Thursday, September 03, 2009

When Gays Must Ask for Permission to Marry

In Ireland gays and lesbians are fighting for the right to get married. And the Catholic Church is attacking them as usual.

The leader of Ireland's Catholics has criticised civil partnership legislation in the Republic of Ireland.

Dr Brady said marriage between a man and a woman would always remain the ideal environment in which to raise children.

Because you know the Catholic Church in Ireland knows what's good for EVERYONE .....and how to treat children..

So a group called Marriage Equality that was inspired by the legal struggle of two lesbians who got married in Canada.

Is fighting back by releasing this cute video...

It's cute but also depressing. Because when you think about it that's what gay people have been doing for years. Asking others for their permission to love each other. Forced to beg for things that others take for granted.

O boy. That little thing called love.

Why do the churchy bigots hate it so much?

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Anonymous said...

The "churchy bigots" as you call them don't hate anyone. The fact that you say this shows you are attacking the person rather than the argument. It's you who hates anyone who disagrees with you. Meaning you haven't taken the time to understand what the other side is really trying to say. It's easy to cry the same old adage of there goes the Church telling us what to do again, but do you really know what it is you are attacking? The story you use to prove the church is wrong "Catholic Child Abuse Scandal Hit Ireland" only proves child abuse is wrong not that same sex couples should marry or that the Catholic Church doesn't know how to treat children. No where in church doctrine does it state, abuse of anyone is allowed child or adult, woman or man. It is comments like this that shows open dialogue is needed on this issue. However due to politicians being more concerned with what hollywood says rather than a child's welfare motions like this get passed everyday with out consultation of citizens. The wishes of the few and wealthy dictate the fate of many, as happened in Canada. It is not an issue of not allowing "Love" as the ad you show states it is a question of what is the purpose of procreation and what role does love play in it?