Sunday, July 29, 2018

Why All Decent Canadians Should Help Bring Down Doug Ford

I suppose we should be grateful that Doug Ford looks like what he is, a caricature of a Premier. 

A man so dumb and bestial it's hard to believe that he is the leader of Canada's most powerful province.

And of course nobody should be surprised that he would act like a dictator, and slash the size of Toronto's City Council.

For that's what you get when you vote for a Con ape, who would spit in the face of Canada's largest city. 

Doug Ford’s out-of-nowhere plan to cut Toronto city council in half amounts to spitting in the face of the city and its voters. Make no mistake: this is an act of supreme contempt for all of us, the people of Toronto.

It's an assault on democracy, and Ford and his Harperite handlers must be resisted by whatever means necessary.

This new government is off to a shaky start, and this is the worst move of all so far. It makes a mockery of Ford’s promise to be governing “for the people,” and the people must tell him and his government that they won’t stand for it.

And not just because of that fascist behaviour, but also because of the other monstrous things he has done since he assumed office.

Like scrapping Ontario's cap and trade program, and cancelling a wind turbine project just weeks away from completion. 

Even though those giant steps backwards could cost taxpayers billions, and even as the planet burns.

Or scrapping a sex-ed program in Ontario schools, to pleasure his rabid religious base. 

Even if that could cost the lives of LGBT students. 

The cowardly bully, who would bathe in the blood of children.

The callous maniac who would slash mental health funding at a time when it is desperately needed.

The low life bigot whose victory has encouraged his friend, the grotesque white supremacist Faith Goldy, to run for Mayor of Toronto.

No doubt to see if she can degrade the office of mayor, as much as ape Ford is degrading the office of Premier by pleasuring his alt-right supporters.

And as for his ridiculous slogan "For the People," ask yourself whether this official Ontario government announcement sounds like the voice of the people?

Or the voice of Big Brother?

Finally, let us never forget that that the brutish Ford is a creature of the Harperite cult, who ran his campaign and are now running his government.

And the decision to slash and burn Toronto's City Council is also their way of getting back at the city they could never conquer, and never will.

Which means that unless Ford is discredited, debased, and eventually defeated or forced to resign, the Con cancer could spread to other provinces.

As he joins with other political thugs like Jason Kenney and Andrew Scheer to destroy this country and its values.

So wherever you live in Canada, in the name of human decency.

All should join the battle to bring the ape man down...


  1. Contrast Ford with JT. JT ran on proportional representation and won. He did not implement it because he thought he did not have 50% of Parliament behind him. So even though he could he did not out of respect for the people who did not vote for him.

    What is really scary is how the Media, in particular the mouthpieces of Bell, Global and Post are spinning the Ford dikats. The worst example I have seen is CP24. There is a very good argument that Ford did not mention the size of Toronto council during his campaign. CP24 then plays a clip of the Bob and Doug radio show where they advocate for smaller council. The tape was from 2013!

    Toronto is consistently by all most any measure one of the top ten cities in the world. With the Ford changes it will take only 14 neaderthalls to make the city into a Harper sewer. The tainted Gerogio is a Ford Favorite, as is Denzen Millan Wrong, a could name another 12. Ford managed to game the ranked ballot, winning 14 seats in Toronto will be a cake walk if the people of Toronto do not wake up.

    1. Jackie Blue3:30 PM

      I love how you wrote it as the "Bob & Doug" radio show instead of "Rob & Doug," because all I can picture is those two idiots as a low-rent cable access (or YouTube, nowadays) version of the McKenzie brothers, but with strange dope instead of Strange Brew. Considering that pretty much anyone in Harper's hate cabal has run or is running on a campaign platform of "Make the North White and Great Again," a reboot doesn't seem too far off.

      Maybe there is something in the water that got anyone to cast a ballot for this destructive moron in the first place. Does anyone really know what's on the ingredient label of his 99-cent beer???

    2. Hi Steve...because I’m a Montrealer it took me a while to admit that Toronto is a great city. 🙄 But it is a great city, one if not the most diverse city on earth. And it has always been a progressive bastion. So while I’m disgusted by the election of the bestial Con Doug Ford, I think the city will hold off the barbarians. The first thing is to make sure that we elect a super progressive council in the upcoming elections. And then the resistance will go after the Con crime family and see if we can use their inevitable corruption to bring down the whole rotten structure. I’m actually quite looking forward to it....😎

    3. Hi ask a terrifying question: what is in Ford’s 99-cent beer. Knowing the Fords I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s made in a large bath tub in the back of their label factory. Thank goodness I don’t drink because I wouldn’t touch the stuff. Instead I hope that the morons who voted Ford into office drink it like water to show how much they love their Great Leader. And hopefully we’ll never hear from those dirty old Cons again....🤮

    4. Both the NDP and Tories wanted a referendum on proportional representation, as did I believe some liberal MPs, let's be honest Trudeau had no intentions of real electoral reform, it was a lie the moment it left his mouth.

    5. Anonymous9:04 PM

      Hi Gyor

      Sorry but the reason the Cons wanted a referendum is that they knew it would fail and kill any chances of implementing a better system for decades. The problem is that a simple proportional system such as ranked ballots can easily be gamed as both the provincial and federal Cons have demonstrated in their leadership selections. Other systems are more complex and would be rejected by the majority who detest various shades of grey.

  2. Ford is doing a great job campaigning for Trudeau in the upcoming federal election.

    1. the problem is that its like a computer virus, the more we attack it the stronger it gets

    2. Hi rumleyfips...That is the best part about having Ford as Premier. He will help get Justin Trudeau an even bigger majority than last time. And once he goes down in flames like Mike Harris, the Cons won’t rule Ontario again for at least a generation...

    3. Hi Steve....I don’t agree. It’s important to attack him in a smart manner or like Trump his supporters will only become even more fanatical. But like Trump, Ford has many dirty secrets and we intend to use all of them against him...👮‍♂️

  3. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Welcome back Simon! I agree with you, Ford, Kenney, and Scheer are all the same, and it's one big Con conspiracy. Let's bring them down one after the other.

    1. Hi anon@12:21...Thank you I’m glad to be back and I’m only too ready to take on our filthy Cons. With Scheer, Ford, Kenney and that dumb stooge Moe all singing from the same songbook It is in effect a conspiracy to try to get what they could not get in a federal election. But I’m confident that we will be able to join together and bring those traitors down one after the other...☠️

  4. Anonymous1:45 PM

    I could forgive Ford a lot of things, but threatening the lives of children isn’t one of them. What a coward.

    1. Hi anon@1:45PM....I detest Ford and his Harperite handlers for so many reasons, they’re vulgar, they’re dirt ignorant, they’re ugly as shit, but yes I too can’t stand bullies, and those who threaten the lives of children deserve to spend the rest of their lives in jail, for they are truly the scum of the earth...

  5. Anonymous2:55 PM

    He's the only shot you pathetic Canadians have at not becoming Canadistan.

    1. Jackie Blue3:45 PM

      That's why the asshole slashed mental health funding from the next provincial budget, in the wake of a mass shooting by a man whose family tried to get him help but found he didn't respond to treatment. Apparently it's very difficult to have a person involuntarily committed if they haven't committed a crime yet. Tory himself said this is a gun problem, while a former RCMP commissioner told the Globe & Mail that an NRA offshoot "has its hooks" in the Conservatives like the domestic terrorists they are. But go ahead and try to spin this as a "Muslim problem" in need of a "final solution" like you and your Trumpist, Levantine, Netanyahoo ethno-nationalist ilk are always wont to do.

      I suppose you'll be wanting the Québec City mosque shooter to run for Montréal city council from the prison cell where he belongs for the rest of his life, Rebel scum? The next time some entitled white boy with blue balls goes on an incel rampage after binge-watching too many Jordan Peterson videos, you might need the services of an emergency first responder, nurse or physician who just happens to be Muslim. They took an oath to do no harm, even to bottom-feeders like you. Too bad the same oath can't be imposed upon white-supremacist morons who spout off on the Internet about how much you want them dead. Or a modified Miranda warning, in that you have the responsibility to remain silent because anything you say can and will be judged in the court of reasonable public opinion.

      Now take off, eh. Go crawl back under whatever rock you came from, you unacceptable lobster. Here, have a closing-credits theme as you make your dramatic exit.

    2. Hi anon@2:55 PM...I always knew that Trump supporters like you were dumb, but I had no idea that anybody could be THAT dumb. 🤡 Take a bow. If you lose a few more IQ points we’ll have to water you instead of feed you. But although I have relatives and friends in the U.S and in normal times I quite like your country, with the corrupt moron Trump running it I’m glad to be a Canadian 🇨🇦 The true north strong and free and never Canadistan or Trumpland...

      P.S. Do you mind if I ask you who you are working for Trump or Putin?

  6. Next on Ford's agenda: We don't need no stinkin books in da Ford Nation - Close da libraries!!

    1. Marget Attwood wrote a book about that I believe. To be fair it was a alteration of Roberts Heiliens Revolt in 2012.

    2. e.a.f.6:12 PM

      No he won't close libraries, they are controlled by the municipalities they are in. What will he do: well he did hire Gordon Campbell, el gordo, the former Premier of British Columbia as his advisor. He will follow the directions of Campbell who is much smarter than Ford.
      Ford is cutting Toronto City Hall council. This would be Campbell's strategy. first figure out who is your greatest opponent and then get rid of them. In B.C. it was the Unions.
      Then you decide the province has to "tighten" its belt. Close court houses all over the province.
      Figure out a way to reward friends and supporters, IPPs, give away provincial rail way; ensure the RCMP are malleable. and in Ontario's case it will be attack or subvert the Ontario Provincial Police; change the laws so corporations can increase profits and decrease costs; sell off Crown Land at bargain basement prices to :friends; have ferries built in Europe instead of home and take out loans for general revenue and then put the debt on the books of a crown corporation; move crown corporations out of that category into an arm's length entity so the opposition can't ask questions in the leg.; make it almost impossible for the press to find out information.
      These are just a few of the things el gordo did in B.C. and now he has been hired to "advise" Ford. If you want to know what happened in B.C. just check out some of our leading bloggers such as Norm Farrell,'; RossK at The Gazetteer; Laila Yuille; the late Rafe Mair--former Socred Cabinet Minister; They will have blog rolls listing the other bloggers in our province. In the end our province is deeply in debt, housing is unaffordable because of financial elites coming from Communist China, money laundering via the casinos and the real estate market; highest child poverty rate in Canada for 14 or 15 years in Canada; little protection for tenants; reduction in health care and no decent funding for education but private schools did fine. IT ISN'T FORD, ITS GORDON CAMPBELL THE GUY HE HIRED FROM B.C. WE BECAME THE MOST CORRPUT PROVINCE IN THE COUNTRY. oh, and don't forget how he "leased" our provincial railway to his "bag man" for a 1000 yrs after promising not to sell it and then divested the province of all the valuable land. Ontario has much to look forward to in the coming years, but don't blame Ford for it all, blame yourselves for voting for him and then blame el gordo.

    3. e.a.f.6:15 PM

      Ford has a majority and his government will go the full term. There isn't much Ontario can do about it. They can take cases to Court and hope to win there, but if your court houses are closed, its a problem.

      We lived with this in B.C. for 16 years until we voted in an NDP/Green government but the debts will be there for our grandchildren to pay.

      Suggestion: Find out how much Ford is paying Campbell and attack him. it will be easier to get rid of Campbell than Ford.

    4. Hi unknown...Ford has to find billions of dollars to fill the giant hole he created by scrapping the cap and trade plan, and pay for all the lawsuits he’s sure to trigger with his reckless actions. So I think he’s capable of anything. But when his bozo brother tried to close libraries there was such an uproar he was forced to back down. So I think they’re safe for now...

    5. Hi e.a.f...well I hope you’re wrong about the shape of things to come, because if you’re not there is going to be rioting in the streets. People here won’t stand for that and it will be like the G20 just worse. Ford is also a man with a shady past and you can be sure that a lot of people will be digging up that past. His government may survive a full term, but I wouldn’t bet any money on Dougie still being there when they are defeated....

  7. e.a.f.5:20 PM

    Doug Ford, in my opinion, is just stupid. On his own, there wouldn't be much to worry about. He however did hire one smart man, Gordon Campbell, former premier of B.C. Now el gordo, as he was referred to by many in B.C. is just a whole other thing. Smart, educated, international, and a vile piece of vomit.

    The first out of the gate action of Ford's was to say he was going to half the Toronto council. That wouldn't have been his thought. I'd suggest it was Campbell's.

    When you "take over" a province the first thing you do is get rid of the major opposition which could cause you trouble. In B.C. el gordo's first act was to fire 9,000 women who were members of the Hospital Employee's Union (H.E.U.). They cleaned hospitals. He replaced them with contractors and we know how that worked out in B.C. It not only was the larges mass firing of women in Canadian history it started B.C. down the road of having the highest rate of child poverty for 15 out of 16 years. My suggestion is Campbell had a look at where the opposition to any of ford's legislation would be, and saw the City of Toronto and its political structure. Many of us who comment here weren't "crazy" about Tory becoming mayor but he has done a decent job. he is a danger to Ford and thus to Campbell. cut his knees off and its much easier to get the rest to fall into line.

    What happened in B.C. was Unions were reduced in number, strength and influence and child poverty was the result as was corruption.

    In Ontario expect there to be assaults on large municipal entitles so they unable to respond to what Ford is going to plan. it won't be nice and it won't be good for the environment.

  8. e.a.f.5:32 PM

    Some of el gordo's prize accomplishments were things such as "giving away" vast amounts of money via B.C. Hydro. What once was a source of income for B.C.'s general revenue became a debt which will continue for decades and runs around $60 to $100 billion. It rewarded, many in my opinion, with huge contracts. So expect things to change over at Ontario Hydro. One of el gordo's games was to "permit" private companies to establish run of the river electrical projects. They got to put dams where they dam well pleased and helped destroy fish habitat (check the late Rafe Mair's blog) They are referred to as I.P.P.s Campbell then had B.C. Hydro sign contracts with these I.P.P.S. for anywhere from 20 to 35 years, purchasing the electricity they generated at 10 cents a kwh while B.C. Hydro was only permitted to sell that electricity to their customers for 3 cents per kwh. Some get very rich, the rivers are destroyed, and the company goes into debt. Trying to get information took some bloggers huge amounts of time and energy because most of this, when it comes to Ontario will be done in the dark, in more than one way.

    Expect Ford to make announcements on Hydro within 12 months. It will be "sold" as an idea to permit "small business" to get into the electrical business and lower costs for consumbers. if you want to believe it, good luck. for those who don't believe it, check out Norm Farrell's; The Gazetteer by RossK, and Laila Yuille all prominent B.C. bloggers who wrote for up to 15 years about what the B.C. lieberals did in this province. Oh, and el gord and the B.C. Lieberals really were not Liberals. They were Cons, politically and socially.

    if Ford "decides" to sell Ontario Hydro don't be surprised. Some of us always thought that was the idea behind Campbell and Christy Clark's actions. Now should Ford decide to "sell Ontario Hydro, just watch who it will be sold too. Campbell, el gorod, spent years in London, on the Harper happy political apppintee trough and if some one in Europe is interested, it will be sold. the American's might be interested. Once regulations are removed the cost of electricity will sour in Ontario. In B.C. we had the Utility Commission which prevented it, to some degree, but our rates did go up because the debts had to be covered.

    1. François Legault of the CAQ wants to do the same with the SAQ (=LCBO) and doubtless other government corporations. Bullshit about "small business". My corner store (not a "dépanneur", more a greengrocer) can already sell some beer and wine, but we know that larger "friendly" corporations will be the main beneficiaries, and some of these have underworld ties. And of course, it means lower pay, no seniority or benefits for the workers.

  9. Jackie Blue6:42 PM

    Juxtaposing two major recent news headlines: the ongoing saga of what the human (?) wrecking ball is doing in Ontario (the sequel nobody asked for, to the reality TV show about his idiot brother's tenure as predecessor to John "Red" Tory), and the Postmedia-esque "Tronc" slashing jobs at the New York Daily News (one of the few honest publications still holding our own President Gerrymander Ford to account), all I can picture is the prospect of a Toronto Star headline that summarizes Dougie's attitudes toward Old York (and the response from its responsible denizens):



  10. e.a.f.1:08 AM

    Ford may have a history which some may wish to advertise in the hope he will resign. Trust me he won't. he can ride it out because there is no recall in Ontario. We have it in B.C. but during the whole corrupt thing in B.C. it was never done because its too hard. Gordon Campbell is also good at hiding things. Its like all sort of debt was placed elsewhere or pushed off for years to come. its not considered debt if its not due this year. Watch, you'll have balanced budgets in no time. How does that happen?' Have a read of Norm Farrell's blog. Campbell was good at that sort of thing. Accept your fate.

    As to push back, good luck with that. Ford has a majority so the majority of people in the province aren't going to object as long as it doesn't hurt them. by the time it does, its too late. You're hurting. What of course will be the real problem is that Ontario now has the chance of being Canada's most corrupt province. First it was Quebec, and they had an inquiry. then it was B.C. and we voted el gordo's party out of office. then el gordo was hired by Ford. Just remember, a hockey bag can hold $700K in $20 bills.

    Ford is also in position to make massive changes to city/municipal acts, which may not benefit the cities but given his majority in the Leg. the province had better watch out. Health care will be on the chopping block as will education.

  11. Anonymous8:14 AM

    I find it rather fascinating that Doogie touts his government as one for “Da people”, I.e. witness his vow to have “the biggest consultation ever” as regards the sex ed. curriculum, a somewhat minor point in the grand scheme of things, but will cut Toronto city council nearly in half, without one question being asked. Also, cuts positions where two political foes, Brown & Del Duca are running. This move is basically revenge politics, as well as a sop to developers, etc. who likely face less opposition to their grandiose plans, from who else....the people. And this is going to save 25 million? That ‘savings’ and more will be squandered on his fruitless, at least in real terms, court action to reverse a proposed federal government carbon tax.
    Regarding the literal mess his government is making on the sex ed. curriculum (teachers are told to ‘counsel’ students in private for ‘non-curriculum’ touchy subjects. Note to teachers; if you value your job, better think twice before ever doing that!!!) Notice too that this ‘huge’ consultation he has promised will be done in every riding! Why not through school boards or PTAs or through other educational entities? Something doesn’t smell right there either. A blatant attempt to politicize the whole thing?
    Can’t wait for the Camobell report, which will be structured as his “permission slip” for wholesale cutbacks, layoffs, hiring freezes, elimination of services, etc. Gotta do it to achieve efficiencies. Mac

  12. e.a.f.2:18 AM

    A. at 8:15 a.m. its not about revenge. Its about ensuring there is little to no organized opposition. Once the MSM in Ontario is on board there won't be much news concerning what is going on or how it negatively impacts the citizens of Ontario. its one of the things which happened in B.C. if you have Post media as we do, trust me, they'll be on board. How they work that is they buy lots, and lots of advertising for every government dep.t and/or agency and the papers just can't give up the money. They'll in a manner of speaking be bought off.

    Teachers, they'll be out of jobs. The school budgets will be allocated by the provincial government and it will be on a per capita basis, so as the student population drops so will the money. In the end the school boards will have to make the ugly decisions as they did in B.C. and cut programs, teacher's aides, libraries in the schools, shrinks, and then finally in desperation the school boards will close schools, bus students and then the land those schools sat on will be sold for development. Its what they did in B.C. The only schools which will benefit are the private schools. We do have a much smaller population in B.C. but still the private schools gained approx. $350M, something the public schools didn't. So if your kid has a learning disability, be prepared to do what many parents did in B.C., home schooled. Kids who need to learn English, well they won't be getting the support they need either.

    In some areas expect there to be new developments. The fact it was green space won't bother Ford/el gordo. its the developers dream. where will the buyers come from? communist China, just like they did in B.C. and this will be how they launder the money and that includes their ill gotten gains from fent. sales. Its called the Vancouver Model. Australia named it that. Yes, that is how bad our drug laundering money problem became under the B.C. Lieberals.

    Oh, and during El gordo's reign, the RCMP raided the B.C. Leg regarding drugs. That turned into Rail Gate, so don't be surprised if Ford decides suddenly to sell off all of Toronto's transit. think it couldn't happen? Think again and have a look at what happened to B.C. over 16 years.

    AS to that lovely little island in Toronto, its a developer's dream and the development will start. Wait for the Condos to go up and be sold for a million and a half a piece. What many don't understand is that China has 35 Million, millionaires. That is hard cold cash and most of them would like to get it out of China.

    1. Anonymous10:06 AM

      Hi EAF
      Excellent summary. In the final analysis this brand of politics is all about deception and dirty money. In Canada the tell tale signs are fentanyl and 'Chinese investment'. In the US the new additions are the Russian oligarchs/mob added to the old school gang of Saudis/Israelis/war complex.

  13. e.a.f.12:45 AM

    Thank you A. at 10:06 a.m. Having watched Gordon Campbell from the days he was the Mayor of Vancouver, and onto provincial politics, its been an education and many in Ontario are going to find out how costly it will be,. Those who voted for Ford had better get used to it and may die because of it. Wait until Ford/Campbell start closing hospitals and cutting their E.R. hours. You haven't seen anything yet.