Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stephen Harper and the Gays: The Video

One of my straight friends asked me today why I am so worried about a Harper majority. And why I keep beating my battered drum for a united left.

When if I played the NDP against the Liberals or vice-versa, I'd have a lot more wicked fun, and be a lot more popular.

And my answer was I haven't the slightest shadow of a doubt that a centre-left united is the only sure way to save the country I love. Which isn't perfect. How could it be when stuff like this keeps happening again and again?

But I am equally sure that if if Stephen Harper ever got a majority it would be much much WORSE. For all decent Canadians...but especially for this country's gay people.

Because the religious fanatics in his evil government would make homophobia legal, strangle gay rights, terrorize gay kids by telling them God wants them killed. And although many Canadians don't realize it, Stephen Harper is the Homophobe in Chief.

I'd like to explain that by launching a campaign like this one.

Because it's such a brilliant idea. Such a good way to show support for our beautiful sisters. Such an awesome way to remind people of the twisted horror of Stephen Harper.

But unfortunately all I can sew is a sail or a button. And even if I made some t-shirts nobody would buy them.

Because that's what being marginalized means eh?

So I made a video instead....

I know it's not very good. But I'll get better.

And as for the t-shirt....

Oh well...I guess I'll just have to keep wearing this one....

Which may not be as classy as the women's one. But it is my message to Stephen Harper. And it's really easy to make eh?

It also comes with the promise that I will NEVER stop beating my drum for a united left to build a kinder, gentler, better Canada.

And that even if those filthy homophobic, anti-women, racist Cons do get a majority.

I am not afraid of them.

And I will fight them FOREVER...


  1. I know it's not very good.

    I beg to differ, Simon, it is good . . . .

  2. Anonymous11:41 PM

    Hey that's a dam good vid you made, you'll make better ones for sure.


  3. I just uploaded a video that may cover a few points you made.



  4. And great work BTW!
    Premiere elements?

  5. Hi West End Bob...thank you :) But I was in a hurry and I haven't made a video for a while so I forgot all kinds of things and it came out a bit sloppy.
    But I must say I enjoy making them, and I'm hoping my next one will be better...

  6. Hi Toe...thank you as well. I'm still learning...and I'm the kind of guy who hates to read instruction...but I'm hoping my next one on the Harper dictatorship will be really really SCARY... :)

  7. Hi Pale...OMG I just saw it and it's BRILLIANT. I was feeling humble but now I'm even humbler...
    And yes it is Premiere Elements...it's better than windows movie maker... but...um...how could you tell? Is it as bad as that ;)

    P.S. what do you use?

  8. Great video, Simon! I love the scary horror music. Hehe.

    Keep them coming! Well, as long as you have to, I mean; I'd much rather just not have a Harper government! ;)

    P.S. Thanks for the links in the past week!

  9. Thats what I use.
    I recognized the font. :)

    Spend HOURS in front of it, and it becomes totally intimate. LOL.
    Movie maker is what I started with too, it's too flaky, and way too limited.

  10. hi Mark... thanks I'm glad you liked it. And the scary music too. One of my dear friends said it's too gloomy but WTF? What does he expect Harper and MADONNA ??? Gawd. As for the links... thank YOU for publicizing the plight of our poor bullied gay kids.
    And I LOVE those velockeraptors!!! :)

  11. hi pale...that's good to know, because I'd love to be as excellent as you. I used to think that video editing would be too labour intensive for a lazy guy like me. But as I plod along I'm starting to feel a fatal attraction... :)