Friday, September 18, 2009

The Liberals and the Election Madness

As I stumbled down to the beach today I couldn't help thinking about the last scene in the Bridge Over the River Kwai. When the bridge blows up, all the main characters die, and the British doctor comes stumbling out of the jungle muttering "Madness. Madness."

Because that's how I feel these days when I gaze at the smouldering wreckage of the Canadian political scene. Except I'm not sure whether it's madness or IDIOCY.

The Liberals accuse the NDP of caving. Even though they did the same thing 79 times in a row... for exactly the same reason.

Ignatieff joins the "Socialist/Separatist Coalition."

Not because he wants to help the unemployed. But so he can bring down the government sooner. Force the NDP to fight an election it can't afford.

And he can't win.

But could lose badly.....and hand Harper a MAJORITY.

Huh? What's wrong with this picture?

Look NOBODY wants to see these hideous Cons toppled more than I do. But whatever happened to you don't CHOOSE to fight an election unless you can win it ?

And if you choose to fight it anyway, what's the difference between a Liberal and a lemming?

Because here's the hard and ugly truth: Ignatieff's message is falling flat and his numbers are going south. Harper has the wind in his sails. Launching an election before letting out some of that air, could be a disastrous mistake.

One of the worst mistakes in Canadian history. Period.

Oh boy. Lucky I went to the beach eh?

Because talking politics with my dog always clears my mind. Makes me feel like a genius.

And this is how I see it.

Unless we get our act together. Focus all our attacks on the REAL enemy. And choose the right time to strike. We could wake up in the darkness of November.

In a country we don't recognize.


P.S. One more thing.....

Gimme a parachute .....and order a lot of them body bags.

Because I fear we're going to need them....


Anonymous said...

Shhh.... don't let the Iggliots read your post...

Anonymous said...

Just be glad you don't live in the US, although I'm getting a little worried they're starting to rub off on us.

susansmith said...

thanks Simon - it appears that the Liberals are looking for "Lemmings to jump into the sea".
Of course that was a myth and only fools would follow that lead.
On another note, I too have been walking on the beach with my dog. It's nice out and one can shut off the silliness.

Simon said...

Hi Cherniak WTF...oh they won't listen to me but I wish they would just this time. Because I'm only trying to save them from themselves.
Iggy may not be my favourite politician but he's better than Harper and at this point that's all that counts...

Simon said...

hi Bruce...oh I am glad, but unfortunately there politics ARE rubbing off on us. We're not as crazy yet, but the divisive, mean spirited approach the Cons brought to Ottawa has infected our political scene and our blogosphere. Not that I'm the best model myself when it comes to Harper ;)
But I honestly can't believe the way some Liberals and some NDPers hate each other....more than they hate Stephen Harper.
It's very depressing...

Simon said...

Hi Jan... I'm willing to do practically ANYTHING to try to defeat the Harper ReformCons. But jumping off a cliff...without a parachute... ain't one of them.
And yes it's amazing how a walk on the beach with your dog can put everything into perspective.
Especially since he's getting on and I want to make sure we enjoy every one of them... :)