Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Carrie Prejean and Sarah Palin Show

Well I see that Sarah Palin is outraged...and I mean OUTRAGED...about this Newsweek cover picture.

But of course I don't believe a word she says. I think she's just trying to compete with her bitter rival, the Christianist bigot Carrie "Booby" Prejean.

Because although both are out flogging bad books, Booby's book tour is definitely more entertaining.


And at least Little Miss Family Values is getting some one great reviews review.

Vivid Entertainment Group, the world's leading adult film studio, has obtained a copy of the notorious sex tape made by Carrie Prejean and is ready to make a deal with the former Miss California.

"The footage we saw is a series of very graphic and hot clips," Mr. Hirsch said. "Let's just say that she appears to be totally enthusiastic and is thoroughly enjoying herself. Carrie says the tape was 'the biggest mistake of my life.' That may be, but she can take this mistake and turn it into cold, hard cash.

While Sarah Palin's book is getting panned.... for not revealing enough. Even though she and Booby are so spookily similar.

Which no doubt explains why she would dress up in a pair of red hot pants, lean coyly on the American flag, and then accuse Newsweek of exploiting her.

But who can explain this horror?

Sarah Palin...the redneck from Wasilla... brought Andrew Sullivan's mighty blog to a crashing halt?

OMG. When the Mayans said the world would end in 2012 did they know the results of that year's Presidential election?

And did the CBC do this on purpose?

A CBC spokesman confirmed that the network mistakenly put up a graphic depicting the cover of "Going Rouge: Sarah Palin An American Nightmare."

Because you really can't remind people enough. Booby the bigot is just a Christianist wanker. And her 15 minutes of exposure...bzzzzzzzzz...are hopefully OVER.

But Sarah Palin isn't just a rogue redneck.

She's an American nightmare who could tear that country apart.

And she can't be exposed enough...


Gunner Sykes said...

You are an idiot.

West End Bob said...

Great post, Simon!

Loved the links . . . .

Simon said...

hi Gunner Sykes...and you I suppose are a....GENIUS? Golly I can hardly wait to read your blog, as soon as you learn to write one... ;)

Simon said...

hi West End Bob...hey thanks, as you can see I need all the support I can get. :)
I'm glad you like the links and I have to admit my first draft contained two more links. One that had Sawah blasting Levi Johnston for revealing too much in his Playgirl shoot.
And one from a columnist giving him shit for not showing enough.
But luckily I was able to restrain myself... :)

Bina said...

Wow...the Paliness just keeps rising to new heights (or should that be sinking to new depths?) when it comes to disingenuous stupidity. She POSED for that shot, and now she calls it "sexist and degrading" because Newsweek went and used it? Don't blame them for using it, Sawah...blame yourself for never missing an opportunity to flash your gams. You can't use sex appeal and feminine wiles to get attention, and then turn around and charge others with sexism!

(I'm still chuckling over that "I may be broke, but I'm not flat busted" shirt she wore in college, too. What a feminist! And way to get oneself taken seriously!)