Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stephen Harper and the Monster Musical

Oh. My. Teddy bear. I had this HORRIBLE dream the other night. Stephen Harper was playing the piano again.

And legions of dumb Canadians were preparing to reward him with a majority. Just like they almost did the last time he tickled clawed the keys.

But then I realized I was just dreaming about that new almost ready for Broadway show Stephen Harper! The Musical.

Whew. What a relief. And I must say I LOVE the plot...

The plot of this amusing little goody involves bumping up the sturdy-haired leader’s dropping popularity by producing a flattering bio-musical on Broadway – Broadway, because Canadians seek American approval before embracing its own inventions, such as “Nickelback and insulin.”

One must laugh at the heroic efforts of the Prime Minister’s strategists, who puff up the musical-within-a-musical’s book with fantastical inaccuracies – that Harper had led the Riel Rebellion, and that he had defeated Carl Lewis in a sprint race.

Because it's so true eh? Stephen Harper is ALWAYS pretending to be other people. One moment he's Attila the Redneck sucking the bloody marrow out of the census. 

Or pretending to write a book about hockey, while listening to Omar Khadr's screams on his i-pod.

The next moment he's the Flying Nun...

But wait... there's a video...

Hmmmm...I don't know....mumble grumble. That Fake Harper looks too human, he's way too talented, and the plot is far too subtle.

So unless Jason Kenney waddles in wearing a polka dot bikini, and does a pole dance. Or Doris Day sings Que Sera Sera in a bathrobe...or a Nazi uniform... while goose stepping backwards.

Or Tony Clement shows us...this time completely he tried to drown the census fiasco story, and almost drowned himself.

I think I prefer this show.

Because I love shows that make me both laugh AND scream. 

But then let's face it people. This may be music to my ears.

After making the wrong decision in the wrong way for the wrong reasons, Conservatives are resorting to the Big Lie in hopes of being mistaken for defenders of the little people.

But when it comes to the true horror of Stephen Harper: Man of Music and Multiple Personalities.

You know....the really SCARY Monster Musical.

Nothing can beat the ORIGINAL... 


P.S. When I made this video last October, I bet you thought I was kidding about the police state stuff eh? Well mumble grumble, that'll teach you...

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