Monday, July 19, 2010

Stephen Harper and the Cows of Summer

OK. Since summer is in full bloom. And I don't feel like writing another long post on the sad state of our beautiful country.

How about a little quiz?

(1) If most Canadians are so dumb they think Stephen Harper and his klown Cons are good money managers. Even though they're spending money like  pigs in heat.

While preaching prudence to the world and the provinces, this government is on a spending spree that makes nonsense of national priorities.

Even as Harper urges other leaders to tighten belts, he’s counting on Canadians to be so preoccupied that they won’t bother counting federal spending on fingers and toes.

And they are deliberately burying us in debt, so they can have an excuse to slash social services and cripple medicare.

In one of those stranger than fiction moments, Jim Flaherty chose the eve of Friday’s controversial aircraft purchase to lecture premiers on controlling medical costs. Rarely has a federal finance minister thrown such a sharp stone at so fragile a glass house.

(2) If most Canadians now support the death penalty, don't care about torture, don't give a damn about the way police treated protesters at the G20 summit, and think Omar Khadr should rot in Guantanamo.

Because civil liberties are in the eye of the beholder.

And the only thing Canadians care about is whether Harper's a good money manager. 


What does it make those Canadians? 

(a) Moronic

(b) Con stooges

(c) Amerikans

Or just BOVINE...

You know if I could make Stephen Harper pop out of a horse's cow's ass, I definitely would.

But right now all I can say is the stench of manure is overwhelming.

Our country is in deep doo doo.

And let's hope it's just summer...


Omar said...


Simon said...

hi Omar...hmmm...I would have gone for bovine.You know...chewing the cud...the vacant self satisfied expression...the cow patties all over the place.
But now that I just read that Canada is heading for an economic downturn, even as the Cons are burying us in debt, I think you may be right...;)