Monday, December 14, 2015

Why Michelle Rempel Should Apologize to Rachel Notley

If it wasn't Michelle Rempel, the Con clown whose burning ambition far exceeds her limited capabilities, I never would have believed it.

But at a time when Rachel Notley, the very decent premier of Alberta, has been receiving vicious death threats.

At a time when the rednecks in that province have been having themselves a hatefest, claiming the NDP i.e. the commies, are trying to destroy or KILL family farms.

When they're not.

There is the wretched Rempel pouring more gasoline on the flames.

Can you believe it? Telling farmers that Notley is laughing at them. 

Which can only make some of them even more angry.

And some of the rednecks even more crazy and dangerous...

Even though it should be obvious to any decent person, that Notley wasn't laughing at the farmers...

It was a gently ironic reflection on the hatefest directed at her, which couldn't have been more ugly, or as Paula Simons points out, more disgusting. 

There have always been rude angry people out there, writing hate mail long before computers were invented. Twitter and Facebook have made it cheap and easy for a roused rabble to rant, in the crudest and cruelest of terms. 

But the lurid and graphic death threats, repeatedly made against Notley and a number of her female ministers go far beyond angry venting or raucous political debate. This is vicious misogyny, clearly meant to intimidate.

And it's equally obvious that if Rempel had any decency, she should be trying to defuse the situation rather than inflaming it further.

Just like she did with the refugee issue.

Drumming up fear and loathing...

For crass political purposes.

Even as the rednecks were on a rampage...

Terrorizing the innocent and the helpless.

What was Rempel thinking? What is she thinking now? Is she capable of rational thought? Can she even think of anybody else? Or is it all and always about HER?

And BTW what's this other weirdness on her Twitter feed?

What sex scandal is she hinting at? 

Is she really spying on the Press Gallery?

Or is she simply losing her mind?

Doesn't she even know that the elf on a shelf is not cute it's creepy.

"Think about it," said Emily Gifford, a psychologist at ChildDevelopment Associates in Scarsdale, New York. "He's a tiny, little elf with wide eyes and bulging, shiny, red cheeks that watches you all day taking notes on your behavior. Once you are asleep, he 'flies off' to the North Pole with one goal in mind: to explicitly tattle on you to Santa Claus. … Totally creepy."

And who in their right mind could suggest that Rempel is the future of the Conservative Party?

There’s a new conservatism coming to Canada. It’s too soon to say what direction it will head in. Or what issues it will focus on. But there’s no doubt it’s going to look a lot like Michelle Rempel and others like her.

For this is either totally crazy, or a really bad joke.

But what can be done to change this perception of Conservatives as “meanies,” one that clearly played a part in Stephen Harper’s defeat? Rempel’s evidently put a lot of thought into such questions, having run for the recent interim leadership. 

“We can’t make assumptions as Conservatives when we communicate with Canadians,” she says. “We have to show them through action why the principles that we talk about create a vision that’s in the best interests of the country – a prosperous, stable, inclusive, world-respected Canada.

When under the Harper regime, and the depraved dictator she served so faithfully, Canada was neither "prosperous," nor "inclusive," and definitely not "world-respected."

And because she is as mean, and as narrowly ideological and self centred as he is, she will never be part of the "new conservatism" but will always be seen as part of his rotten regime.

And when its time and his time ran out, so did hers...

And this is the bottom line:

Michelle Rempel should apologize to Rachel Notley for trying to whip up even more hate against her. 

If she's the future of the Con party, it has no future.

And the next time that nasty bully goes after the decent or the helpless.

She should pick on someone, or something, her own size...

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  1. Rempel is one of those attention-grabbing know-nothings who somehow squirmed their way into the public eye and were handed a microphone. It's becoming increasingly difficult to take that mic away when the media doles out legitimacy to the depraved party she belongs to and the crazy ideas they espouse. I think all the criticism being hurled at Notley makes it much easier to avoid the truth of what really happened in Alberta: years of corruption and mismanagement that could not be denied by the hapless Jim Prentice. Makes her an easy target and all the easier for the redneck trash because she happens to be female. Heck even Alison Redford took more criticism than Prentice, because of her gender. The reality is Prentice and harper behind him, is the real failure in this sorrid tale of corruption in Alberta politics.

    1. hi bcwaterboy....yes Rempel is an aggressive know nothing, and she would never stand out from the crowd if she wasn't so irritating, and the Cons weren't so weak.
      And I agree with you, the hatred directed against Notley is about more than Bill 6 and is just a way for some Cons to take out their frustrations, and give vent to their misogynistic impulses. I feel sorry for the decent Notley, and fear for her safety. But Albertans will one day realize how lucky they were to have her drag them out of their oily grave...

  2. She should. But she won't. Because she's incapable of even processing what you're saying.

    I will admit, having been a leftist blogger/blog follower/discussion haver, ... that there are people among the left who have voiced approval for the violent deaths of right-wing politicians.

    (I personally, have said I would support it if cowardly police and politicians who were actively suppressing protester's rights, and breaking the law themselves, received a beating.)

    But it is the right-wing that most quickly descends into these paroxysms of blind rage at the slightest thing that upsets them. Simply compare the level of vitriol against Obama as compared to bush II. (Or the public humiliation the Repugs subjected Bill Clinton to, right before accusing anyone who pointed out that bush II was a moron of disrespecting the Office of the Presidency.)

    These people have poorly formed brains. They lash out in frustration at everything that challenges their perception of reality. (Reality itself is a real pet peeve for them.)

    And then they mewl in self-righteous self-pity when they receive the slightest bit of push-back.

    I think it's the hubris of their elite masters that encourages this. The mainstream Conservatives of 50 years ago had to be slightly more humble. They had powerful unions to contend with. And an academia and public sector that were confident in their analysis and their abilities. Plus they had ideological rivals to compete with.

    Now, their only competition is their fellow capitalist parasites seeing who can fleece the public more. And having nothing to offer their stupid political base in practical terms, offer them scapegoats and conspiracy theories.

    Which encourages cretins like Michelle Rempel to run for office.

    1. hi's true some lefty bloggers have on occasion wished the worst upon the Cons, but only Cons could be so vile so hateful and so misogynistic. And yes, I think it's hubris, the word they like to aim at Justin Trudeau these days. I think they honestly believed that their cowboy reich would last for a thousand years, which is why they are so shattered and so bitter. Good, for the worst is still to come...

  3. Anonymous9:53 AM

    To your question,is she losing her mind??...Yes.

    1. hi know I don't like to accuse people of losing their minds, but there is something not quite right about Rempel. At first I thought it was just naked ambition, but now I think it's closer to megalomania. And I'm willing tp predict that sooner or later it will cost her everything...

  4. It's hard to believe this woman is an MP. Why would her constituents or anybody for that matter entrust her as their MP. In her communications and demeanor she comes across as a 14yr, old high school student and not a very bright one at that.The wackos that are threatening Rachel Notely should be visited by the cops. Rempels remarks once again show her to be a person of low intelligence and no integrity. She couldn't shine Notley's shoes.

    1. hi Pamela...I have no idea how any riding could elect someone like Rempel. It must be one of those ridings in Alberta where is you pinned a Con sticker to its tail you can elect a donkey. But this latest offensive aimed at stirring up hatred against Motley is simply unforgivable. She should be held accountable, and she should apologize....

  5. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Yes, she's an angry idiot a la Rob Anders, but then it doesn't say much about the Calgarians who voted for her does it?

    1. hi anon...yes it doesn't say much about the people who elected her. Calgary is definitely moving in the right direction, but clearly it still has a ways to go...

    2. Anonymous12:46 AM

      Can you imagine Rob Anders and Michelle, the Con Rage Machine, getting married. What a DNA pool that would be. A whole new species.

  6. This is what the Reform Party variant of the right-wing has been all along. It's also why they should never be allowed back into a position of authority over others, ever. It's a variation of the Tea Party here in the United States.

    1. hi CVSoG...yes it reeks of the Reform Party doesn't it? I realize a lot of people in Alberta are suffering and I feel sorry for them. But taking out their frustrations on Motley and blaming her for the province's grim economic situation is unfair and cowardly. And yes I'm afraid it is the Tea Party North...

  7. Anonymous12:20 PM

    You'd almost think Harper was pulling Rumpel's strings so his legacy of divisiveness and hate continue on or it now comes natural after idolizing him for so long. Either way, as long as the vestiges of Canada's lost years under Harper remain, they will remain right where they are, as the losers.

    1. hi JD...yes, she is proving a good disciple of her depraved former leader. I could forgive Rempel a lot of things because she is young and ignorant. But stirring up hatred isn't one of them. If you read her Twitter feed it's full of nasty little digs at her opponents, as well as some really bizarre stuff, like the elf stuff I included in this post.
      But as I said above, I don't think she's all there, and unless she reins herself in it's only going to cause her grief...

  8. Anonymous1:07 PM

    And it's equally obvious that if Rempel had any decency, she should be trying to defuse the situation rather than inflaming it further. And to think that this morally depleted ReformCON is only in her thirties!!!!! Man she is such an ugly person inside and out....... Like putting lipstick on a pig..... Her lipstick doesn't change her morally depleted, racist views. Creepy woman!!!!!!!!

    1. hi anon...yes I know, I'm disappointed that a young Canadian could be so Con and so hateful. But she has cheerfully fanned the flames of bigotry, and now she's inciting hatred against the decent Rachel Notley, and she should not be allowed to get away with it....

  9. That party is in disarray. What limited talent it might have had is all tainted by the Harper era but, even then, there wasn't much. There was a time, Simon, when we had great prime ministers. Lester Pearson is a terrific example. He understood that a vital obligation of every prime minister is to recruit and groom successors. Pearson also knew it was time to hand the reins of the Liberal Party to a new generation. Look at those he recruited - Trudeau, Pelletier, Marchand and, yes, even Jean Chretien.

    Contrast that with Harper. What successors did he recruit, much less groom? None, because the smartest man in the room doesn't share the limelight or encourage others to aspire to his throne. Jim Prentice was probably the closest candidate for the job but he left only to crash and burn at the feet of Rachel Notley.

    Rempel? A white trash douchebag. That sort always seems drawn to Twitter and most come to regret it eventually, almost always too late. The next successful Tory leader will be smart enough to realize that party's fortunes can't be met by playing to the old bigoted white man crowd. They're dying off.

    I think this is a perfect time for the NDP to undertake a generational renewal of its own. They need somebody at least half a generation younger than the Angry Beard. He's had his shot - and missed by a country mile. Time for some young blood.

    1. Anonymous6:47 PM

      The angry beard hopes to lead the party in the '19 elections. If he does, we can kiss the NDP in any form goodbye permanently. Between him and horwath, that party is as good as dead right now.

    2. hi Mound....yes you're right, the Cons have a severe talent problem, and Harper never took any time to prepare a decent successor, no doubt because he is so paranoid and such a central freak. Someone was pointing out the other day that the Cons have lost many women and ethnic MPs so the party is now even more of a good ol' boys party than it was before. And yes, the poor old NDP does need a generational renewal. Before the election they had more young supporters than the Liberals, but they lost them to Mulcair's deliberately boring, right-wing, and completely uninspiring campaign. And you're right, it's time for some young blood...

    3. hi anon 6:47...I thought Mulcair did an excellent job of going after Harper in the House of Commons. But he was not able to project himself as the candidate of change during the campaign, his sharp turn to the right was inexplicable considering what that had done to Horwath. So yes I hope the NDP can get a younger and more with it leader, because wit him they will not go anywhere....

  10. Anonymous6:23 PM

    I seems to me that Ms. Rempel's behaviour doesn't serve the Cons particularly well, going forward. I don't see that she represents the voice of most Canadians. I think most people actually find it quite disturbing. In part, that's why the Cons lost their majority. What on earth has she got to be so angry about, anyway?

  11. e.a.f.12:28 AM

    Ms. Rempel needs a job to keep her busy. it is suggest she start by doing her job representing her constituents. The tweets this twit has been spending out in no way demonstrates she is doing her job as an M.P.

    It is beyond me why people are opposed to protection for farmer workers. Are they not human? why should farm workers be not protected by the law? It isn't about the family farm. Family farms usually don't hire workers, they are run by the family. No this is about agri business getting upset they can't do business as they want.

    Living in B.C. where we have seen more than our fair share of farm workers being killed, its sickening. All farm workers are workers just like those in offices, retail and manufacturing. They ought to be treated with the same respect and ought to be covered by the same laws. This is Canada and not some third world slave state. Of course I have a feeling Ms. Rempel doesn't understand that.

  12. "It was a gently ironic reflection on the hatefest directed at her..."

    Cons do not get irony:

    179. "I am tone-deaf to Canadian irony."

  13. Lots of very well off people in the Calgary-Nose Hill riding, which Remplestiltskin won easily. It's one part of Calgary that didn't get flooded a while back, because its the highest point in the city. Remplestiltskin's nose seems to be continously out of joint.

  14. Anonymous4:34 AM

    Simon, are you going to ignore thwap's comments???

    I find this part chilling:

    thwap9:12 AM: "I will admit, having been a leftist blogger/blog follower/discussion haver, ... that there are people among the left who have voiced approval for the violent deaths of right-wing politicians.

    (I personally, have said I would support it if cowardly police and politicians who were actively suppressing protester's rights, and breaking the law themselves, received a beating.)"

    1. hi anon...thwap is a sometimes angry but very smart and respectable blogger. And I can't remember reading any violent stuff on his blog. And he has certainly never left any violent comments here. Nor for that matter have I ever seen any other progressives issue death threats, for if I had I would condemn them as strongly as I would condemn those uttered by right-wingers. I am obviously extremely partisan, but in all my years of blogging I have never called on anyone to kill anyone. So all I can do is try to set an example. Which considering that I am a former fighter, and have a fiery Scottish temper, and belong to a fearsome highland clan, is definitely not easy... ;)

  15. hi anon 6:23...The troubling thing is that I don't think that Rempel is one of the angry ones. I think she is too full of herself to be angry, and is just playing to the peanut gallery. But she does have a vicious streak, and as you point out that's the last thing her party needs. I hate it when people accuse young Canadians of having a sense of entitlement, but Rempel clearly has it in spades....

    1. Remplestiltskin was interviewed recently by Brian Lillypad on the Rebel Media website

  16. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Interesting how you insert "rednecks" instead of farmers. Calling names? Seems a little juvenile don't you think.