Thursday, July 15, 2010

Omar Khadr, Con Canada, and the Pig's Head

Gosh. What a break. It's forty degrees in the shade. Too hot to blog with my clothes on. But at least I don't have to repeat what I think of my country these days. Because Lawrence Martin said it for me.

To avoid depression over the standards of justice in this country, here’s a tip: Stay away from opinion polls on Omar Khadr.

If you ever thought Canadians were a progressive, fair-minded people who believed in equal rights before the law, these soundings tell a different story.

In the matter of Omar Khadr, the question is hardly complicated. You either support high standards of justice or you don’t. In the Khadr case, most Canadians, along with their government, do not. It’s a national disgrace.

Thanks Lawrence.

And look another break. And a BIG one. I don't have to tell Ezra Levant what I think of him.

Khadrmania isn’t about a Canadian’s civil rights. It’s about left-wing lawyers trying to use Khadr as a way to undermine the war on terror.

I don't have to tell that wretched nerd that it is all about civil rights. The same kind of rights that were violated during the G20 Gorilla Show. Or that when you fight a war you're supposed to be BETTER than your enemies.

I don't even have to correct his numerous errors. Because Chris Selley shreds his yappy column for me.

On a good day, Mr. Levant might then regale you with his theory that Mr. Khadr should have been treated just like the British treated pirates in the 18th century, or given a summary battlefield hearing and executed.

And then you might begin to feel a bit dizzy, and wonder how on earth this man ever found his way inside a Conservative Party of Canada war room. And I wouldn’t blame you at all.

Thank you Chris.

And yes dizzy is how I feel these days. It's not easy to criticize the country you love. Tell others that only by striving for the highest standards of justice, compassion, and human decency, can we truly be the best country in the world.

When so many don't want to hear that message. Because we're ALREADY the best country in the world eh? It sure doesn't make you the most popular person at the beach party.

But I console myself by thinking that I'm just dizzy like that other Simon, in Lord of the Flies, when he stared at the pig's head, realized the monster was US...

And tried to tell the unpleasant truth, even though it KILLED him.

Of course, that's not going to happen to me eh? Because the roar of the mob doesn't scare me... I've heard it all my life. And if I have to I can run faster than my enemies. And swim too !!

But you know what I mean. I do live on an island.

And I do know a monster when I see one...

Unite. Organize. Defeat them.

Before they corrupt us all.

Before they destroy our country...

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