Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Cons and the Swine Action Plan

Can you believe the nerve of these Con porkers? Accusing the opposition of "politicizing" the pandemic. When they were the ones who politicized EVERYTHING. And turned our Parliament into a pig sty.

On the day when even the Con-friendly Globe editorial board is blaming them for being too slow to act.

From the beginning of the H1N1 pandemic there has been a calm, verging at times on complacency, from federal officials.... Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq insisted in the House yesterday afternoon that the vaccine was ready “two weeks ahead of schedule.” In fact, some Canadian children have died in the past week and yet the vaccine isn't ready yet for children, except those under 5...

And the Auditor General says our emergency planning is an absolute disaster.

While Stephen Harper bounces happily across the country with these twits. Soaking up photo-ops while the country BURNS.

And the clueless Health Minister is not in the House either to answe questions from the opposition...or offer to RESIGN.

She's out in British Columbia whining that it wasn't her fault, and BRAGGING that they'll have everyone vaccinated by Christmas...even though the swine flu is expected to peak LONG before then.

While posing in front of a Con coloured backdrop similar to the one they use to sell their Porky Action Plan (PAP)...

And we're supposed to believe in this new Swine Action Plan (SAP)... when last one cost us billions, and this one could cost us our LIVES?

And BTW where is all that vaccine she claims we have?

Something doesn't add up. Either production numbers are inflated, delivery seriously flawed or the provinces are hopelessly overwhelmed by a vaccination blitz they knew was coming three months ago.

OMG. First they order it late and then it DISAPPEARS? But still they claim victory? And then they have the nerve to accuse the opposition of "politicizing" the issue?

When they were the ones who played cheap politics, and preferred to squirt porky all over the country ....and themselves... rather than prepare for a pandemic or educate the public.

Oh boy. For the sake of all the Canadians who are going to get sick and die. For the sake of our beautiful country which is being buried in pig shit.

Politicize this scandal to the MAX.

And hit these porkers where it HURTS....

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