Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Why James Moore Shouldn't Be a University Chancellor

I must admit I was both surprised and shocked to see that James Moore has been named chancellor of the University of Northern British Columbia.

After the way he handled the oil spill in Vancouver's English Bay. Which defied reason.

And after his years of loyal service to his ghastly leader Stephen Harper, who waged war on knowledge and science, in a brutish manner never seen before. 

So I'm glad to see that some in BC are letting Moore and UNBC know what they think of that appointment.

A backlash is growing against the appointment of former Conservative Party MP James Moore as chancellor of a B.C. university. 

An online petition calling on the University of Northern B.C.’s board of governors to nix the appointment — announced by the university last week — has garnered more than 850 signatures with some faculty, alumni and students taking to social media to voice their dissent.

And who can blame them? Why would an oil pimp be named chancellor of Canada's "green university?"

How can a former member of an anti-aboriginal Con regime be honoured by a school with a focus on First Nations?

And who can argue with Moore's record of faithful service to the most morally depraved government this country has ever known? 

For over a decade Mr. Moore was a Member of Parliament (and held several prominent ministerial positions) in a government that did not celebrate diversity or the free and open exchange of ideas. That government chose instead to practice the politics of division and intimidation, and by its actions worked to undermine many of the core values that are pillars of universities in Canada and the world. 

This was a government that actively muzzled Federal Scientists, that steadfastly failed to take meaningful action to address global climate change, that stifled legitimate democratic dissent, that discounted the need for a Federal inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous woman, and which sought to exploit anti-Muslim sentiment amongst Canadians in order to bolster its electoral fortunes.

An appalling record to which I would only add, the way Moore liked to brag that he had killed one out of four jobs at the CBC. One of the country's great cultural institutions.

Just to please his depraved master Stephen Harper...

And since Moore is going to lord it over the young, who can forget his views on hungry children? 

It appears the federal government won’t be helping BC get out of the top spot when it comes to child poverty. “Is it my job to feed my neighbour’s child? I don’t think so.” That from Federal Minister of Industry James Moore who is also the Member of Parliament for Port Moody—Westwood—Port Coquitlam.

“Certainly we want to make sure that kids go to school full bellied, but is that always the government’s job to be there to serve people their breakfast?”

Which I always thought were particularly callous...

And only proved once again that a Con, is a Con, is a Con. 

And that Moore, like all the others, doesn't deserve to be the chancellor of ANY Canadian university.

So please sign the petition.

Help the students and staff at UNBC save their school's reputation.

And help send Big Jim to the only school where he belongs...

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  1. e.a.f.5:40 AM

    once James was out of a job, he needed another one, in to action sprang the government of one Christy clark, photo op queen of the west. If any provincial government was still "close" to Harper and his cons it was the B.C. Lieberals. Do remember Harper appointed B.C.'s former disgraced premier to that cushie job in London. So of course Christy would do a favour for the cons and find james a new job in B.C. Do remember Christy and her former premier, el gordo have presided over the highest rate of child poverty in c/anada for 15 yrs, so with james comments it really does qualify him for the position. The B.C. government is short 99 social workers and we have 4 dead kids in care and no one is talking about it except bloggers. Even the parents can't talk about it or they'll go to jail. With ever diminishing revenues in B.C. fat cats like James need to be looked after by the public trough. Christy is only too happy to oblige. remember this is a government which gives the film industry in B.C $284 Million a year, but say it does not have the money to increase welfare or disability rates. as a result a single parent and child are forced to live on $1,200 per month, while rents on a decent apartment in Vancouver can run you $2000 a month.

    in B.C. James Moore is more than qualified for an appointment. His statement regarding not feeding his neighbours kids made him a great candidate Its the Christy clark and b.lc. lieberal way. Do Not confuse them with the federal Liberal party because B.C. Liberals are more in line with Steve and his policies.

    i.e. Schools in b.c. need retro fits to prevent them from collapsing during an earthquake this was to be done by 2020. last yr chrsty told the public that would have to be out off until 2030, but the tax breaks mining and oil companies get are staggering.

    B.C. has the lowest corporate taxes in Canada and one in 5 children live below the poverty line. Life is so expensive in B.C. food banks are seeing more and more working families in their lines and others are getting their meals from the Union gospel Mission on the downtown east side.

    welcome to B.C. where there are few decent paying jobs, high unemployment, single family dwellings in greater Vancouver cost a min. of a million and poverty continues to climb. yes this is the perfect place for james to be appointed to a university

    1. hi e.a.f...well thanks for that. I was thinking I might retire to beautiful BC one day, but now i've changed my mind...;)

  2. Like Peter and John, James was a little too late jumping out of the Harper ship........But have they learned Anything from their experiences? But, alas, when our head is in the clouds, some of us really are 'slow learners'.......but hopefully we will mature eventually!

    1. hi Kathleen....I see absolutely no evidence that the Cons have learned anything from what happened to them. They're still blaming it on a question of tone, and preparing to make the same mistakes. But then of course nothing they do will help them. For if we bring in electoral reform they will be done like dinner...

  3. Anonymous11:11 AM

    How can any person without a postsecondary degree become the Chancellor of a University that is awarding academic degrees? This is a bad joke.

    James Moore apparently does not have a degree as he had dropped out of Douglas College in Vancouver: http://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2012/12/13/Canadian-Conservatives-Education/

    From the link above: "Five of Harper's cabinet are post-secondary dropouts or non-completers. Jason Kenney (immigration) dropped out of the University of San Francisco, and James Moore (heritage and languages) did a couple of years at Douglas College here in Vancouver. Keith Ashfield (fisheries and oceans) had two years of business courses at the University of New Brunswick.

    Peter Penashue (intergovernmental affairs) studied at Memorial University of Newfoundland but seems not to have completed. And Gary Goodyear (science and technology) dropped out of Waterloo before completing his schooling at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College."

    This reason alone should have disqualified Moore from any consideration.

    1. Anonymous8:45 PM

      Had no idea they were such under achievers. Thank you that information. Not surprising I guess, based on last 9 years.

      But isn't it refreshing to have such an accomplished liberal government (cabinet and back benchers). ? I am in heaven over this.

    2. hi anon 11:11am...I don't know about Moore's degrees, but it seems absurd for a university to honour a man who was part of a government that waged war on the truth and muzzled scientists. It's simply beyond belief...

  4. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Is this the same Moore of #RidemeWilfred fame who went home to spend more time with his family once the rumors started to gain traction? Like Towes and Carson the worst of the Cons always seem to end up in key public positions once they take the walk. At least Carson is out and hopefully the same for Moore, unfortunately the honorable Towes is in it for the long haul.

    1. hi RT...yes it is. I chose not to mention that little embarrassment because I don't want to discourage anyone in Ottawa from having an affair. I mean what else are you supposed to do in that grim village after the sun goes down? But I'm sure the students at UNBC will know all about it, and when they start turning up at Moore's events dressed as Wilfred, it will not do the university any favours...

      P.S. I have a fantastic illustration I found on the internet of Moore in his Wilfred costume leaning out of a car window like a doggy, so I may have to find any excuse to write something about that story...:)

    2. http://frankmag.ca/2015/06/say-no-moore-wilfreds-last-ride/

  5. Everyone complains about the Crusty Lieberals, but they were voted in with a majority...so, just like Harper, they do what they like..
    I am an NDP voter, always have been, and I always vote...and that is the problem. BC follows the stats up until the last federal election, that is, very few vote, but a majority love to bitch about the results...
    So stop whining, BC, and do something about it...

    1. hi mizdarlin...listen as I told e.a.f., will you please do something to improve the political situation in your province? It's high on my list of places to retire, right after Tahiti. But I simply can't retire to a place where the Liberals are the Conservatives....;)

  6. http://www.pressprogress.ca/en/press-progress-tags/james-moore

    Please consider donating to websites such as TheTyee http://thetyee.ca/

    PressProgress, and National Observer http://www.nationalobserver.com/

    Even if only 10 bucks a month. They are among the only truly independent news sites in Canada.

  7. Anonymous2:00 PM


  8. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Moore apparently has 2 degrees: MA - University of Saskatchewan, and an BA - University of Northern B.C. Plus "Business Administration - Douglas College" <-- no degree, certificate or anything claimed for the time at Douglas. http://www.jamesmoore.org/frontpage/page5/ Not sure if they are earned or honourary.

    Who would even think to name a bottom feeder to such a position? Could it be BC's Minister of Advanced Education? Why yes, it is Andrew Wilkinson.

    Can't confirm offhand, but I strongly suggest they became best buds during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics where Moore was Harper's point man on the ground.


    1. hi anon...I have no idea why somebody would appoint Moore to a position like that one. Or why Moore would seek such a position. But I suspect he is trying to soften his image, and could very well be thinking of running for the Con leadership....

    2. He is not being honoured. He is getting a well paid job. One which is about a 9 hr. drive from his home on the lower mainland

  9. This guy didn't run because the got caught with his pants down and Harper didn't think the base would approve. The day after his famous quote “Is it my job to feed my neighbour’s child? I don’t think so.” we ended up occupying his constituency office in Port Moody on another issue. Moore spent most of the day trying to get the Port Moody police to evict us from his office or arrest us or shoot us, we could hear him yelling at them but we just sat there peacefully until he finally met with us around 4:30. He kept his wife and his kids waiting in his SUV for at least an l hour while he met with us in his posh boardroom. We left peacefully and we left a number of Christmas gifts all wrapped and ready for his poor constituents. Now this man is going to be a chancellor at UNBC. What a joke continuing education has become in British Columbia! Capitol of child poverty and home of natives being forced from their unceded territory by mines and pipelines and by a corrupt coalition government of cons and Social Credit and right wing 'liberals' who have all coalesced to keep out the NDP from government in BC. A classic example of the open corruption practiced here in BC and by the former Harper government. I'll bet he stays in Coquitlam because I doubt he would want to move to frigid Prince George even though they vote Con all the time up there.Plus that is a long way from #RidemeWilfred who also got a job with the BC government in Victoria.

    1. hi John...you're right, if I recall Moore quit about a week after the Wilfred emerged, or should I say rode out.;) But good for you and the others for occupying his constituency office. I think I remember seeing some video of that, and it was excellent. Those Cons act like feudal lords and deserve to be treated with the same contempt they show others....

  10. Tory Cabinet Minister in Sexting Shocker!

  11. Jolly Roger3:26 AM

    This retard, like all harper's cons, should be shot with their own ball of shit....

    1. hi Jolly Roger... Aye aye Captain, I'm loading the cannon now....

  12. http://thetyee.ca/News/2015/12/03/UNBC-Protest-James-Moore/