Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Gun Registry and the Day of Infamy

About nine years ago I used to go down this leafy sidewalk all the time, on my way to meet Sébastien at the Université de Montréal.

And I'd pass those stone monuments to the 14 women killed in the Montreal Massacre.

And maybe it was because I was crazily in love, and young Kerouac was bouncing along beside me, although it was such a sad tragedy, I remember feeling happy.

Sometimes I'd even say "hi Annie" or "salut Hélène."Because they were being remembered. And because I was so SURE that we were building a better society with less guns, so violent men couldn't kill so many people... as well as themselves. So the deaths of all those beautiful young women wouldn't be in vain.

But today if I walked past those monuments I'd have to slink by with my head down. Or just say "sorry." Because as far as I'm concerned they just shot them again.

OMG. What a Day of Infamy. How could they? Those dirty old Cons. Those dirty old men.

Didn't they even see the movie?

Don't they understand that when you don't do all you can to discourage gun ownership in society, violence can explode out of nowhere.

Don't they care about the lives of our police officers?

Don't they know that a shotgun can blow your head off even better than a hand gun can?

Don't they remember that if the gun registry cost billions, it's only because the rabid redneck teabaggers of this country SABOTAGED the system? And should have been jailed for it rather than rewarded.

I realize it's a big deal in northern and rural ridings. But it's also a big problem.

And if they can register their cars, they can register their weapons as well. And BTW what does it say about Canadians who are too LAZY to fill out a form that could save the life of a police officer...or the paramedics who accompany them? Answer: not very much.

And then there's the Bloc, that also represents northern and rural ridings, but still voted as one against this Reform Party bill . Great eh? The separatists as the last defenders of the values that make us Canada not Amerika. What's wrong with that picture?

Oh boy.I knew that if Stephen Harper and his foul alien Cons ever got a majority, I'd wake up in a country I wouldn't recognize. But who knew it would happen before that?

What I do know is that when I'm next in Montreal, I will make damn sure I go past those monuments again.

Hi Annie. Hey Maude. Salut Hélène.

I don't know how it happened. I'm so sorry. How soon they forgot you.

But rest in peace sisters.

The battle against those who would turn Canada into Amerika continues.

And we will always REMEMBER...


West End Bob said...

It is a sad day, Simon.

The separatists as the last defenders of the values that make us Canada not Amerika.

The "separatists" seem to be the only elected body that actually represents the Canada we hoped to be moving to. It's certainly not harper, iggy and, lately, jack.

It's very disappointing.

Excellent post . . . .

CK said...

I agree with you, Bob. We are becoming more and more Americanized, except in Quebec where Duceppe et al are doing their best to make sure that doesn't happen.

American health care, more wars, no gun control...hell, even evangelism.

I don't feel encouraged as of late.

Simon said...

hi West End is a sad day, and one I honestly thought I'd never see. I still can't believe that these wretched Reformers have got their way at last.
But I am proud of my province and its people. I realize that because of what happened at the Polytechnique and at Dawson College we are more aware of the horror of gun violence.
But I thought more Canadians shared our views and I'm very disappointed...

Simon said...

hi CK...yes I'm afraid that English Canada is becoming more Americanized every day...and the Harperites with their hideous ideology and their wedge politics have only accelerated that process.
The good news is that we're still a young country and if the left gets its act together we can still make it a beautiful place...

Oemissions said...

Simon: this was beautiful.

Anonymous said...


First thing I'll say is I'm from English Canada and secondly I'm a conservative supporter. I can appreciate how passionatly you feel about the topic. However, it might not be that bleak a day the truth is this gives us an opportunity to put in a better system in place. Lets put all the options on the table instead of ramming through a flawed system as they did last time.

Simon said...

hi Oemissions...thanks...I'm glad you liked it. I really should have explained that because the inscriptions are carved in a very artistic way you really have to stop and take a long look to figure out whose name it is. So by the time I had figured them all out
I had memorized them... :)

Simon said...

hi Mohamed...I completely agree with you...even though you are Conservative supporter. ;)
We used to be the best in the world at working out compromises, but these days all we can do is shout at each other.
For which I'm sorry to say I blame your leader, for constantly using wedge issues to divide Canadians, instead of bringing them together.
If you ever meet him...tell him I told you that... :)