Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ideology, the Census, and the War on Women

As you know I like to use ridicule as a blunt weapon against Stephen Harper and his gang of political thugs.

Because I want to do to them what those foul Con bullies have done to so many decent Canadians starting with Stephane Dion.

And because in the dumb brutish country we are becoming, I find laughter is the best medicine.

But there are some things even I can't laugh about. Like this most recent assault on the lives of women.

In the report presented by HIV-positive activists, researchers, AIDS organizations and human rights and HIV/AIDS lawyers, Canada received a failing grade in recognizing the needs of women and girls to protect themselves from HIV and to manage HIV infection.

In Canada, the number of infected women continues to rise from just over 11 per cent of new infections prior to 1999 to over 26 per cent in 2008, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada.

While Canada received a middling C grade for diagnosis, prevention and education, Canada received an F for stigma and discrimination.

And why is this happening? Because the Cons don't know what they're doing? No. They know what they are doing, and it's all because of their IDEOLOGY.

That's why they attacked the words "women's equality" the moment they came to office. That's why they killed the Court Challenges program. That's why they refused to fund abortions in poor countries. That's why they don't fund gay projects. That's why they went after KAIROS and Rights and Democracy. That's why they are letting a Canadian child soldier rot in Guantanamo.

That's why they are turning their backs on people with AIDS. Just like they did four years ago.

And of course, that's why they are trying to gut the census. It's not about Harper's legacy. It's not about trying to cover up crime statistics. It's ALL about their AmeriCon ideology, and feeding their rabid base.

Attacking women's equality, trying to make gay families invisible, opening up another wedge issue. As it was in the beginning so it is now.

"It is criminal neglect to ignore the plight of those affected by HIV and dying of AIDS now. However, the Government of Canada under Prime Minister Stephen Harper does not seem to hear their pleas for help."

The sooner progressive Canadians understand that deadly alien ideology, stop chasing shadows, and unite to confront it, the sooner we will defeat the Cons.

And of course the sooner I will stop mocking them.

What's that Great Leader?

Yes that's what I thought  what you said.

You would. You nasty monster.



prin said...

Did you see this? Ooo.

Scott in Montreal said...

Love the Dr. Strangelove reference. All harper is about is destroying every good functioning part of the federal government infrastructure. he hates it and he hates Canada and he hates that Canadians look out for one another and he hates anything that can help the little guy not get trampled on by capitalism. Prime Minister Stephen Hater.