Sunday, December 06, 2015

The Appalling Hypocrisy of the Con Queen Rona Ambrose

As you may know Rona Ambrose has always been a ghastly hypocrite.

Who would go after child care for the Trudeau children, while claiming to be a feminist.

Or even worse, pretend to be a doctor.

While sentencing thousands of heroin addicts to death by making it almost impossible to set up needle sharing clinics.

Even though the Supreme Court all but called her a murderous IDIOT.

Even though the so-called nannygate affair is a feminist issue.

The nanny scandal is not really about subsidizing an “elite” lifestyle of the Prime Minister. We have always done that. Nor is it about a conflict between a Prime Minister’s policies and the taxpayer support he receives while in office. It is, at the end of the day, about what we think about childcare – that it is a private not collective responsibility, and that it is women not their husbands, who should be bearing the burden.

And even though her claim that Trudeau is wasting the taxpayer's money is just cheap politics.

This is why people hate politicians. No, not Trudeau. The Conservatives using this nannygate non-scandal against him as a cheap political ploy to puncture his post-election popularity. The accusation of hypocrisy over government-paid nannies to help with the prime minister's three young children feels petty and penny-ante. But as a parent, it's also incredibly insulting because of what it reveals about the lack of value and importance that these people put in child care.

When in fact governments should be investing more in Canadian children.

And would have been doing more, and given more parents a break, if she hadn't helped kill a national daycare program.

That's where the Conservative's true colours come out. They don't really think the government should be in the business of childcare at all, or else there would have been a national strategy to address this crisis during their decade in power.

Just to please her depraved misogynistic leader who believes that a woman's place is in the home, and that daddy knows best...

And as for wasting the taxpayer's money, once again Ambrose couldn't be more hypocritical. 

Drivers hired to shuttle federal cabinet ministers around Ottawa charged taxpayers more than $600,000 in overtime above their annual salaries last year, a CTV News investigation has found.

The analysis reveals that the drivers who serve the Public Works and Government Services Minister Rona Ambrose accumulated the most overtime: more than 1,000 hours costing taxpayers $40,074.

Because for her it seems limos are more important than child care...

And so much for her new/nouveau Cons.

Still the same old Harper party. 

Still as evil and as hypocritical as ever.

And like their Great Leader still heading for oblivion...

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  1. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Thanks Simon for that little piece of data. I hate small minded politics but if the other guys deal in them all the time so must we.

    1. Anonymous2:12 PM

      Yes, Simon thank you for that information regarding con limos at tax payers expense. They really are brazen the way they shoot their mouths off with one hank in the til. Decent Canadians voted them out, and will keep his ilk off of the governing side of our House.

    2. hi anon...yes I know, we do have to stoop to reach them, but we must use their own weapons against them. For I don't think it will take much pressure for Ambrose and her Cons to come apart at the seams...

    3. hi anon're welcome. I haven't had a chance to go through Ambrose's file yet, but I'm sure there is other stuff to use against her. And I will find it... ;)

  2. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Rona Potroast, through her petty bickering, will ensure the Reformacons remain in the political wilderness for a long long time. Their "tone" hasn't changed with Harper gone, Rona will still use Steve's makeup artist, his divisive ways and his penchant to stoke up the bigots and racists within the party. She's nothing more than a "Harper in high heels".

    1. hi JD...Rona Potroast? Mmmm that's delicious.;) But you're right she is just a harper in high heels. If you examine her voting record it couldn't be more reactionary. She is a hard edged right-wing ideologue, and nobody should be fooled by her appearance. Fortunately though she is easily rattled, and of course extremely dumb. So this should be fun...

  3. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Ronna was on Global's politico show today, and I cannot remember anything she said other than it was the usual stuff about the budget being too short but long, and so on. Charisma is not her main trait. Dullness is, so I probably missed nothing of import even though she was droning away in the background. I'm sure a few thousand Canadians actually watched the show, mostly Con supporters interested in hair care, I expect.

    As Leader of the Opposition, no doubt her past record of 1,000 hours of overtime for her official drivers will now skyrocket in line with her new reponsibilities. There are only 8760 hours in a year, so how she managed to spend regular hours plus 1,000 hrs overtime in a car, without driving back and forth across Canada a dozen times remains open to speculation. A thousand hours at 40 mph is 40,000 miles. Almost a full-time job in itself but after normal hours. She must have been working two jobs to get by. Amazing.

    1. hi's not just travel that accounts for all those hours. I understand that it was also because she kept the limo waiting, while she did whatever. So what we're paying for is idling engines and chauffeurs which makes the scandal even more outrageous...

    2. Laugh now because by 2019 we'll all be crying.