Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Great War on Christmas Begins...

...with the Krazy Christianists attacking this ad...

By accusing it of promoting WITCHCRAFT

Did you notice it? Gap compares Christmas to the pagan holiday called "Solstice." Solstice is celebrated by Wiccans who practice witchcraft!

Which makes me feel like saying do what ever you wannukah eh?

But if you can't wiccer or liccer yourselves.

Why don't you go pray for a Wii?


Because I LOVE that pagan festival. Presents, food, drink, debauchery.

Almost as much as I hate religious fanatics.

So I'm with the ELVES...


Carter Apps, dabbler of stuff said...

I'm so with you on celebrating Solstice and I have in fact ordered solstice cards this year rather than christo fascist consumer day cards. (Cafepress has a great selection of pagan/wiccan and GLBT greeting cards, amoung other genre)

I would however dispute that Wiccan/pagan festivals are about debauchery. You are perpetuating the same kind of sterotype the religious fanatics you hate believe.

Simon said...

hi Canadian silver bug...i didn't really mean to offend Wiccans.From what I hear they can be very nice people, and I like the fact it's pro-woman not like the other patricidal religions.
I was just having fun,joking about things from my own atheist/humanist/gentle idiot perspective. And when I say debauchery I mean carousing with my friends, and... consorting with my BFF which according to my deeply held beliefs is DEFINITELY a good thing... ;)

Carter Apps, dabbler of stuff said...

no prob, I just have a soft spot for wiccans. Pro women, pro earth, pro self discovery, anti hate and sorely misrepresented.

who doesn't like a good debauch?