Friday, December 25, 2015

Michael Harris: Why Rona Ambrose is Stephen Harper in a Dress

It couldn't have been a more revealing sight. Or a more absurd one. Or one more revolting.

Rona Ambrose granting an interview to Ezra Levant's filthy hate mongering site The Rebel.

Hammering home her Christmas message to bomb Iraq, bomb Syria, and bomb Justin Trudeau. Not necessarily in that order.

While claiming her Cons are a kinder, gentler version of the Harper Party.

And strongly insinuating, that she's some kind of Princess Leia...

Which of course couldn't be more absurd.

Princess Leia is on OUR side, with the Forces of Light, fighting Ambrose's Con forces of Darkness.

And the evil legacy of her depraved leader...

And for failing to acknowledge that legacy, or accepting that it was the main reason the Cons were defeated, the ridiculous Rona is, as Michael Harris writes, living in denial. 

The loss, Rona thinks, had nothing to do with the Harper record of deceit, cheating and contempt for democracy. Nothing to do with the cast of dubious characters elevated to enormously powerful positions by the PM himself. Nothing to do with the heart-stopping conniving and corruption in the Harper PMO during the Wright/Duffy Affair. 

Rather, it was part of a natural cycle where people reflexively opt for change after ten years. It wasn’t the Harper record — it was some inexorable law of politics playing out last October. At least it was according to Rona.

Like many Harperites, she’s deep in denial. Not an ideal position from which to start the heavy lifting of institutional renewal. If you don’t think anything is wrong, nothing gets fixed, right?

The Cons will not be able to change to save themselves.

The Harper era is over. The surest way to take up permanent residence in the political wilderness is to pretend otherwise. And that is exactly what the party is doing by continuing to shirk its responsibility for the awful policies and rotten behavior which were so roundly rejected by Canadians two months ago.

Ambrose will continue to be just Stephen Harper in a dress.

As Rona Ambrose will learn one way or another, re-inventing yourself takes a lot more than buying better ads and casting the appropriate lights and shadows over the past. You have to change. So far, it’s just Steve in a dress.

And the Cons will never be able to escape the dark legacy of the monster who created them in his own evil image...

And will share his political fate.

But hey it's Christmas. And the time to be charitable.

So please give Bomber Ambrose and her Cons a big round of applause.

As they go trotting by on their way to oblivion...

Or throw another five-hour Yule Log on the fire...

And enjoy that warm holiday feeling.

He did indeed create them.

And he will help destroy them...

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  1. Anonymous10:27 AM

    From a political junky point of view, it will be interesting to watch the cons rebuild. As you point out, it will take years to rebuild that party into anything that hopes to see 24 Sussex again. Ms. Ambrose's worlds are disingenuine, and people know it. She is just exposing herself as a liar...again. Vast majority of Canadians who are protected by the Charter are not interested. Yay!!


    1. hi TS...yes it will be interesting so see how the Cons try to rebuild, for already the problem is obvious. They will never be able to renew themselves with all those old hacks running the party. And it's clear that Rona Ambrose's only role is to to try not to offend any of the factions in the party, that will sooner or later be at each others throats...

  2. She and her base can pretend all they want. Like the global climate change and the ineffectiveness of their lousy economic policies they've been denying for years.

    To acknowledge that they failed would mean they would have to admit they were wrong. To admit they were wrong is unthinkable because they are so emotionally fragile that they can't ever say they are wrong.

    They're just not ready.

    1. hi Dan...they really are not ready. Their base is shrinking, they are in debt, and as you point out, they can't repudiate the past without looking like idiots. And denial will get them nowhere...

  3. e.a.f.4:15 PM

    Rona and the cons, ah, its Christmas and its just the Liberal federal government and happy time for today as more Syrian refugees come to Canada. One of the churches in Richmond, B.C., has 300 families and is bringing 100 refugee families. That is my kind of Christmas and my kind of Canada. Its sunny and cold on Vancouver Island.

    1. hi e.a.f...yes that was quite a Christmas message wasn't it? But then I did not brand Rona Ambrose the Village Idiot for nothing. She really doesn't get it, and she will help lead them all to disaster....