Monday, July 19, 2010

Maxime Bernier and The Three Boobies

When I heard that Maxime Bernier, the Boob from the Beauce, was channelling Pierre Trudeau to defend the census fiasco, at first I was amused.

He even evoked Trudeau’s line, which he made more than 40 years ago while appealing for the decriminalization of ‘homosexual acts’ performed in private.

“The state does not belong in the bedrooms of Canadians and Canadians must have the freedom to choose if they want to answer it,” Bernier said.

Because of all people it had to be Bernier eh?


Then I was disgusted. Because if the Boob's foul homophobic Cons had it their way gay people would still be JAILED for who they love.

And as I pointed out yesterday, this census fiasco is, among other things, just another attempt to attack women's equality and make gays INVISIBLE.

Shame on him for stealing a great man's words, and turning them into the opposite of what was intended.

But then I was amused again. Because who is HE to try to restrict information, when he left a bunch of secret documents lying around for ANYONE to read? 

So now I'm thinking oh goody. Now I can officially designate him as a member of The Three Stooges Boobies.

You know Bernier, Beck, and Bachmann...

But then maybe I'm being too harsh on Booby. After all, like that other Con stooge Tony Clement...Oh My Darling Dumb Clementine... he is only channeling Stephen Harper.

And Great Ugly Leader makes as much sense on the census issue, as this preacher does railing against gays in Maine...

Because this talking in tongues madness all comes from the same dark place Stephen Harper inhabits.

And the way to defeat them on this issue is to make it US versus THEM. 

Where they are the Con teabaggers.The ignorant bigoted AmeriCons.

And we are the CANADIANS.

You know ... as the preacher said...boob buh lah bigotty sha la la macaca #!!#@!!

Why does Stephen Harper hate Canada sooooooo much?

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