Monday, September 28, 2009

Tubby and the Sounds of Fascism

When Peter "Tubby" Van Loan was the Con House Leader, he earned a reputation as the cheap shot specialist of Question Period.

And for being such a bumbling idiot he kept spilling glasses of water all over Stephen Harper. Who can forget those touching shots of a red-faced Tubby.... dabbing furiously away with a paper towel Great Ugly Leader's crotch?

Now in his new role as the ridiculous Public Safety Minister he's making a jackass of himself again.

Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan says he fears for the government's ability to fight terrorism in light of "an increasingly complex legal environment" in which judges no longer defer to the government in its efforts to deport foreign suspects.

By attacking the courts that guarantee our the ReformCons always do. While failing to protect Canadians from sex offenders.

Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan is refusing to fund a program that helps keep convicted sex offenders from reoffending.

Because Tubby and his gang of political thugs want to turn our country into a dark and dangerous barbed wire nation. And they NEED sex offenders running around untreated, so they can scare the population, and the Cons can jail as many Canadians as possible.

Which makes me wonder what would happen if these sinister Cons ever got a majority.

Would they deploy a weapon like this one to disperse demonstrators?

Like police did in Pittsburgh.

Even though these sonic cannons can damage your hearing permanently... and could even cause a fatal aneurysm...

I'm sorry if it hurt your ears. But listen to the sounds of fascism. Listen to the sounds of a Harper majority.

Because if we don't defeat these ugly AmeriCons, first they'll destroy our justice system.

And then they'll destroy our country...


Jennifer Smith said...

And then there was this:

Frank Frink said...

To be perfectly honest (and frank - pun intended), I very much expect we will see those LRAD things back home here in Vancouver come February.

Just so you know, it isn't enough that our own security bill for Vancouver 2010 currently sits at about $900 million and rising. The American DHS is very much in the loop and ready to 'help out' if requested.

They will only be about 20-30 minutes away from the border.

Simon said...

hi Jennifer...yes I saw that and it reminds me of what happened to Jaggi Singh right here in Canada.
I'm having a hard time coming to terms with what's happening in the U.S. When I was in school I used to bore all my friends by insisting that the U.S. would one day turn fascist. But now that it's really happening I can't believe it... ;)

Simon said...

hi Frank...frankly speaking I think you're right. ;)
Wherever these Riefenstahl spectacles are held there is always trouble.
Trouble for poor people who don't fit into the photo-op.
Trouble for all those who will end up paying the bills.
I can't believe that the security bill alone is at $900 million and rising. What a monstrous waste of money.
What absolute madness...