Thursday, September 24, 2009

Help !!! The Homosexuals are Coming !!!

When I watch this video from the bigots who want to kill gay marriage in Maine...

Trying to make people believe that gay marriage threatens children...and we're the baby snatchers from outer space.

Then I find out that one of their leaders thinks we're even MORE dangerous.

Last year, Heath blamed the nation's financial crisis on gay unions. Writing at his blog he said amending state constitutions to ban gay marriage, and eliminating domestic partnerships and civil unions for gay and lesbian couples would make God “crack a smile.”

He also blamed a gloomy summer on gay marriage, saying at his blog, the “moral climate in Maine has caused the sun to hide its face in shame.”

And that we have the power to make the sun DISAPPEAR.

I really can't blame this guy for calling 911.

To tell them the homosexuals are COMING !!!!!

Although he was wrong about something. Those bigots SHOULD be scared of us.

Because the day the planet we came from finally allows us to use our ray guns.

We may not make the sun disappear. Because we love it eh?

But they're really going to get ZAPPED.


P.S. It did rain a lot in Maine this summer.

But strangely enough the clouds DISAPPEARED.

As soon as I arrived ....


Anonymous said...

Mike Heath's blog is open only to invited readers.

What's he afraid of--truth, dissent, or different points of view?

Or is he afraid of being spammed and other such things?

Any way you look at it, he's a coward and has to hide behind a protective wall.

Talk about courage of one's convictions.

While on the subject of American schools: Ours produce better more rounded persons than theirs. And, I'm talking about the public school system.

I'm eternally grateful I live on this side of the border.

Frank Frink said...

If I'm not mistaken this Maine ad looks awfully similar to a Prop 8 ad in California. Similar production, script etc.. You might want to look into that.

Scott in Montreal said...

My family used to go to Ogunquit every year (best beach on the east coast, after all), and we were vaguely aware of the high gay population there. While my parents were smart enough to know they had nothing to fear, I still had a sense of an "us and them" wariness, and it was my first exposure to the multi-striped flag, and the first place I recall being given "the eye" by a guy.

Anyway, it doesn't surprise me there is a big backlash in most of Maine. However Ogunquit realized they had nothing to fear - except the potential loss of all that gay tourist revenue - a long long time ago. Hopefully the rest of the state can be educated. That commercial with the faux-outraged school teacher is over the top.

Scott in Montreal said...

Reading my comment over again, I just want to say that I was writing it from the POV I recall having as a child trying to understand how homosexuals (a subject that was too taboo to be spoken of, after all) fit in the world. We knew "fag" and "tapette" as pejorative terms the bullies used, but had no idea what they really meant. We could have used some more matter-of-fact information; otherwise the void is too easily filled with fear and suspicion.

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Clueless and paranoid. Nice mix.

Simon said...

hi Torontonian...actually considering the depth of his vitriol I wouldn't be surprised if it was some kind of closet queen club.
I should type in T-O-E T-A-P-P-E-R as a password and see what happens... :)

Simon said...

hi Frank...yes I should have mentioned that. It is EXACTLY the same tactic they used in the Prop 8fight. It's so irrational and disgusting but it worked in California so they're using it again.
I'm happy to say though that one of the Maine papers tore this argument apart.
So although it's not looking good I'm still hopeful...

Simon said...

Hi Scott...the American branch of my family has had a home in Kennebunkport for almost a hundred years. And I must say I love the place. In all that time I've never met a gay guy there...but luckily I have met lots of Quebecers... :)
Politically it's an interesting place. Although there are a lot of white haired Republicans, they tend to be fairy liberal, and then there are the others who are independent or just stubborn.
As for your other comment I know what you mean. Because I felt the same way as a child. I had heard about "fags" too, but I had no idea who they were, and who knew they were talking about me?
So even the vaguest lesson about that might have proved really helpful.
Because as you say when there is a vacuum it can be filled by horrible things...

Simon said...

hi Osumashi...yes I thought it was a good combination too. At first when I saw the 911 video I thought it was a bit too hysterical for my taste.
But when you combine it with the other stuff it doesn't seem so extreme... ;)