Thursday, July 01, 2010

When Canada Day Means Freedom

It's Canada Day, and the fence has finally come down.

And so have these ugly barriers.

These sinister boats  that haunted my dreams have gone from the waterfront.

And been replaced by these beauties.

It's safe enough to come out and enjoy life again.

And a great day for a parade.

Oh boy. I love my beautiful country for so many reasons.

But freedom is the greatest gift.

And now the flag of freedom is flying over City Hall.

Woo hoo!!!

The struggle continues.

But for now the nightmare is over.

Happy Canada Day everybody !!!


Anonymous said...

Nightmare isn't fully over, yet.

We still got to get rid of Harper and his cronies. Then there will be real reason for rejoicing.

Simon said...

hi Torontonian...well of course you're right. I guess I didn't think I had to say that, because you know me. ;)
But yes the nightmare hanging over this country will not lift until Great Ugly Leader and his Con thugs are buried in the garbage can of history...

WILLY said...

But today is our day, Canada Day, not Harper's, nor his followers, they are the minority.

Happy Canada Day Simon.

Simon said...

Hi WILLY...yes you're right. Doesn't Harper celebrate his day on the fourth of July? ;)
I was feeling a bit guilty about not going to the Queen's Park rally this afternoon. But I needed to take a day to remember what this struggle is all about. And it was WONDERFUL...

Connecticut Man1 said...

"Doesn't Harper celebrate his day on the fourth of July?"

Only a little... He is only lil' bush, after all.

Simon said...

hi Connecticut Man1....Good one. Yes I like to think of Harper as Bushs' Chucky. The puppeteer went back to Texas, but the puppet continues to terrorize us... :)