Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The New Face of Homophobia in Canada

This is what the homophobes did to a gay man named Jake.

A man is in hospital for reconstructive surgery after being attacked with bricks early Saturday morning in what his family calls a hate crime.

John "Jake" Raynard suffered 15 fractures to his cheekbone, a broken eye socket, a broken jaw and a broken upper palate when six to eight men surrounded him near a North Cumberland Street business.

And nobody even bothered to help him.

"I was screaming loud enough to wake up six blocks," said Raynard. "How did nobody hear me?"

Good question.

Just like this one: Why in a country where anti-gay attacks are becoming more common and more violent, have I never seen ONE public service announcement aimed at the homophobic cowards who would do such things?

Or this one: Why do we have to fight so hard to have attacks like this one declared a hate crime?

Or while we're at it....why has Canada never apologized for jailing and torturing gay people for decades?

I wish I knew the answer...although I'm almost afraid to find out. All I know is that my lover, or my friends, or I could be killed or hurt tonight just for who we are.

And almost nobody gives a damn.

The cries for help that went unanswered.The truth that hurts.

Canada a gay-friendly country?

Go tell that one to Jake...


Scott in Montreal said...

You ask excellent questions Simon. It damn well is a hate crime, and an outrage that any decent human being should find abhorrent. Bastards.

That guy said...

"I was screaming loud enough to wake up six blocks," said Raynard. "How did nobody hear me?"

Holy shit. It's like the Kitty Genovese incident all over again.

penlan said...

It seems he wasn't the only one who landed in hospital. From the link you provided:

"Police officers are in the process of identifying the people who will be interviewed for the investigation. Included in those interviews would be Raynard and three other victims who were allegedly assaulted."

"All four people were taken to the hospital following the attack, however, the injuries of the three other possible victims are unknown at this time."

Let's hope these creeps are found & prosecuted.

Simon said...

Hi Scott...yes it is scary isn't it? I know some people think I'm exaggerating, but when you're identified as gay and you're out there ANYTHING can happen. It's a constant threat hanging over your head because you just don't know what some crazy person might say or do.
And in Thunder Bay there were EIGHT of them. What miserable cowards I can hardly wait to see their faces.
Or see them go to jail...

Simon said...

hi Chet...yes it is similar isn't it? Maybe the people were too afraid to intervene, but you'd think somebody would have called the police. One difference is that the Genovese story received a lot of coverage, and this story is being ignored by the MSM.
It's absolutely shameful...

Simon said...

hi Penlan...yes I hope they catch them too because they seemed to have been on a rampage of hate.
Happily there seems to be some video, and in town like that one I'm sure just about everyone knows the culprits.
So far the police aren't saying much, but hopefully that will change...

penlan said...

Hi Simon,
If you can please keep us updated on this horrible situation. Thanks.

Simon said...

hi Penlan...yes I will. I'm not the most reliable person but I think you can count on that... :)

penlan said...

Here's a link to a vid on the Thunder Bay Rally for Jake Raynard:


Simon said...

hi Penlan...thanks for that link. I updated the story on Sunday. And out of something bad came something good. Hooray !!! :)

Anonymous said...

this sickens me that humans are evil to innocent lgbt