Sunday, December 06, 2015

Why the Con Media is Wrong About Justin Trudeau

From the moment he was sworn in the Con media has gone after Justin Trudeau like a pack of rabid rats.

They have attacked his wife, they have attacked his children.

They keep claiming that his honeymoon is over.

But sadly for them they don't seem to know their own country, and are almost certainly going to be bitterly disappointed.

For not only is Trudeau incredibly popular at home, and supported by many progressives from other parties for having been the one who crushed  Stephen Harper's monstrous Con regime.

Not only does he carry their hopes for a better more Canadian future on his back, which after our long nightmare is no small thing. 

He is also impressing a lot of people in the rest of the world.

Within a month of the swearing-in ceremony at Rideau Hall, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived at the make-or-break Paris climate change talks with a new message, a new style and a new co-operative spirit.

Trudeau’s declaration in Paris reverberated in global capitals and capped a whirlwind of summitry that took the prime minister from the Pacific to western Europe and the Mediterranean. Mobbed in the streets and embraced in the halls of power, he gave Canada a sparkling turn on the world stage and breathed new life into Ottawa’s role as a constructive partner internationally.

And reviews like these will only make him even more popular at home.

Blared the Los Angeles Times: “Canada’s Justin Trudeau Replaces Obama as Young, Charismatic Leader on World Stage.” 

And New York Times columnist Roger Cohen lauded Trudeau’s international views, saying the new government in Ottawa “has turned away from Harper’s weird Canadian unilateralism toward a rediscovery of Canada’s traditional multilateral, United Nations-focused approach to foreign policy and leadership on refugee issues.”

Whether the Con media likes it or not...

And to make matters worse for them, what those small furry creatures also don't seem to understand is where a lot of Trudeau's support is coming from. 

The new voters who Justin Trudeau managed to inspire...

Who as John Duffy points out, could turn Justin's honeymoon into a long romance.  

The Liberals’ victory was delivered in part by about one million voters who switched from the NDP to the Liberals between 2011 and 2015. It is likely that many of these were “returning Liberals” who had tried Jack Layton’s NDP in 2011 but came home to Mr. Trudeau. A much greater boost – three times as great – seems to have come from the almost three million people who voted and had not done so previously, the great majority of whom probably voted Liberal. 

That’s right, new voters were probably three-times as important to the Liberal victory as vote-switching 2011 New Democrats. And they likely outnumbered the folks who voted Liberal in 2011.

Because if so many voters were inspired to vote for the first time, or switch parties, because they were inspired by Trudeau's hopeful and optimistic message, they will not easily surrender that dream, or easily abandon him.

Or stand to see their new found hope and optimism dashed so soon by the grubby gotcha games of the Con media.

And since they are the future, by alienating them, the porky corporate bosses are only threatening their own future...

Or eating themselves.

Yup. They they didn't understand their own people or their need for hope.

They were too small for this big country.

And they're going to pay a heavy price.

If the cat doesn't get them first...

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Anonymous said...

I get a kick out of rabid conservatives who express irrational hatred of liberals (and vice versa), considering they agree on all the major issues. Both uphold the corporate establishment and keep the peasants down in their place.

Unknown said...

Well said Simon!

David said...

But as we know, most hard-core Cons are in denial:

jrkrideau said...

@ David,

Now that was as impressive a bit of denial as I have seen or read in some time. Apparently some media flacks actually believe the bumpf they put out.

Oh yes, cognitive dissonance theory says that they probabaly will after a while. + 1 for theory.

Simon said...

hi anon...they may share some policies, but you can't compare the Trudeau Liberals to the Cons. The Liberals at least respect our Canadian values, and that's very important. The contrast between Harper and Trudeau is like the one between night and day...

Simon said...

hi Pamela...Thank you. I've been meaning to write this post for a few days, because I have also been wondering where Trudeau's support came surging from in the last days of the campaign. So I find it very encouraging that he was able to motivate so many new voters. Because it does seem to signal that the future belongs to us....

Simon said...

h David...yes I saw that article, and other Postmedia reporters have been echoing that same line. Which makes me wonder did they really think that Harperland was Canada? And who taught them the meaning of hubris?

GWiz said...

As Canada's new Liberal Government takes the reins of governance may they hold true to what brought them into Government and may they never be deterred from their ambitious agenda of making Canada a better place for all peoples residing within Canada's borders...
Therefore always remember:
“An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you.”

Dick said...

Think it is and will be a given. Postmedia, bleeding heavily, with its 16 dailies will always be C supportive. So will the Globe & Mail.Both for low corporate tax reasons. CTV,owned by Bell/ Globe media I believe mostly C's as is the CBC,director- controlled.Macleans, Roger's owned . Leaving T Star, 3 owned Ontario dailies as the main Lib-supportive media. Radio; Corus..C, the other chains???. Welcome any differing opinions, clarifications.

Anonymous said...

Haven't visited since the election.
The disappointment, Simon, is that you appear to be continuing the Con tradition here. I don't see any stories about Trudeau and his mistakes and failed or overblown promises.

You see, this is what happens. Your talent and perspicacity has attracted a following, and that following is anti-Con and pro-Trudeau. They don't want to hear the truth about Trudeau, only to read sunny, feel-good stories or worse, stories that suggest that criticism of the government is invalid.

We all know and can readily acknowledge how bad Harper was, and how afraid many of us were about what he would do were he to be returned to majority status in gov't.

But looking around now at various "progressive" sites, and I consider myself a leftie, I am very discouraged by the more of the same, nothing to see here routine being enacted by some otherwise quite intelligent folks.

What will it be, as we move forward? We all must make a conscious decision to embrace the truth.