Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Con Clowns and the Invasion of the Referendum Zombies

Uh oh. Yesterday I told you how Rona Ambrose, in the shadowy and shrunken Con War Room now known as The Crypt, had sent out a desperate message to her equally desperate followers.

After she finally realized what electoral reform is going to do to the surviving zombies in the Harper Party. 

Bury them, again. And this time forever.

And did hysterically demand a referendum, or some sort of uprising, to try to head off the Conapocalypse.

And now needless to say the Con zombies are scared out of their minds, and totally out of control.

That's part of a deranged message from the Con MP Scott Reid who is the one responsible for this equally absurd website.  

Where the Cons laughably pose as the defenders of democracy, after defiling it for the last ten years.

And Reid's hysterical message is almost as inflammatory as the ones he sent out a few years ago...

Which couldn't have been more cowardly or disgusting.

But do remind me that Ezra Levant is out there too, trying to whip up his bigot zombies.

And like Reid blowing his money trumpet...

While at the Globe, the Con dinosaur Gordon Gibson blows hot air out of both ears, his nose, his mouth, and other orifices. 

The Liberal government plans to use its parliamentary majority to force a constitutional change – electoral reform – without holding a referendum. In the year 2016, this is flatly wrong. Make no mistake. The “constitution” is about the rules of the game. 

No rules are more important than those that determine which MPs will be elected and which party forms government. That is what “electoral reform” is all about. And it should not be managed by the job seekers.

Claiming it's a constitutional matter when it isn't. 

And forgetting to mention that in this country trying to override the will of Parliament with a referendum is unconstitutional.

While the Globe itself makes it crystal clear which side it's on...

By providing that handy slogan for those who are demanding a referendum. 

Without making it clear that they are only the hollow words of the old Con Gordon Gibson, and mean absolutely nothing.

But not to be outdone, the Con clowns from Postmedia are also out there beating the drum for a referendum. 

Of course the Trudeau Liberals don’t want a referendum on a cockamamie new voting system that would give them a huge advantage, forever. They would lose any such referendum and they know it.

To achieve this level of arrogance usually takes a government years. The Liberals have arrived there in just weeks. The Harper government on its worst day was not so high-handed as to rejig our electoral system to its own benefit.

And also making fools out of themselves. 

Since everybody knows that the Harper Cons did try to rejig our electoral system, without a referendum. Did try to steal one with the robocall conspiracy. 

And that nobody was so arrogant and as democratically depraved as this political thug...

But then Cons and their stooges in the MSM know that they don't have the law or the constitution on their side. And they don't care.

All they are are trying to do is whip up the mob, to try to destabilize the Liberal government...

End Justin's Trudeau's long and sunny political honeymoon ...

Murder the hope and optimism that have accompanied it.

And return us to the dark and crazy days that we thought we had escaped.

And the good news? We won the election. Those who support electoral reform have all the seats in parliament to do what they want. The law is on our side, so is the constitution.

Justin Trudeau is as popular as ever.

And no matter how loudly the Cons scream we are going to change the electoral system.

The Harper zombies are going to be reduced to a redneck rump stumbling around in the political wilderness for years if not FOREVER...

Until they start fighting with themselves, or eating each other.

And we finally get to bury them.

Now isn't that a pleasant thought at the end of this tumultuous year?

The future of the Cons has never looked darker..

While ours has never looked brighter...

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  1. Anonymous9:21 AM

    "The Harper government on its worst day was not so high-handed as to rejig our electoral system to its own benefit."
    Unbelievable. Only a fucking idiot would make a comment like that and only a bigger fucking idiot would EVER believe it.
    Oh, yeah...."the HARPER government"???
    I was always /will always be under the impression it was/is the CANADIAN Government, not the personal machinery of some insane, psychotic loser like heil harper.
    And the faster we get "past the Post" (pun intended) with that bunch of "yellow journalism" rags, the better off we will all be.
    Mahmoud Bergsteinmann

    1. hi Mahmoud....yes it is outrageous isn't it? I have no idea how some columnist could write such nonsense and get away with it. The really must think we are idiots. But then they really our desperate, they can see the writing on the wall. And now that they're close enough to read it it, they must realize it's their epitaph...

  2. Anonymous10:32 AM

    I really think Canadians are going turn their backs on the idea of a referendum. We are tired. The MP from Peterborough (forget her name) was an excellent choice by PM to handle this issue in Cabinet. As we learn more on the subject, we will be in position to formulate our own opinions on which system we prefer.

    Thank you Tory Pirate for your input.

    We need our own slogan for slow the fuck down (see Simon, I'm with the times, I'm swearing) on this referendum crap.


    1. hi TS...I can't see Canadians having much enthusiasm for a referendum either. I think that if the issues are explained clearly enough, and Canadians have a chance to contribute to the debate, they be quite happy to let our duly elected Parliament handle it, as it should. As for that unseemly swearing I must say I'm shocked, shocked I tell you... ;)

  3. Funny: the reformatories refused to recognise referenda in the Crimea, Donbas and Luhansk. Which of their two faces is speaking now ?

    1. hi rumleyfips...two faces? How about six? If the Cons had showed more respect for our democracy I might be willing to give them a hearing. But they didn't so I'm not...

  4. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Did our new Prime Minister not campaign on a pledge of electoral reform? Yes. Did the majority not vote for our new Prime Minister? Yes. So to all the whining hypocrite Cons who were the most undemocratic government in our great nation's history, please do me a favor and STFU!

    1. hi JD...yes he did campaign on a pledge of electoral reform. So did the NDP and the Greens. And of course as you point out, the most undemocratic government in Canadian history, has nothing to contribute to the discussion, and should indeed shut up. But they won't because they are desperate. So we will have to teach them some manners....

  5. Gordon is clearly correct: Our constitutional heritage demands a referendum. It's right there in Magna Carta just after the clause about getting the weirs out of the Thames and before giving back the hostages,(the Welsh ones, I mean).

    Don't you remember the great British Empire referendum of 1830 that abolished slavery or the famous Women's Vote referendum of 1910 that gave the vote to women across Canada?

    Oops wrong alternate history. Oh well, back to the Tardis.

    More seriously, just because B.C decided to hold a non-binding referendum on the issue is no obvious reason that we need to do so federally. It was in the Liberal platform and IIRC a long term NDP policy. The quality of the consultations will be important but we don't need a referendum.

    1. hi jrkrideau....for a moment you had me worried. ;) A referendum in one province can't properly be compared to a national referendum. It would be a mammoth, extremely expensive exercise, and one that could easily be manipulated into a state of confusion, and leave the country incredibly divided. Also, after what the Cons did to the institution of Parliament I welcome any chance to reinforce its supremacy...

  6. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Justin Trudeau will have the support of the progressive voters in not having a referendum to decide whether we need electoral reform.

    Especially when the Constitution does not mandate it.

    We had just rejected a government that had made it a bad habit of violating the Constitution (e.g. residency requirements of Senator appointments: the Duffy, Wallin, Stewart Olsen, Patterson appointments; appointments of Supreme Court Justices: the Nadon debacle, etc.).

    Informed voters had completely ignored 90% of the MSM, including the G&M, which had urged them to vote for another 4 years of the Harper regime and its abuse of our democratic principles.

    Apparently the G&M is in denial mode if it thinks we care what they say any more.

    1. hi anon...I don't what it is with at the Globe and Mail. One day they're criticizing the Cons the next day they're endorsing them. But the more the MSM goes against the wishes of most Canadians, the more damage they will do themselves. And it couldn't be more insane. Why would struggling media organizations put their crappy right-wing ideology before their own survival? As the doctor in The Bridge Over the River Kwai said after the bridge was blown up: madness...madness...

  7. Anonymous6:03 PM

    So did he get in those 10,000 refugees in by the end of the month or are we not to talk about PM Butts first failure.

    1. Anonymous8:02 PM

      Gotta love the yellow rag crowd, never staying on topic when things don't go their way. This folks, is just a taste of what a referendum would be like.


    2. hi anon 6:03...don't be so literal. Nobody is calling the refugee airlift a failure, except Cons. The targets just give people something to shoot for, and refugees aren't numbers. The important thing is that more are arriving every day. Every arrival only makes this country look better. And after shutting down the refugee process for two months at such a critical time, the Cons have no moral right to criticize anyone....

    3. Anonymous3:19 PM

      PM Butts made a promise that anyone with half a brain knew was impossible. Is that we can expect from the rule of Butts? Promise big, deliver small and hope no one notices?

  8. Anonymous8:43 PM

    It is interesting and disappointing how politics in BC has evolved with the 1% power brokers undermining Democracy. At one time we had three Gordons vying for the leadership of the BC Liberal party.

    We had Gordon Campbell, who as ex-Mayor of Vancouver and a pro Socred (primarily Conservative), greatly assisted developers with their money grubbing ventures, particularly CP's Marathon Realty. As Mayor he aided CP with their extraction of industrial lands to their ultimate higher valued residential properties.

    Then there was Gordon Wilson who portrayed himself as an anti-status-quo persona, until he connected with Judy Tyabji. I always wondered if she was a 1% plant.

    Gordon Gibson, whose father was the "Bull of the Woods" portrayed himself as a true Liberal, which he was not. His Fraser Institute connections prove he was incapable of looking after the public interest.

    All three Gordons had similar personas and none of them would have benefited the citizens of BC.

    1. e.a.f.11:03 PM

      there is nothing about those 3 Gordons that was useful to the province. We ought to be clear those that the last Gordon, el gordo, wasnt' what one might call a real Liberal. He was a Lieberal and more of a cons, who when turfed by his own party was rewarded by Harper with another go at the public trough, in London, England.

      Gordon Wilson, just another opportunist, going from one party to another, and now on the public pay role of the B.C. Lieberals. How nice it is.

  9. LOL! Call me crazy, but when the Cons were in power, I don't recall them holding a national referendum on such anti-democratic moves as:

    a) Bill C-51

    b) the "Fair" Elections Act

    c) sending our fighter jets to bomb targets in Iraq and Syria

    Canada in Iraq: The Hidden War

    d) sicking Canada Revenue on charities and organizations that dare criticize Harper's policies

    1. hi of course they didn't. And this sudden claim to be the great defenders of democracy couldn't be more hypocritical or more shameless....

  10. BC politics. Never a dull moment.

    If we had an American system of government, would BC Premier Christy "Crunch" Clark be forced to testify into the triple deleting of gov't files?

    Christy Crunch

  11. Anonymous3:29 PM

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