Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Census Fiasco: Is it Time for a Con Mutiny?

He can run but he can't hide. Slowly but surely, like the roll call of a jury, the verdict is coming down.

The hidden agenda finally exposed.

For years Stephen Harper's Conservatives, sensitive to accusations of harbouring "hidden" agendas, and knowing that Canada's political culture is centrist, have sought to avoid being typecast as a party of ideologues.

Sadly, all the efforts to appear moderate, flexible and impartial are now discredited, as a result of the war Stephen Harper has declared on the census.

No one knows for sure why the Conservatives have surprised the country with this unexpected crusade. All we can say is that this government can no longer claim to be a pragmatic one, or even one looking out for Canada's best interests.

The shameful hypocrisy revealed.

The Harper government is not libertarian. It has used the full muscle of the state to walk over the civil and constitutional rights of those it purports to represent.

Whether such a proto-Republican base even exists to any meaningful extent within the Conservative Party is an open question. But as long as enough Canadians think it does, as long as they suspect that Harper and his cronies are closet Tea Partiers, they will mistrust this prime minister. The census controversy is not about statistics. Not in the least. It is about Stephen Harper.

A  government that would make us look like IDIOTS.

As ignorant and CRAZY as they are.

And now even a call for a Con mutiny.

Before this government does even more harm to the institution that is the government of Canada, the intelligent people within the federal cabinet have a duty to rise up and stop the pillaging. Otherwise, the Harper government may be remembered as one of the most incompetent and harmful governments this country has ever known.

It won't happen of course. The Conservative caucus is the most cowardly group of pathetic stooges this country has ever known.

But has a Canadian government ever been so condemned?

And isn't it WONDERFUL?

How about we mutiny and call it a Coalition for National Salvation?

We finally have these Con tea baggers where we want them...drowning in their own foul ideology.

And we are going to DESTROY them...

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evilscientist said...

It won't happen of course. The Conservative caucus is the most cowardly group of pathetic stooges this country has ever known.

Actually I would suggest that the majority of the Con caucus are True Believers (TM, Pat. Pend) of whatever fantasy comes from the PMO and thus are fanatical supporters of whatever Harper spews. Making a revolt even less likely.