Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Census Fiasco: Not Just Useless More Expensive !!!!

Uh oh. It looks as if my new feature length video, 2011, a nightmare vision of a post census Canada where ignorance rules, may have to be cancelled.

Which is too bad eh? Because it's scarier than 1984. And  Stephen Harper is definitely uglier than Big Brother.

But sadly, it's been overtaken by events. Because now even Maxime Bernier, the Boob from the Beauce, must realize that this is game over.

The U.S. Census Bureau tested out the idea of making a mandatory national survey voluntary — as the Conservative government now plans to do with the census in Canada — but quickly discarded the idea because it produced what was deemed unreliable data at an exorbitant price.

I mean it's one thing to collect junk data. You'll always find some rubes in a country as big as this one who prefer to live in ignorance and paranoia

Call us crazy, but we believe the less the government knows about our personal lives the better.

Big Brother is so ... well, so 1984.

It's also more reminiscent of the constraints of communism than the freedoms of democracy.

And of course, we know who they are...

And we also know they don't  give a damn about civil rights. If they had been at the G20 they would have popped the Bubble Lady with an AK- 47.

But hit them in their wallets, and they'll squeal and make pig noises like the guys in Deliverance.

You mean it's EXPENSIVE  !!!!#@#! Like the Fake Lake? Like TAXES? !!!#@#! Fuck that eh?

Which of course is very bad news for Stephen Harper because all he's got left is the economy. It's already heading for a downturn. 

And when all the bills come in this fall, along with an auditor general's report on the Porky Action Plan, I wouldn't be surprised if shortly after that Great Economist Pork Leader starts to smell like BACON.

Oh well. So much for my movie 2011. The script was ready but the star left us in 2010.

Which is spooky eh? Because the other day I put four paragraphs of a post about the census into this writing analyzer.

And it came up GEORGE ORWELL.

Golly. Poor Big Brother Bacon.

Once he was Mr Economy.

And then suddenly he WASN'T...

First we laugh at them.


And then we DESTROY them...

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