, he resisted it and kept to his "Sunny Ways'" approach and turned it around. The kind of politician you described would not have had the fortitude to stand by what appeared to so many to be a losing strategy and message. So yet again Gyor you are letting your partisanship blind you from reality.

      Darth Harper to Jabba the Mulcair would be the better comparison, much as I find the whole Star Wars metaphor a bit over the top Trudeau does best fit the Skywalker role of the two men and Mulcair certainly appeared like the boss who expected and demanded everything be done his way or you paid the price, just ask those candidates who weren't sufficiently pro-Israel for them who he dropped into the political Sarlacc pit.

      Seriously Gyor, you have got to learn how to face and deal with reality as it is instead of these fantasies you keep spinning. I mean I know politics is a game of perceptions as much as reality, but that doesn't mean you can simply create your own perceptions and live in them forever, which doers appear to be what you do far too often.

      Finally, Harper trashed and damaged himself a lot, it wasn't Mulcair who revealed the Duffy scandal, that was a combination of Duffy and a Liberal Senator who once he heard about that e-mail kept that subcommittee from closing the books on this affair, which was what enabled everything else to start coming out. Remember, Gyor, that the cover-up as detailed in the PMO memos was nearly completed, it only had that last unanimous vote on the subcommittee do get through to finally being completed, and if Duffy had held onto that e-mail for another week it would have never gotten the traction it did. Sure, once it got that far Mulcair was good in QP going after Harper with it, but so would have been most decent LOOs in our history, which part of why I find this notion that Mulcair was the best LOO EVAH more than a little irritating. Much of what enabled Malcair to to as well as he did was structural advantages any LOO gets over anyone else. Now, did Mulcair use them to best advantage? I'd agree that was fair enough, but keeping things within context is important after all.

      So stop trying to grab all credit for Mulcair and placing blame everywhere else, including on the stupid voters for not seeing that same brilliance you appear to. That is one of the NDP traits that really does not go over well with a lot of swig voters, and it smacks of arrogance and entitlement to boot.

    5. hi Gyor....I already told you you should not be so bitter, it's a good thing that Harper was defeated and we should all celebrate that. So I won't repeat myself. But what I will say is that it's no good criticizing Trudeau for having run a better campaign than the NDP. Instead you should be asking why he was able to outflank your party on the left. Or why Tom Mulcair went out of his way to look buttoned up and boring, for those were no mer campaign mistakes. I've now seen two NDP candidates Horwath and Mulcair go down for trying to make the NDP look more right-wing. So you should be asking what were they thinking?

  8. Anonymous3:48 AM

    Is there anyone else who thinks Remple's head seems too big for the rest of her body?

    See photo at:

    1. hi anon...well she looks really sweet in that picture, but I think her real problem is that her ego is a little bit too big for the rest of her, and that she still hasn't realized that if she really wants to be a feminist icon she's definitely in the wrong party...

  9. Anonymous4:02 AM

    In the Oct. election, Rempel won her seat with 60% of the vote! But would Rempel have won if Liberal candidate Ala Buzreba hadn't stepped down, because of comments she made on social media 4 years ago, when she was a teenager?

  10. Anonymous6:07 AM


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