Sunday, September 06, 2009

Summer, Love, and my Internet Addiction

So we're sitting there in the cool night air, staring out at our home away from home, missing Montreal, and wondering where the fuck did the summer go?

And I'm feeling particularly gloomy because I spent too much time blogging or surfing the net instead of grabbing every ray of sunshine I could...coz there wasn't too many.

And just at that moment my best friend Angus says:"Simon do you mind if I borrow your computer for a couple of days? I've got to finish this project by Wednesday and mine is broken."

And all I could think of saying...after I recovered from the horrible shock...was: "Gosh Angus ....I'd like to...but....but....*gulp*....I think I'm an INTERNET ADDICT !!!!

addiction warning signs are being preoccupied with thoughts of the Internet; using it longer than intended, and for increasing amounts of time; repeatedly making unsuccessful efforts to control use; jeopardizing relationships, school or work to spend time online; lying to cover the extent of Internet use; using the Internet to escape problems or feelings of depression; physical changes to weight, headaches or carpal tunnel syndrome

"I've got just about ALL of the symptoms. So two days away from my computer might be too much of a sudden shock for my body to handle. In fact I'm lucky I don't live in China."

The Ministry of Health announcement followed recent media reports about a controversial psychiatrist in Linyi, Shandong Province, who administered electric currents to nearly 3,000 teenagers in an attempt to rid them of their Internet habit.

"Because I'd be ZAPPED for sure."

I'd almost convinced the sweet farm boy that he should borrow another friend's laptop.... or go to an internet cafe.... when Sébastien ruined everything:

"Of course you can borrow OUR computer Angus. Simon definitely needs to get out more. Tabarnac. Remember life is a journey. You need to see things with your own eyes. Hostie. And a kayak is better than a computer."

So the next day we paddled until the sun went down...

(Clic pic to enlarge)

And it was beautiful. I hardly thought of Angus hunched over MY computer...and all the important stuff I was missing. And all the great posts I wasn 't writing.

But by then I had another reason to feel bad. It was our anniversary. Not of the day we met.... when Sébastien pulled me off a bully I was beating with a pool cue. And I punched him in the ribs.

But of the day we fell in love. And he remembered and gave me a card. And I forgot.

So when we got back home I said: "Seb the reason I didn't give you a card was that I was saving this video just for you. Because it's better than a card. It's about love.

And it's also a JOURNEY .... "

And the Saguenay Prince was enchanted, and I was super happy. Because I want this journey to continue forever.

And of course, because I think I proved that while the internet may be horribly addictive eh?

Sometimes it can be really HANDY...


P.S. Thanks to our beloved friend Angus who took that great sunset picture. He can have MY computer whenever he wants it. *Sob* And I'll be back as soon as he LETS me.*Moan*

Have a great long weekend everyone !!

Video from Gabe Askew on Vimeo.


  1. Anonymous1:48 AM

    Ah, summer! I missed it this year. I slept in that morning.

  2. Well, perhaps we can start a 12 step program for internet addiction & probably should extend it to iphone & blackberry addiction as well....
    We can even invent the 12 steps as it pertains to this addiction....
    Of course, I'm joking, but I understand it all too well.
    I work all day, 5 days a week in an IT & telecommunications department; so in front of 2 computer screens all day & while most of my co-workers don't want to see a computer when they get home, I am always anxious to get to my home computer to my emails, facebook & other blogs & commenting on them, reading the on-line news pages & commenting on them, writing letters to the editor that never get published...which reminds me...I should probably complete my research for my next long-overdue blog...
    I wish you luck with your computer withdrawal & Happy long week-end!

  3. Awwww.... happy anniversary, Simon and Sébastien... (I am a sucker for a mushy ending)... *sniffle*...

  4. Great photo by Angus - Is that actually you and Sebastien paddling?

    Happy anniversary . . . .

  5. Happy Anniversary to you! Many more happy years to come!

  6. hi Torontonian...I know what you mean. This had to be the WORST summer ever. Whenever I was off it seemed to rain. Then when I went back to work out came the sun. They say september is going to be warm. It BETTER be.. :)

  7. hi CK....Unfortunately ....I mean...fortunately I don't have an iphone. WAAAAAAAAH ;)
    But I also work with computers at work, so when you add blogging and surfing and texting and video games it all adds up. I cut down on video games... because they are also very give myself more time to surf and blog.
    But I may have to be stricter with myself. You know...TOMORROW... :)

  8. Hi 'berto...thanks a lot. You know I don't tell gay love stories unless they have a happy ending. :)
    I realize an anniversary is no big deal for most people. But we've been through a lot together, gay couples are putdown even by other gay people, our wild and shameless friends rib us mercilessly, so all things considered for us it's pretty SPECIAL...

  9. Hi West End is indeed. Sebastien on the left me on the right. We're on our way to a beach party Angus and some others organized. I thought wading ashore together would make a more dramatic entrance than arriving there on a carriage...or our bikes...
    I'm always trying to teach my wild brothers...or sluts as they are sometimes known...that being hopelessly hitched and having less sex doesn't mean you can't have FUN... :)

  10. Hi Oemissions...thank you. I'm not sure whether you're referring to my genius attempt to make Angus feel guilty for borrowing my computer. Or to our anniversary.
    But you know me. I'll happily take the credit for BOTH... ;)

  11. Hi CK...thanks a lot.When we started off I didn't think of living together forever. Just beating my friend's record of...wait for it... six MONTHS. So at 156 months and counting I figure I WON... :)