Sunday, November 29, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Portrait of a Tyrant

As you know Stephen Harper hasn't been seen in public since he was crushed and humiliated by the Son of Trudeau. 

And nobody knows where and in what closet he might be hiding in, until the Duffy trial is over.

But no doubt he must be wondering about his legacy, and hoping that Ezra Levant sells enough of these.

And that this portrait of him doesn't become the one that history will remember...

The one that's so popular it has set off a bidding war. 

When former bureaucrat Danielle Potvin first laid eyes on Stephen Harper’s completely nude body, she knew she had to take him home. 

“It’s the best piece of fine art in Canada,” said Potvin. She describes it as “audacious” and “so interesting.” “It’s such a strong image.”

Potvin originally bought the painting for $5,750. Now she’s being offered upwards of $12,000 for the piece.

Because it certainly is strong image, one that no decent person could ever forget. 

It is the stuff of nightmares...

And it is so HIM. 

The portrait of a tyrant. 

Or the reflection of a mad emperor with no clothes.

As I tried to portray him for so long...

And the popularity of Emperor Haute Couture must be driving Harper CRAAAAZY.

Because if you remember, he's so vain he turned the lobby of the House of Commons into a portrait gallery to celebrate HIMSELF. 

Citizens who really want a national portrait gallery in Ottawa can rest easy. The government already has one. 

Photographs of Mr. Harper in various poses, at various sites, are hung throughout the private and cosy government lobby of the House of Commons.

And who can forget what a horrified Elizabeth May had to say about that?

"When you walk in the door, all you see are pictures of Stephen Harper," said Ms. May 

"I'd say between every window, in every available space of the wall, at eye level, every available space has a photo of Stephen Harper." 

 "You've got photos of Stephen Harper, but not of previous prime ministers," she added.

So I can only imagine what a panic Stephen Harper must be in, as he huddles in his lonely closet...

Which also threatens to become one of the other images which by which history will remember him.

We'll make sure of that.

But yes, he was Emperor Haute Couture. He was a tyrant.

He was the mad emperor with no clothes.

He was our depraved Canadian Caligula...

So he can try to put lipstick on the judgement of history, with the help of the Con media.

But the portraits of a tyrant, made by the Canadians who survived his monstrous years in power, will endure.

And they will help condemn him...

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  1. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Funny but true Simon......speaking of lipstick, someone put some on Michelle Rempel on Power and Politics the other day!!!! Ha ha

    1. hi anon...someone put lipstick on Rempel on Power and Politics? How come I missed that show? ;)
      But yes, I can't believe what an irritating presence she has become. Loud, rude, and as dumb as a spoon. My only consolation is that knowing the Cons she must be making a ton of enemies, and they will come back to haunt her...

  2. Anonymous10:42 AM

    I would not want it even if someone pays me a lot of cash to take it .... perhaps unless I am allowed to burn it immediately after taking the money. :)

    My impression was that the artist who had painted it was not a Harper fan and meant it to show that the emperor has no clothes.

    Perhaps it is Laureen who is offering (secretly?) to buy it now? Or perhaps he is trying to buy it himself to give the impression that people still want to buy it? Nothing is beyond Harper, eh?

    1. hi anon...well I wouldn't hang it on my wall either, although if I had the money I would buy it and donate it to the Memorial to the Victims of Harperism, which I hope we will some day build. It is very political, and I remember reading that everything in the painting was there for a reason. Although what the dog is doing there I don't know. It should have been a cat or a chinchilla... ;)

    2. Cats are very discerning creatures.

  3. Reminiscent of the Simpsons Monty Burns portrait by Marge Simpson although I doubt Harper will have a similar conversation with the artist...

    "And, uh, incidentally, thanks for not making fun of my genitalia."
    ―Montgomery Burns
    "I thought I did."
    ―Marge Simpson

    1. hi Dan...yes I'm afraid this artist did make fun of not so Great Leader's private parts. Thank goodness for the black spot somebody put on the picture I took from the internet. For with the spot it's horrifying, but without it it's frightening... ;)

  4. Anonymous3:22 PM

    I'm so happy Harper's gone. Notice how PnP seems to have taken a nose dive since the election. Almost unwatchable.

    1. hi anon...yes I agree PnP is almost unwatchable. I used to watch it religiously but not any longer. I do recognize that many reporters must be tired after what was an extremely long campaign. So I am prepared to give them some slack. But the tone of the panels seems to be slipping, and it's all giggle this or giggle that, and both cynical and biased...

  5. Anonymous3:52 PM

    O/T - file under: Chickens coming home to roost

    Canada's military authorities misled and stonewalled the country's information commissioner and the media over records related to a helicopter crash in Afghanistan, an investigation has found.

    The probe found the Department of National Defence promised the Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada to make a report on the incident public by a certain date, even though it knew it couldn't deliver.

    "When providing assurance to our office regarding a publication date, integral stages of the investigation had not yet commenced," Allison Knight, the information office's senior investigations director, wrote in a letter this month to The Canadian Press news agency.

    "Our office concludes that (National Defence) provided unreasonable time frames, which formed the basis of the assurances given to our office."

    1. hi anon...we need an investigation into the way the military has been covering up information, to suit the political interests of the Cons and their own. Twice they have denied killing civilians, even though the information came from the Pentagon and our allies the Kurds.And even though our military did absolutely nothing to investigate the claims. As I've said before, as we take our country back, we also have to take back our military....

  6. Anonymous9:41 PM

    I had to google to see his whole membership. No black dot Simon. The portrait really is something. Would love a socio political analysis of it. Am glad that someone is getting some home renos in selling it with its slight appreciation in value over few years.

    I have been wondering what Harper has been up to. Hear that he was spotted at a Calgary Chapters looking for books on economics and business. Interesting that after all these years he doesn't have books on hand that he now has time to read. Also wondering if he'll show up at the House of Commons on Thursday. I'm thinking not. I'm thinking he's brought his trucks home, and that he's not playing with anyone.

    1. hi anon...oh yes, I had a copy of the original, but I didn't want to expose my readers to Great Little Leader's private parts, so I was relieved to find a pic with that tiny dot covering the parts in question.;)And yes, it will be interesting to see whether he shows up in the House of Commons, and if he does whether he takes any part in the proceedings. My guess is that once he studies economics for a bit, he will probably leave for a lucrative stint on some oily board or other. And yes, if I never see him again that would be fine with me...

  7. One of the things I loved seeing the most during the CBC/Mansbridge behind the scenes day with Trudeau on Nov 4, swearing in day, was when they walked down that hall from his office to cabinet and the pictures of all the Prime Ministers of the past were back where they rightfully belonged. For me that was as much a sign and symbol of the return of my Canada as anything else I saw that momentous day, and I was ever so glad to see it! Of the various things Harper did that was just plain creepy weird and disturbing on the personal level, as opposed to the political level, this removal of all past PM portraits and instead putting up nothing but his own portraits/image was possibly the most creepy disturbing and downright terrifying of them all. The need for that kind of denigration of our history and the achievements of all prior PMs AND the need to have Parliament Hill itself turned into a I-Love-Me wall (you know, that place in an office where most professionals stick up their certificates and credentials in professional organizations as proof of their qualifications) said some extremely ugly things about Harper the man, and the level of pure contempt this showed for our traditions and his respect for ALL the prior PMs of this nation should have been the equivalent to a 5 alarm fire alarm to Canadians that this man was clearly something different and far darker, uglier and more dangerous than anything we had ever seen rise to the pinnacle of power in this nation before. You expect this from right wing tin pot dictators and old school Soviet style leaders, not Canadian PMs.

    So to see all those portraits already back in place on Trudeau's first day as PM, the good that did me and my heart cannot be overstated, especially since it was never actually noted in that interview, just a part of the background for the observant viewer to notice, as if the past PMs portraits were simply supposed to be there, as they of course were except during the Harperium. Personally, I think this action should always be thrown back in the faces of anyone that tries to defend Harper and his time in power as nothing all that unusual or wrong headed as compared to anyone else. This element while in itself did not change the nature of the nation did show the true nature and narcissistic nature of Harper himself and at such levels to make any sane person whatever their usual political brand to fear what someone with this mentality could do with the power of a PM even a minority one let alone a majority one in our system.

    Harper was, and by no small margin, the most ugly, disturbing, and disturbed PM in our history, and when you consider we had one PM during a world war that talked to his dog and dead mother about how to govern, and was a nation founded by a notorious drunkard as our first PM, that is no small threshold to be clearing!

    1. hi Scotian...yes I'm very happy to see the House of Commons being restored to its proper state, and that gallery of pictures of Harper has finally been removed. I'm also glad that trudeau has brought up his dad's desk from storage, and sent Harper's down to the warehouse hopefully to be used as firewood. And as you write in that last paragraph, he did have to beat out some serious competition to be the worst and the weirdest prime minister ever...

  8. In Justin's office, he replaced the desk Harper used with the one his father, Chrétien, and Martin each used when they were the PM. Harper's desk was dismantled and stored in a warehouse.

  9. Unless Harper is ill, he will have to show up this Thursday for the throne speech. If he doesn't, his own constituents may ask him to resign as MP. No private entrance for him to avoid the media now. 8-)

    1. hi David...yes I think he will turn up on Thursday. Unless Duffy says something when he takes the stand. And I do hope that if he does turn up he will be mobbed by the media, and humiliated further, if that's possible...


    Stephen Harper Style

  11. Harpers gone. Let's move on

    We can not undo the past but we can help improve the future

    Let us work in our communities to welcome the refugees and improve the environment