Saturday, September 12, 2009

Stephen Harper and the Road Runner

As Great Batty Leader flaps around pretending he doesn't want an election.

While going on a vote buying binge with OUR tax money.

And the Liberals pretend they want an election...while strapping on their bright red life jackets.

And everybody waits to see whether Jack is going to make a deal.

Not that it will make any difference.

Harper, according to some of his advisers, believes Layton is now angling to do the same thing to him that Layton did to Martin: extract concessions to advance the NDP agenda, then withdraw that support and campaign on the party’s achievements in advancing that agenda.

Darrell Bricker, president of pollster Ipsos Reid, says Layton’s strategy was a good one for 2005 — but it won’t work now. “He has to have somebody like Martin who’s afraid to go to the people,” Bricker said. “The problem he’s got with Harper is that Harper probably wants an election.”

I just want to say I still think the good guys can win. Just like this guy does.

Bottom line, isn't it true that most Canadians have had a chance to see the Harper Conservatives in action, and few are passionately happy with the government they are getting, or excited about the agenda on offer. That only the Conservative core would likely dispute whether Canada "can do better." And that people don't yet know Mr. Ignatieff, and still don't love Mr. Harper.

Because ANYTHING can happen in an election eh?

The Con bat coyote may think he's finally going to get his majority.

And eat us.

But we'll SHOW him...

Of course if the timing is all wrong, and we're not as organized as the Cons, and vote buying works, and Great Ugly Leader gets a MAJORITY.

I'll be REALLY annoyed.

Beep.Beep. Iggy you idiot.

How do you like my t-shirt ?


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Acme Mfg. makes Con-sized petards?

Simon said...

Hi Torontonian...Gee I don't know, but if they do I'd like to order six hundred dozen please.
In the meantime I'm trying to get Woody Woodpecker to join our side so he can give Harper's ass a real workout....before the road runner eats him... :)

CK said...

Simon, I just wanted to tell you that I love your cartoon! You design it yourself or from a website?? I just love it!

That is exactly what is going on here: both of them are waiting for the other one to blink first.

Ya know, I've looked around at the news since the leaking of that video & other than his 9/11 tribute, he's crawled in a hole, it would seem; no news about him. Could it mean that ol' Stevie blinked first or is that wishful thinking on my part??

Simon said...

Hi CK...hey thank you...I made it myself a few months ago for another story but I didn't use so I was lazy and used it for this post.
I really should have moved the head a little, but that's why they call it PRIMITIVE art... :)
As for Stevie he's keeping a low profile trying to keep his Mr Nice Thug mask on.
But he'll be in time for Halloween....and uglier than ever... mark my words....