Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mike Duffy: The Cons Used Robocalls to Win An Election in BC

Well you have to hand it to Mike Duffy. His trial may not be as popular as it once was, but he's still doing a number on Stephen Harper's legacy.

First he claimed Harper couldn't be trusted. Then he claimed that the powerful Con senator David Tkachuk encouraged him to claim every expense he could.

Now he's claiming that the Cons used robocalls in BC to win an election. 

Sen. Mike Duffy has introduced a new plotline into his story about his life with the Conservatives, alleging that party operatives deliberately misdirected voters in a Vancouver Island riding in 2008.

And that Gary Lunn, the former sports minister, got a boost from the late Con godfather Doug Finley...

“He’d had a close call during the previous election and it was only through the divine intervention of (late campaign manager) Doug Finley’s black ops group at Conservative headquarters that he managed to get himself re-elected,” Duffy told the court.

“Basically what happened was that they used robocalls to misdirect NDP voters, to split the vote and allow Gary Lunn to win,” Duffy said. “He knew nothing about it, except that they phoned him afterward and said ‘You’re welcome Gary.’ He said ‘What?’ (They said) ‘We got you in’.”

Which considering that just three years later, Pierre Poutine and his friends were trying to steal an election, can only make us wonder where did that idea come from?

Was it a rogue operation as the Cons would have us believe? Or did it originate from another black ops group at Con headquarters?

But Elizabeth May is right.

May told Global News on Thursday that she would like the RCMP and Elections Canada to take a look at the matter.

And if Duffy's story is true, it does make it even more important that a full public inquiry be held into the activities of the Con regime during its monstrous years in power.

And see if we can still send Stephen Harper to the place he belongs...

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Anonymous said...

Problem is, if Harperite cheerleader Commissioner Bob remains in office, then no investigation will happen.

Simon said...

hi anon...well I notice that Commissioner Bob was making some very progressive noises the other day about racism in the force. So maybe he just bends like a tree in the wind, and adjusts his behaviour to please his bosses. And in that case who knows what might happen. But I do note that he has never explained why Nigel Wright wasn't charged with offering a bribe, and we are still waiting to find out whether Pamela Wallin will be charged or cleared.
So maybe you are right, and he should be fired as soon as possible...