Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why is Stephen Harper Getting Away Scot-Free?

Something about the aftermath of the G20 Gorilla Show is really starting to bother me.

The police are going after the vandals.

The protesters are going after the police.

But why is Stephen Harper being allowed to get away scot- free?

Despite his silence, Harper has much to answer for about the G20 in Toronto and the G8 held a day earlier in Huntsville — from why the summit was held in downtown Toronto to the staggering $1.2 billion cost to questionable federal spending in the Muskoka area.

Inquiries are rightly being held into police actions that resulted in some 1,000 people arrested during the two-day summit in what many contend was an unprecedented and excessive manner.

But a separate inquiry is needed into the overall planning and handling of the G20 by Harper and his government.

Because let's be very very clear about one thing. If Harper is allowed to emerge unscathed. And the story is reduced to a clash between police and the protesters. He will use that to create a wedge issue in Toronto, and collect enough votes to maybe win himself a majority.

And turn this country into a permanent police state.

I know most of the people reading this believe in human rights, and were horrified by the actions of some police officers. Like I was.

But we must understand the nature of the country we live in.

A country full of coarse, ignorant, people who suck up Amerikan values with their mother's milk. And don't give a flying fuck about human rights, or the plight of the protesters.

And above all we must deal with this most brutal of facts: The Fake Lake brouhaha can hurt Harper more than what was done to so many innocent people ever will. 

Appealing to the reason or the conscience of the rabble is just a waste of time, the only thing that will turn them against Harper is a pain in their wallets. And questions like these:

How did the costs reach $1.2 billion?

What efforts were made to control spending?

Who approved more than $50 million in spending in Industry Minister Tony Clement’s riding of Parry Sound-Muskoka for such “summit-related” items as bandshells and street paving in towns never visited by any delegate?

Yes we need a public inquiry.

Yes we need to find out why so many police officers could treat their own citizens like they were The Enemy, and Canada was a police state. And who the hell gave them that idea?

But we absolutely must focus on the man really responsible for this Gorilla Show, because the future of our country is at stake.

If we do, some good may yet come out of this.

These questions will likely dog Harper right to the election. 

And unless he answers them, no good will come out of the summit for Harper, just as nothing good has come out of it for Toronto.

If we don't. And we fall into his trap. You can be absolutely sure of something.

He will use it to claw himself a majority.

And we will end up living in a country we don't recognize..

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