Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Incredible Nerve of the Con Clown Lisa Raitt

As we all know from the moment Justin Trudeau was sworn in, the Con media has been claiming that he is breaking one promise after another.

And nobody has been screaming that louder, than the gang at Postmedia.

So I wasn't surprised to see the old Harper hoofer Lisa Raitt, making the same absurd claim in the National Post.

The Trudeau government has been in office six weeks, and nearly every plank of their fiscal platform has splintered into pieces. The only real surprise is just how quickly it happened.

With their promise to cap the deficit safely in the rearview mirror, the question becomes how long the Liberals will be running them. Will their promise to balance the budget in time for the next election be the next one to fall by the wayside?

When in fact the only thing that splintered into pieces was the Con regime. The only reason the Liberals  are being forced to adjust their plans is because the Cons left them a deficit instead of the surplus they claimed...

As only those Con artists could.

And Raitt's timing couldn't be worse. Coming on a day when Alberta was made to pay again for Stephen Harper's broken promises of oily glory. 

And at a time when we're all paying for the Con's disastrous economic policies...

But what makes Raitt's claim that Trudeau has failed already, even though he's only been in office for a MONTH, even more outrageous, is that she must surely hold the parliamentary record for more potentially fatal mistakes in the shortest 
amount of time.

When in one WEEK in June 2009, for two different reasons, the opposition demanded her resignation.

First for losing some secret nuclear documents. 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper defended his decision not to accept the resignation of his natural resources minister on Wednesday after it was revealed documents related to Canada's nuclear industry were left behind at an Ottawa news bureau for almost a week without anyone in the government noticing.

And sacrificing her faithful aide instead of herself...

"Corrective action has been taken," said Raitt, amid calls of "scapegoat" and "unbelievable" from Opposition MPs.

And then only five days later, being asked to resign again, after trying to make political hay out of a shutdown at the Chalk River nuclear facility, which had caused a critical shortage  of medical isotopes. 

By calling cancer "sexy." 

Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt is again at the heart of a raging controversy after she disparaged Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq and called the medical isotope shortage a "sexy" issue on a newly unsealed audio tape.

On the tape, Raitt said the medical isotope shortage has been a difficult political issue "because it's confusing to a lot of people." However, Raitt added: "But it's sexy ... Radioactive leaks. Cancer."

Which needless to say had people all over the country calling for her to resign in the name of human decency.

While she pleaded for mercy AND tried to explain away this other scandal...

Adding to Raitt's troubles are allegations she may have expensed thousands of dollars worth of expensive meals when she was the chief executive officer of the Toronto Port Authority.

Complicating matters, Transport Minister John Baird was also accused of shuffling the port authority's board to "cover up" allegations of mismanagement against Raitt.

Which at the time had me wondering how many scandals could that shameless Con fit into ONE week?

And making this video which I hoped would serve as her political obituary...

But sadly I was wrong. The love affair continued. Stephen Harper did not fire Raitt, and she went on to serve him slavishly until the day he was defeated.

And the good news?

Because so many of the surviving Cons also served him so well and for so long.

All we need to do to counter their absurd charges against the Trudeau government, is use their foul records against them...

The way I see it we won the election, and if the Cons can't accept that.

We should dig up the past.

And use it to destroy them...

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  1. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Yes, yes, yes!

    1. hi anon...yes, yes, enough is enough....

  2. Yep. Pretty much nails it on all counts there Simon.

    1. hi Scotian...thanks, I actually left out some stuff on Raitt because I ran out of time and space. Like the time when as the Minister of Labour she was mocked by some workers at Pearson, called on the RCMP to "arrest those animal." And triggered a wildcat walkout that inconvenienced tens of thousands of travellers, But I will get back to that and other things at a later date, and I will not see her or any of the other Cons get away with that nonsense..

  3. Anonymous1:02 PM

    I don't know if Raitt was an active fixer for the CONS or just a figurehead they appointed to put a happy face on their rotten deals.Either way she certainly has significant legacy issues that any dedicated investigative journalist could ferret out when and if the time comes.Surprising she hasn't taken the twilight walk to spend more time with her family but perhaps believes the secrets are safe or simply does not know the extent of the deals that went down under her watch.

    1. hi RT...Raitt is actually a cut above most Cons, or slightly more human, as she demonstrated when she rescued Elizabeth May at the Press Club dinner. But her crass attempt to blame the Liberals for the economic state this country is in, couldn't be more unfair or disgusting. And she needs to be held accountable for that, and all the other things she did while serving her depraved master Stephen Harper....

  4. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Yes, the cons and their media stooges are still in a state of complete shock and denial over Justin's triumphant election. He is driving them bonkers which is a delight to behold and their open vitriolic preoccupation with him will surely backfire. And its not just the nearly bankrupt Postmedia morons, Wente and Radwonski at the Globe are nearing apoplexy as well. Go Justin!

    1. hi anon...yes, that probably is the best way to look at the situation. The Cons are indeed in a state of denial and it is driving them bonkers. But while that does give me pleasure, I'll be damned if I'm going to let them get away with calling themselves the new.nouveau Cons, and playing the same old dirty games...

  5. e.a.f.3:21 PM

    Whatever Lisa Raitt says is little interest to me. I know where she was for the past 10 yrs and what she did and said. She carries no credibility, for me.

    Justin Trudeau has been in office, as you say for approx. a month, and has been out there on the world stage and around the country doing more than the Cons did in their tenure. This week he was in Vancouver, B.C. Did those in the Postmedia not see the "welcome" he got?

    Did Trudeau and the federal Liberals break any promises so far? Don't know/don't care. I'm just enjoying all of this "nice feeling stuff" There is nothing Trudeau/federal Liberals can do about the price of oil. He didn't tie our dollar to the price of oil, Harper did. The economy isn't something the Liberals can do much about right now.

    Broken promises? Not that I can see. I do know one thing. Trudeau and the Liberal party have not violated the Canadian Constitution at least 8 times, the way the Cons did.

    Lisa Raitt and her Cons created 2 types of Canadians, those who could have their citizenship revoked and those who couldn't. Once the Liberals revoke that law, there isn't much they can do which will piss me off, as much as the Cons did when they passed that law. Lisa and her Cons just don't know how many people they "upset" when they passed that law.

    1. hi e.a.f...yes that is the bottom line. Trudeau is off to an excellent start, I've never felt better about this country or any other Prime Minister. And the difference between him and the Harper Cons couldn't be greater. I was willing to give the post Harper Cons a chance to show that they were different, but so far at least they haven't changed a bit, and it's the same old grubby gang...

  6. It seems the Cons aren't ready...

    to accept defeat. For a bunch that proclaimed loudly that they were the adults in charge, they are acting like two year olds (apologies to toddlers who don't know better.)

    1. hi Dan...that's a good one. They are indeed not ready to accept defeat. I guess it's only normal that after ten years in power they are having trouble adapting to live without limos and other privileges. And it must be hard having to learn how to hail a cab again. But as you say they are acting like big babies and they really need to grow up....

  7. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Ordinary Canadians recognize the stupidity of the cons. MSM are more troublesome. Where are you Barbara Frum? I miss the days when journalists did their job and tore holes out of these on wackos.

    1. hi anon...yes unfortunately the MSM has let us down badly. They rolled over during the Harper years, and now they are attacking Justin Trudeau like a pack of hyenas, just to pleasure their porky corporate bosses. When the history of this period is written, the MSM is going to look small and shabby...

  8. Anonymous5:53 AM

    The Cons are still in denial that they lost the election. And now that Duffy's defense team has rested and won't be calling any more witnesses, I predict Harper (or his party) will announce in early 2016 Harper's decision to pack it in as MP for the Calgary-Heritage riding.

  9. Simon, Simon my internet friend, is it not great that collectively we Canadians have kicked the Cons right the hell out of office? Are you happy, I am...

    Never be afraid, we did what needed to be done cheers to you,