Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vancouver Police and the Sonic Cannon

Another good reason to avoid Vancouver during the Winter Olympics.

If you don't end up in jail for complaining about this massive waste of money. Or aren't tasered.

You could end up deaf.

The device — which is a compact version of its predecessor, the Long Range Acoustic Device — can be mounted on top of a vehicle. It is capable of emitting a blast of directional sound measuring an estimated 146 decibels at one metre away and an estimated 99 decibels at 500 metres.

Sound above the range of 120 to 140 decibels is considered painful and damaging to human hearing.

Or worse...

Some fear it could cause fatal aneurysms.

Welcome to the party folks. Welcome to the most expensive loudspeaker in Canada.

"The primary function we're using the device for is its ability to communicate with very large groups with respect to crowd control, evacuations, tactical situations where we may need the loudspeaker portion of it,"

Welcome to the police state they call the Olympic Games...


Oemissions said...

I have been pounding these quiet keys sending emails everyhere about this.
This is BAD. Very very Bad.Just to even have the THOUGHT to purchase it.
Will ear muffs,plugs,etc. protect us?
The government is going to have to supply us with these as well as gas masks.

Hannah said...

Yikes! Like there weren't enough problems already with the Olympic Games in Vancouver!
No thanks!