Sunday, December 27, 2015

Stephen Harper's Saddest and Most Miserable Year

Wherever he is hiding, in Canada or Las Vegas, Stephen Harper must be staring at the picture of this billboard in Calgary, trying to jump up and down, waving his arms in the air, and shouting:

"You see, I told you, I told you. They love me, they really LOVE me !!!!!

Even if it such a small and pathetic token of appreciation. 

And anyone who calls the Harper years "a decade of excellence" must either be out of their minds, or in Alberta, working for a repo company.

But then Harper is a broken man, it is his worst Christmas ever...

Whatever he tells the screaming voices in his head.

Or whatever The Muzzler is doing in Las Vegas...

Original graphic by UCCO SUPPORTER

But don't tell that to the equally shell shocked survivors of his Con cult.

They're trying to make it sound like we're all having a miserable Christmas, thanks to Justin Trudeau. 

Which no doubt explains, in their twisted minds, why Trudeau is so popular. 


But then of course they're all desperate. Thousands of Con operatives have been laid off. They're nicking for quarters on every street corner in Ottawa. And they wouldn't know the true meaning of Christmas if it jumped up and bit them.

Just ask Michelle Rempel...

Who is looking a little crazy herself these days, taking pictures of her sinister little dolly...

All over the place.

And as even the Con friendly L. Ian MacDonald admits, it was Stephen Harper's Anus 
Annus Horribilis. And he can only blame himself for making one mistake after the other. 

The first was Stephen Harper’s decision to go for an 11-week campaign rather than the normal writ period of 37 days. That turned out to be a big mistake; Harper could have spent August with his feet up at Harrington Lake instead of being hounded by the press for three weeks over testimony at the Mike Duffy trial.

He called an early election hoping to exhaust and bankrupt his opponents. Only to exhaust himself, leave his own party wallowing in debt, and give Justin Trudeau a chance to shine.

The long campaign also played to Trudeau’s acknowledged strength — his retail game. He was good in crowds, fed off their energy and projected visuals of growing momentum. At 43 and in top physical shape, he also had more stamina than the other leaders — useful in a marathon campaign.

He claimed over and over again that Trudeau was not ready, which at the time seemed crazy evil...

But now seem just crazy desperate, or desperately hilarious.

And let's not forget the way he mocked Justin for suggesting we send winter clothes to Syrian refugees, which considering the latest news from that region...

Now seems as monstrous as Harper himself.

Or the two tipping points that finally finished him off.

The first was the announcement two weeks before the election of the “barbaric practices” snitch line, urging Canadians to spy on their neighbours. The second was the decision to have Rob and Doug Ford appear at Harper’s closing event in the Greater Toronto Area on the final weekend of the campaign. 

The snitch line was disgraceful and disgusting. Having Harper appear with the Fords was merely stupid. But by then, the Conservatives were losing not only on the ballot question of change, but on issues of Canadian identity and values that weren’t even on the horizon in August.

Along with the death of this poor little boy...

Whose life the Cons might have saved but didn't.

Because as was recently revealed, the Cons had shut down the refugee process.

The halt to UN-referred Syrian refugee processing imposed by the Canadian government earlier this year lasted for 2.5 months, even as thousands poured into Europe as part of a massive exodus described as the largest humanitarian crisis since the end of the Second World War.

Which when combined with Great Closet Leader's obvious attempt to try to provoke a terrorist attack...

For crass political purposes. 

Made him only look more callous, or even more cowardly...

But did in the end combine to destroy him, bring out the best in Canadians.

The Syrian refugee story was a poignant and proud reminder of who we are, and what Canada still is: a nation of immigrants, a country with a heart, a country whose prime minister greets arriving refugee families at the airport at midnight. With that gesture, Canada gave the world a new image to close 2015 — this time, a hopeful one.

And give us a more decent and more Canadian leader, and a chance for a new beginning.

You know I've been going through some of the more than 600 posts I wrote about Stephen Harper's final year in power.

So I can share some of the highlights with you one last time...

Like that marvellous moment when Sun TV hit the ground with a sickening thud.

But I have to say that the first graphic I made for my first post of 2015, might have been rather humble and crude...

But now seems practically prophetic.

Baby Freedom did make it Stephen Harper's saddest and most miserable year.

We did make him look like a monkey...

He couldn't have been more humiliated.

And we really did destroy him...

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  1. Anonymous12:32 PM

    nahhh....I heard heil harper is opting for Wayne Newton's old job.
    The only problem for him there is that in the private sector you actually have to have talent and really work (except if you live in oilberta and suck off a few con oil plutocrats which we know has happened on at least a couple of hundred thousand occasions there) and they expect results! That's going to really fuck over heil harper getting any kind of job at this point in history based on his stellar performance here for the last "decade of excellence". Ah, well. Some of his now insanely rich pals will bail him out. It worked for trump all three times, it worked for black and it'll work for stevie slime too.

    1. hi anon...I think you're right, Harper really isn't qualified for any job in the private sector, since the only real job he ever had was mail room boy at Imperial Oil, and only because his daddy gave it to him. And these days even Big Oil sees him as more of a problem than a solution. He also claims he's not interested in making a lot of money, and might be interested in a teaching job. So I'm going to predict he gets a cushy job at the University of Calgary, paid for no doubt by the same people who are putting up those ridiculous billboard.
      Decade of excellence indeed, and god help his students....

  2. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Whoever was behind putting up that ridiculous billboard is proof positive that these Con clown's heads are firmly up their asses. Excellence?! What a crock of shit! I wonder what the recently unemployed think of when they look up at that testament to a tyrant. I hope someone tears down this blight on the landscape.

    1. Perhaps they will chop it off for Firewood seeing as Alberta is falling quickly due to Heir Harper himself. I wonder what they think of Harper now.

    2. hi JD...I must admit when I saw the people who paid for those North Korean style billboards were calling the Harper years a "decade of excellence" I practically fell out of my chair laughing. And to think that they are putting them up in a province that has been so badly hit by his oily obsession is almost beyond belief.
      I can only hope that they are soon taken down along with all his other monuments...

    3. hi Marie....yes that might be a good idea. Use them for firewood to keep the unemployed warm. I have never vandalized anything, but I must admit that if I was ever in that vacant lot, facing that sign of the grinning tyrant, and I had an egg in my hand, I might do something impulsive... ;)

  3. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Guess if those Albertans felt they had an excellent decade, then they should not be complaining about the tough economic times that they are now facing, eh?

    Unfortunately, despite their bluster, and vocal support for Harper's dismantling of the social benefits for unemployed Canadians when times were good in Alberta, I would wager that many of these same Albertans are now actually using EI. Perhaps even loudly complaining about how inadequate EI benefits are.

    I have noticed that hypocrisy seems to be a common trait of many of the Cons voters .... sad but true.

    1. True, but they'll just blame Trudeau. Better than admitting to being wrong.

    2. hi anon...the whole thing doesn't make sense. If they wanted to put up a billboard with the slogan "Big Oil's Best Friend" I wouldn't complain. Because he was until even they got tired of him. But calling it a "decade of excellence" when his was the worst government in Canadian history, really is the limit. Albertans need to stop living in denial, and while we scrap the memorial he planned to build to himself in Ottawa, and his Mother Harper statue, they should take down those billboards...

  4. Seems fitting that a lot of those very Cons are going to enjoy Harper's "improved" EI system. The same clowns who cut my EI benefits in 2012 (from 42 weeks to 30 without telling me) on the basis that my field was "hot" but it was just manipulation of StatsCan employment data. Tell that to the hundreds of applications AND zero interviews I had during that time.

    At least I had the sense not to freak out on the worn out Services Canada person. She wasn't the problem just the messenger.

    1. hi Dan...I'm sorry to hear that like so many other Canadians you were treated badly by our incredibly inadequate EI system. For almost nothing makes me angrier than seeing how the unemployed are treated in this country. They have made it almost impossible for people to collect proper benefits, they pay people big bucks to nickel and dime claimants, even though we all pay into the system, and when we need help we should get it. And yes you're right, it's not the ordinary employees who are to blame, it's their bosses, and all those who collaborated with that filthy un-Canadian regime....

  5. e.a.f.5:55 PM

    I don't know if this is "Harper's worst Christmas ever". Would suggest he just doesn't care. The Cons failed to achieve a majority and that put him out of his job. He resigned immediately, my suggestion, if he couldn't be "the star" he didn't want to play and doesn't care about the game. We attach some "normal" attributes to him and how he feels about politics, but my suggestion is, he won't even be looking back. its done, its over and he has moved on. That is why he is in Vegas and not in Calgary. No word on where his wife was though, is there?

    For some, it no doubt was a decade of "excellence". Not for most of us, but for some in the base, I'm sure it was. An in with the P.M.O., nice jobs, high Canadian dollars, worked all round for some, so yes, although we might not agree, there are those who truly did benefit and had an excellent decade.

    its sort of like here in B.C., its been an excellent decade if you are a foreign Mandarin speaking investor, a mining company, oil/gas company. There are all sorts of benefits. However, if you are one in five children living below the poverty level in B.C. not so much. if you are one of those who can afford to pay $2M for an "ordinary" house in the City of Vancouver, its an excellent decade. For those trying to come up with $1,400 per month for a decent apartment on $10.50 an hour, is not so excellent.

    Steve and his Cons are gone. Lets have some more pleasant stories about what the Liberals are doing right, like the man in B.C. who got out of "church" after having to seek safety there for 2 yrs.

    We do need to know when the citizen ship act is going to be re done so we don't hve two classes of Canadians and we need to know when our jets are coming home.

    1. hi e.a.f...If Harper was a more balanced man rather than an ideological fanatic, I might agree that he doesn't care. But he isn't, he had big plans to change this country beyond recognition, and knowing that he was largely to blame for his defeat must be driving him crazy....

  6. Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18

    1. hi David...Yes that would seem to fit. Just don't quote it to him, because despite what he claims he's no Christian...

  7. I think it's very likely either the Con Party of Canada or the Calgary-Heritage cons paid for the billboard. Would really like to know. Or Harper himself??? Ha!

    1. hi David...I think there's a clue in the story:

      McIver tweeted a picture of a similar sign on display at MP Jason Kenney’s Christmas open house two weeks ago.

      Kenney has the inclination, and the money, to do something like that. So I wouldn't be surprised if it was him...

    2. Simon:

      That would also make good political sense if Kenney is planning on running for Harper's old job. It shows him as still supporting their Leader and creator and first PM even after his defeat and the way so many who might be seen as leadership hopefuls are putting at least superficial distance between them and him. This would be a fairly cheap way for Kenney to make this point without having to be too overtly obvious about it in the wider public, and given how surprisingly subtle as well as competent Kenney has shown himself to be would also make the additional case of showing why he is the right man to replace Harper, in that he was able to show the love without drawing obvious attention to it from the CPC/Harper opponents/enemies.

      So if this is Kenney, this is actually a very clever move, if somewhat nauseating for the rest of us to have to look at.

    3. hi Scotian...If Kenney is going to run for the leadership he needs to keep Harper on his side. And since we know that no other Con has raised so much money for himself, he can certainly afford to put up those signs. So unless somebody else can come forward to claim that "honour" I'm blaming Kenney....

  8. Anonymous3:00 AM

    why would the former prime minister go to Vegas...either to gamble or to see entertainment...certainly not to sight see of the wonders of vegas. seems strange for a P.M to go to such an off beat place. Go to Aspen, go to New York City...go to Paris but Vegas.. What gives

  9. hi anon...I wondered that myself. It does seem a strange place for Harper to be found in. On the other hand it is a place he might be able to meet discreetly with Sheldon Adelson the billionaire casino owner and funder of right-wing causes. It's just a guess, but Adelson and Harper are the best of buddies, so I wouldn't be surprised if Harper was looking for someone to fund some kind of foundation. And Sheldon would be his man...


      In 2005, Adelson and his wife each contributed $250,000 to the second inauguration of George W. Bush.

      Early in 2014 Adelson donated $2.5 million to the Drug Free Florida Committee, the political committee trying to defeat Florida's Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative which would legalize Medical cannabis in that state.[69][70] Later in 2014, Adelson donated an additional $1.5 million to the No On 2 campaign. He believes that cannabis is a gateway drug.

      During the December 2015 Republican debate held at that same venue, Adelson was reported to have held one-on-one meetings with several of the candidates prior to the start of the debate, including then-front runner Donald Trump.

  10. Simon, with Harper being the ultimate control freak,what happens when that control is taken from him.? Having control and power over everyone was at the core of his identity, it's what got him up in the morning, it was his reason for being. People no longer obedient to him, People not running around doing what he demands, people watching him run rough shod over someone, people behaving in servility, hoping to please him, people carrying out his orders daily, all gone. By comparison, what must his days be like now? He definitely is hiding and has been since he lost the election. Why does he not want people to see him? I don't think like an injured animal, he's just gone off to lick his wounds. He's gone into another closet, and this time he may not leave.

    1. hi Pamela....I think you're right. It must be frightening for a control freak like Harper who has been used to getting his way for almost a decade, to suddenly lose the power he had. And I can't think of any other reason why he is acting in such a bizarre manner. I've seen it happen to bullies after they are put in their place, and he was one of the worst bullies I've ever seen...

  11. Can you imagine ultimate control freak Harper agreeing to do this?

    1. hi I can't. And I found that video really sweet. The nerve of the kids of today what will they think of next? ;)