Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Climate Agreement and the Con Planet Burners

It's not a perfect deal. It's the product of compromise, so it may not be enough to do what needs to be done.

It remain to be see whether the countries who signed it, will have the political will to implement it.

So that our beautiful little blue planet can be spared from the worst effects of catastrophic climate change.

But because so many signed that deal, it is historic, and it is worth celebrating. 

Because when so many people from so many nations start thinking and acting like humans. 

Instead of just citizens of countries whose borders can't be seen from outer space...

It is progress. It is a step in the right direction, to try to save the only home of ALL of us.

Even if it is, as the New York Times' Justin Gillis writes, just a healing step not a cure. 

Scientists who closely monitored the talks here said it was not the agreement that humanity really needed. By itself, it will not save the planet. 

The great ice sheets remain imperiled, the oceans are still rising, forests and reefs are under stress, people are dying by tens of thousands in heat waves and floods, and the agriculture system that feeds seven billion human beings is still at risk.

But at least now there seems to be the political will to tackle the threat, and I'm grateful to all the activists who fought so hard to push their leaders to do the right thing.

And will have to keep pushing, if we are to save the world for the all the future generations that will inherit it.

And as a Canadian I'm proud that after being part of the problem for so long, our government was finally able to be part of the solution.

And helped bring countries together.

A "thrilled' Catherine McKenna said Saturday that Canadian spirit played a role in the Paris climate agreement.

McKenna, who had a more prominent role at the conference after being named a facilitator by French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, said the deal shows multilateralism works and that countries can come together for a common purpose and for the better of future generations.

"There were divergences of opinion but it's a Canadian spirit that we could do that (reach a deal), bring people together, to find agreement that it's important to have friendship."

With the same spirit and genius for compromise that helped build this country.

And of course, all progressive Canadians should be eternally grateful that we were able to defeat this monstrous planet burner....

For if we hadn't defeated him just in the nick of time, there would have been no climate agreement.

And after trying and failing to kill our country, he might have succeeded in torching our planet.

And in that regard, I note that Rona Ambrose was the only leader of a Canadian political party not to tweet a single line about its successful conclusion...

Because like her depraved fallen leader she too is a greasy oil pimp and a ghastly planet burner.

But the good news is that we did defeat them, we did crush them, we did humiliate those crazy Con monkeys.

Hell will freeze over before we ever allow them to govern this country again.

And at the very last minute we did help save the world.

Isn't that wonderful?

And isn't this beautiful?

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Anonymous said...

It's a start Simon. I guess Ronda's silence is proof she doesn't approve and would wait until Alberta's air looked like Beijing's as of late before she finally goes "duh"? Canadians made their choice Ronda, you'd let the planet burn, that's why we kicked your sorry asses out the door.

Anonymous said...

Catherine McKenna deserves huge kudos for what she has achieved in such a short period of time. She works with such conviction with no ego getting in her way. We are very fortunate to have her in our House. Of course, kudos to Justine Trudeau for recruiting her and other talent to the Liberal team at a time when many had written this party off. This news combined with the first arrivals of Syrian Canadians has just put me over the moon.

Thank you Simon, love your posts and your anons.


e.a.f. said...

Its impressive that a deal was done. it would be even more impressive if all governments implemented the "game rules" of the deal. However, given human nature, greed, etc. it is unlikely much will change.

In the end, the population of the earth will be too great, billions will die and then things will recover and humans, will start over. We in the west will not give up our "luxuries". the 2nd and 3rd world countries will not give up their quest to become first world economies, so its a never ending circle.

One of the main factors in all of this is the ever growing population in the world. Unless that declines, climate change will and can not be stopped. We have only to look at some of our own politicians. Here in B.C. there is nothing which indicates the premier is into climate change in a meaningful way. Christy clark gives hundred of millions of tax dollars to oil, gas, and mining companies. Christy Clark and her government are building dam, Site C, in northern B.C. which will destroy thousands upon thousands of acres of farm land, animals, etc. so the land can be flooded and the water used for fracking. Christy says its for power, but we have enough of that in B.C. and a declining usage.

When you look at India and China, they may have signed, but will their corporations follow the politicians or will their politicians give in to the corporate elite in their country. That goes dido for the U.S.A.

Will any of the South American countries truly stop destroying their rain forests? Will Rio Tinto stop mining in environmentally sensitive areas? Will their stock holders permit that?

David said...

So why did Trudeau earn "fossil of the day" award for his stand on "loss and damage" at COP 21 summit?

David said...


Canadians can be rightly proud of what our government did in Paris. While I did not support our position on every single issue, I cannot be more proud of what we did on most issues, nor can I thank our newly minted (and now totally exhausted) Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, enough for her work.

What matters now is what we do next. Canada’s climate target remains the one left behind by the previous government. We have no time to waste in re-vamping and improving our target. We should be prepared to improve it again in 2020. But let’s ensure we get started. The Liberal platform committed to, within 90 days of COP21, consultations with all provincial and territorial governments. In his speech at COP21, Trudeau expanded that to engaging with municipal governments and First Nations as well. That is all excellent. Ideally this sets in motion a quick-start to identifying a more ambitious target with actions spelled out in the spring 2016 budget.

Earth Day 2016 has been chosen in the decision document as the day for formal signatures to the Paris Agreement. Ban Ki-moon has been requested to organize a signing ceremony in New York at UN headquarters. Let’s all take a moment to send a thank you note to Prime Minister Trudeau and Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna and urge that Canada’s new target be ready to be tabled at the UN on April 22, 2016 when Canada shows up to encourage all other countries to improve their own targets.

Paris threw us a lifeline. Don’t let it slip between our fingers.

Simon said...

hi is a start and after so long it is welcome. I was going to link to a George Monbiot story in the Guardian, but it was too depressing. I believe that if we have the political will we can still do something to head off some of the worst effects of climate change. And the fact that not a single Con praised the deal is simply beyond belief and tells you who they are....

jrkrideau said...

"China" Almost certainly. The Chinese government is well aware of the issues. Just look at the air in Beijing as a minor indicator. They have been putting a lot money and effort into renewables. I have read that China is putting a lot of investment into coal but apparently are decommissioning even worse-polluting coal plants on an almost 1 to 1 basis.

"India", who knows? We have a rabid Hindu nationalist in office; he may or may not be actually aware of the global warming problems.

One real worry is the idiot GOP in the USA. They are completely irrational on issues of climate change and Obama, and much else, so if they get the change they are likely to create real chaos in the world's largest economy in an attempt to block any Climate initiatives.

Simon said...

hi TS...thank you and yes I am lucky to have a very good group of anons. I quite enjoy reading their comments myself. And you're right, Catherine McKenna does deserve a lot of praise for taking over with so little time, and restoring our environmental credentials and our honour abroad. And Justin Trudeau did assemble a very strong cabinet. And yes, like you, I am enjoying this new era a lot...

David said...

Trudeau certainly looks "ready" to be Prime Minister to me! It was time to let Harper go:

Anonymous said...

The godfather of the globalist jetset climate circuses was Maurice Strong – a Rockefeller oilman (Caltex Oil, in this case). Read his bio. His motive was not "saving the planet", it was centralizing more power and control into the hands of his oligarch friends. Unfortunately, many well-meaning "greenies" are being taken for a ride. I know; I fell for the (NGO–corporate) green agenda once myself. Gore, Suzuki, and company are lying – and they know they're lying. The "carbon tax" is a scam. I recommend Dr. Eric Karlstrom's online interviews: they're very informative. There's a lot more to all this than meets the eye, dear Simon. Thank you for your ongoing work!