Monday, September 14, 2009

Ignatieff and the Election Rabbit Hole

Well I missed most of Question Period, but I saw enough to convince me that we won't be having an election next week.

As soon as I saw the Bloc guy claim the reno money scam was the Bloc's idea I knew the game was up. Duh.

So why is Iggy attacking Jack?

When he should be kissing his ass for stopping him from jumping into the election rabbit hole too soon, and risking leaving us with a Harper majority...and four years of darkness. Which would be worse than what we've got.

Because the timing is all wrong. It's still too sunny in Canada. The stock market casino is making people feel plummy about the economy. The Cons have been hosing the country with money. The polls are crummy. Harper can make the don't rock the boat argument...and get away with it.

But wait a few months and all of that could change. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians will start falling off E.I.... looking for jobs that don't exist anymore. The damage to the real economy will be revealed. People will be much sicker of Harper than they are now.

And of course because it will be cold and grey and miserable their mood should be more punishing.

A week short of its official start, fall has arrived in Ottawa. The leaves on Parliament Hill are turning yellow. The faces inside the House of Commons are red. The voices are shouty. The Prime Minister’s pointy finger is once more unfurled, steady and strong and accusatory. Summer is gone. The air will soon grow cold and punishing.

I couldn't read the whole article because just watching Question Period is painful enough. But I thought that first paragraph was prescient.

And I'm surprised Ignatieff hasn't figured that one out.

You know.... Napoleon... Russia.... WINTER...

Now wouldn't THAT be better than diving into a rabbit hole and hoping for the best ?

Look we all agree the Con tyrant must go. But in politics as in war timing is important.

A Canadian winter is a mighty weapon eh?

So look before you JUMP...

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