Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Census Fiasco and the Two Boobs

Well as Tony Clement prepares to go before a Parliamentary Committee to claim he's the master of his domain garden. And blame others.

Industry Minister Tony Clement says Statistics Canada staff never told him it was a bad idea to make the long-form census voluntary.

But only looks like even more of a boob. Just SMALLER.

Out of the bushes comes the Boob from the Beauce claiming it was always a bad idea.

Why in the world should peaceful and honest citizens be threatened in this way if they refuse to answer questions about how many hours of unpaid housework or yard work they did the previous week, who pays for what in their household, how many bedrooms there are in their home and if it needs minor or major repairs?

Because he knows nose eh?

While conveniently forgetting all those telegrams of support he claims he received, but somehow managed to lose. Or this new poll.

The federal government has argued that the long form census is intrusive and Canadians should not be forced to answer it. Only one-in-four Canadians (24%) agree with this assessment, while a large majority (58%) think the long form census yields data that is important to make policy decisions in all areas of public service, and should remain mandatory.

But then as Paul Wells reminds us, the Boob from the Beauce has been trying to kill the Census for a long long time.

Two years ago I was told, by a senior public servant and by a former employee in Maxime Bernier’s political office, that the randy MP from the Beauce had taken a particular dislike to the work of Statistics Canada when he was named industry minister in 2006.

So now the plot thickens. We know the decision came from Harper, we know it's probably a sop to the libertarians and others in his rabid base. But did he really get the idea from the libertarian idiot Bernier? The guy who hopes to succeed him. And  wouldn't it be funny if Clement who apparently opposed the move, ended up paying for his leadership rival's mistake? 

Not that it really matters eh? All we need to remember is what the Cons are trying to do. Destroy Canada as we know and love it. And plunge us into the darkness of ignorance.

When it’s over, and the jackboot of the state has finally been pried from the neck of the law-abiding taxpayer, we’ll wonder how we ever put up with such pervasive tyranny. We’ll be 33 million people living in liberty. Give or take a few million.

So do I agree with Wells that half the Con cabinet should be fired? Absolutely NOT.

I say multiply that by two boobs, and fire the whole lot.

I mean do we really want to be known as a nation of paranoid rednecks and rubes garden gnomes?

I didn't think so.

Tony, Tony, kiss my ass knee. We've got those Con tea baggers where we want them.

Have a great weekend everyone...


PeterC said...

Did you heard how he tweeted how he almost tried to save a women drowning in a river? Luckily, someone else was there to actually save her.

Wow, and to tweet to all his followers about it. Really classy.

Simon said...

hi Peter...yes I knew that by the time I finished this post.
But I thought the story was so funny it deserved SPECIAL treatment. So I wrote a whole post about about it. I did have a bit of fun with those tweets. And of course, I couldn't help accusing him of trying to drown us with IGNORANCE... ;)