Friday, December 11, 2015

Michael Harris on the Trudeau Derangement Syndrome

As I've said before, the way the Cons and the Con media have gone after Justin Trudeau from the moment he was sworn in, couldn't be more unfair or more disgusting.

They have gone after his children, they have gone after his wife.

They have accused him of breaking one promise after the other. They have blamed him for the deficit Stephen Harper saddled him with...

And as Michael Harris writes, it can only be described as Trudeau Derangement Syndrome 

They spent ten years in power playing smear-and-fear politics against anyone opposing Stephen Harper. The facts never mattered then and they don’t matter now. Trust me — whatever Ambrose says, this is still the party of Steve and it will stay his until they wrestle the remote control out of his cold, blue hands and change the channel.

It is still Harper's party. They still can't believe they were humiliated by a leader who they claimed just wasn't ready. The Con media can't believe they were so wrong and didn't see it coming.

They hate him and Sophie Gregoire - Trudeau for being young and glamorous...

As if that was a crime.

They hate him for inspiring hope and optimism again.

Trudeau insists that the important thing in the modern world is to be optimistic about change, which is a fact of life, and not succumb to negativity. “There’s a sense that maybe we’ve reached the end of progress, that maybe it’s the new normal that the quality of life is going to go down for the next generation. Well, I refuse to accept that,” he says, fixing me with his deep gaze. “And I refuse to allow that to happen.”

In a grey country where for so many years hope went to die.

They hate him for being so popular.

And then there’s the excitement that Trudeau’s election is causing in the United States. He has hearts fluttering everywhere from The New York Times Magazine to the White House. Other world leaders say he’s already making a big impact. Not bad for a guy who ‘just wasn’t ready’. Beats the hell out of locking yourself in the bathroom, right?

Unlike their Great Leader...

And yes, as Harris writes, it probably is a case of leader envy.

What’s really making the Cons cranky? Losing, mostly — but it’s also a bad case of Leader Envy. I don’t recall anyone calling Harper hot. He simply never was Vogue material (although I wouldn’t rule out a nice spread about Steve and the Missus in The Calgary Herald — you know, one of those ‘where are they now’ jobbies).

Although I'm sure Harper would deny that...

But the good news, as I have mentioned before, is that what the Cons and their bought media don't understand is that Justin Trudeau is so popular because he symbolizes the hope for change. 

That hope is bigger than him.

And anyone who tries to frustrate it will pay a heavy price.

The survivors of the sinking of the SS Harper recently rejected the throne speech and are now back at the familiar work of slagging Trudeau. There’s more content in a fortune cookie than in their rants. If the goal is to lose fifty more seats in the next election, that’s the right approach. Informed dissent is the essence of effective opposition. 

For Conservatives, the long road back to respectability — and power — does not run through Nannygate. The base is not as stupid as they think.

And the best news? We did win the election. We did crush the Cons.

We are taking back our country.

As I always knew we would.

This is our new  prime minister.

The first large group of Syrian refugees coming to Canada by government aircraft arrived in Toronto late Thursday night, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on hand to welcome them at a temporary processing centre at Pearson International Airport.

He is so much better than the last one.

We got our future back.

And so did they....

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Anonymous said...

Nice of Rona to snub JT's invite to greet the refugees(didn't want to piss off the bigots in the base I guess). Was rather surprised that T.M. didn't show.
I love watching Rona and her merry band of idiots grasping at straws to try and slag Justin and his family. I saw Lisa Raitt whining about them having to change the timeline for the refugee arrivals, OMG let's impeach.
With each and every pathetic attempt they make to slag JT, I despise them more and more and imagine it has the same effect for most people. So to Rona and her coven of half-wits, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Simon! Great blog and pics as usual. The only pic better than little 18 month old Madeleine with Justin, is the young lad below with his thumbs up.

Of course Harper on the can is too hilarious. :-))

Anonymous said...

You know what was really funny. Simon? In the very same issue of iPolitics where Harris' article about the coming of the TDS (Trudeau Derangement Syndorme) was published, we had one of the regular Cons mouthpieces, right on cue, whining about, wait for it, Nannygate and how it proves that the old Liberal entitlement is back:

Boy, Harris could not have timed his article more perfectly, eh?

hinofan said...

Hi Simon,
Don't hold your breath Noddy; those con attacks will keep coming.
The cons here in Alberta have riled up the rural rednecks so much that a con leader, a former Harperite, has taken to Facebook to quiet assassination calls on ND Premier Rachel Notley.

The crime -introducing Bill 6 a bill to extend health and safety standards and coverage for farm workers who presently have no coverage at all!
Alberta being the only jurisdiction in Canada without such legislation.
I am quietly proud of the way Premier Notley is dragging some Albertans, kicking and screaming, into the 21st Century!
Happy Festivus to you and all your readers!

David said...

I guess I missed it. Where does it say Trudeau invited the opposition leaders to greet the refugees?

The more the Cons attack Trudeau (and doesn't respond the same way) the more it makes them look like whiny brats. As with the Grinch, their hearts are "two sizes too small."

By being nice to his "enemies" (the Cons), Trudeau is, whether he realizes it or not, heaping burning coals on their heads. 8-)

Heaping Burning Coals?

David said...

Two years ago, Harper was down to only 3 people on his Christmas card list:

I wonder who Harper will be sending Christmas cards to this year?

I hope Simon and others will give us a "preview" of what Harper's 2015 Christmas card looks like. Maybe it will show Harper in a closet.... with Laureen, Ben and Rachel telling him its safe for him to come out and meet Santa!

David said...

Anonymous said...

Just wait till the mask drops on little Zoolander and he is seen for what he really is.

ExMTLer1642 said...

Into the 20th century, even. ;)
Thanks for the Festivus greetings, and back at you, Hinofan.

Anonymous said...

Trudeau Adoration Syndrome is almost as nauseating as Trudeau Derangement Syndrome. The Liberals will do nothing for Canadians whose jobs are being sent to other countries or are being given to temporary foreign workers. They will do nothing for Canadians who are shut out of opportunities for good-paying, full-time jobs with benefits. They will do nothing for Canadians who make poverty wages despite working full time. They will do nothing for Canadians who cannot afford decent housing. They will do nothing for struggling parents who cannot afford, nor find, daycare spots. The Liberals' so-called "middle class tax cut" does not trickle down to any of these people, who are a quickly growing demographic in this country.

Anonymous said...

I heard it I'm sure on CTV newsnet the day of and before but can't seem to find anything online. Any one else hear it?

David said...

You must be an NDP supporter. Give this new government some time. Look at what they have already accomplished in less than 8 weeks! Their increased child care benefit helps way more families in the lower income brackets than the Con plan. I too want to see a national daycare plan. Give them some time.

Anonymous said...

The Liberals have not even promised to address the issues I mentioned, so why would you expect them to eventually get around to doing those things that they never had any intention of doing in the first place? They will keep their promises of keeping corporate taxes too low and upholding trade deals that kill Canadian jobs though.