Monday, November 23, 2009

Lou Dobbs to Run for President?

Caramba. I have to say I saw this one coming.

When one of the WTOP anchors joked that pundits were floating the crazy idea of the immigration-fixated Dobbs running for president, he shot back: "What's so crazy about that?" — and disclosed that he's talking to advisers to suss out his political options.

Because as I watched this ridiculous old racist blame Hispanics for just about EVERYTHING...from leprosy to acid rain... I couldn't help but notice that his ego was growing bigger than a Mexican sombrero...or a Jesus in a tortilla.

And that the chi hua hua on his shoulder was looking ever more menacing.

But Viva Dobbs eh?

What with Dobby and Sarah Palin and the Teabagger Party candidate all running after the right-wing vote, the Republicans will be lucky if in the next election they end up in sixth place.

After Ralph Nader.

So I just want to are not just the American Messiah. Halle-LOU-jah!!!

And the voice of Amerikan independent idiot voters.

You are my cucaracha mariachi Presidente.

So let the campaign fiesta BEGIN !!!!


Anonymous said...

I don't think Lou Dobbs could run to catch a departing commuter train, let alone a public office.

Simon said...

hi Torontonian...I don't know...with an ego like he has he could probably float all the way to the White House... :)