Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Bigots, the Daughter, and her Two Gay Dads

As the Christianist bigots launch their first TV ad to try to overturn Maine's gay marriage law...

A daughter weeps at the marriage of her two gay dads.

Isn't Chelsea gorgeous? I think I'm going to have to give her two dads an A for parenting.

Yup bigots. That's what gay marriage is all about: LOVE.

And if you think you can stop it. Or make it sound evil.

You are the evil ones.

And you don't stand a CHANCE...


Anonymous said...

Quite fittingly, the soundtrack for the wedding was the theme of
The Mission by Ennio Morricone.

As for the Mainers' video. I notice they're repeating the loss of tax exemption meme to throw the religious right into a tizzy.

Quite frankly, judging by what many of these so-called churches are preaching, I'd rather have them closed down for dishonesty and apostasy. Their parishoners deserve better. So does all of America, come to that.

Let's get all the false churches out of the way first, then American
society can start to rebuild itself, at long last.

The Church in England had a bad time in the 17th century and after that came the Restoration.

Time for an American Restoration.

Simon said...

hi torontonian...yes and they are also throwing in the nonsense about children which really infuriates me.
The funny thing is that I LOVE Maine and my family has a home there. And I've always found Mainers to be friendly...and independent minded. So I'm hoping for the best. But the Catholic Church has been collecting money and organizing the bigot side so now I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Our side has a volunteer program going which puts you up with a Maine family for a week. I wouldn't need a place...but unfortunately I don't have the time...