Tuesday, November 17, 2009

10-Year-Old Stands Up for Gay Marriage

Meet Will Phillips who is refusing to pledge allegiance to the flag until there really is justice for ALL.

A substitute teacher tried to make him stand, but Will refused. He continued to refuse for several more days until the teacher became angry. At this point, Will admitted he had told her to "respectfully … go and jump off a bridge".

Meanwhile at Wingnut Central they're gumming themselves KRAAAAZY.

And this is in rural Arkansas, no less ... I shudder to think about the places we've lost to the Left.


You heard it first here eh?

There is still hope for Amerika. Bigots are fuck-wads.

And Will is my HERO...


P.S. Wait until he finds out who is responsible for torching the planet. May the Dirty Oil God protect them...


Jennifer Smith said...

He's my hero too. Makes me think of my own son.

Oemissions said...


Ken Harvey said...

Thank you for posting this! I'd read the story last week but didn't see the interview. He's a real star. (I didn't like how the interviewer used the word "democratic process" to describe what was happening here in the US re: gay marriage. Many of us would not agree that the democratic process involves voting on civil rights.)

Paul said...

Governments should not be in the marrage business anyways.

You want to get married go to a church. And has no benifit except for your faith until you register it or make it automatically registered with the government as a civil union.

Want the state to recognize your union for taxation and protection reasons it should be a civil union.

I am pro rights of all people. I don't even care about the word "marrage", but it allows bigots to hide behind religion as they always do.

'berto said...

I agree wholeheartedly with a couple of readers' comments over at Towleroad:

- "The recitation of the pledge of allegiance is, in itself, an execrable practice, smacking of fascist government. At its most benign, it is quaint and silly, and should be eliminated."

- "What a tool [CNN host J.D.] Roberts is: 'the democratic process is working'. It is NOT democratic to let the majority vote on the rights of a minority. Fuckwad"

Simon said...

hi Jennifer...If your son is like that little spark plug you should be very proud of him.
I know the kids are going to make a better world, but knowing that so many chuildren are suffering makes me so impatient... :)

Simon said...

Hi Oemissions...yes...that's exactly what I said
I see his skipped grade four, so I wouldn't be surprised if he's President by the age of eighteen.
President Will. Sounds good to me... :)

Simon said...

hi Ken...yes he's quite something isn't he? And I understand what you mean about calling what's happening in your country a democratic process. People should not get to vote on the civil rights of others. Everyone should have equal rights, and then on a level playing field, we can argue about everything else. I'm sure that in your country that won't be difficult... ;)

Simon said...

hi Paul...I see your point, and I wouldn't mind a bit if everyone got a civil union. But as long as they don't then I think the word marriage should be used for everyone.Even though I'm a confirmed bachelor...sort of
One thing is for sure it seems to me ridiculous to have to spend so much time arguing over marriage when there are so many other problems that need our attention.
And for that bad religion is entirely to blame. Which is of course why as well as an almost bachelor I'm also an atheist... :)

Simon said...

hi 'berto...once when it was imbued with the real values of the American Revolution it might have been a good thing.
But these days the pledge is used by the right as a quasi-religious rite, so if they scrapped it I wouldn't. But then I once had to swear allegiance to the English Queen. So even though I practically bit my tongue off, who am I to complain?
As for J.D. Roberts...I actually thought he was pretty favorable to our side.
As you know he was once a Much Music type in Toronto, and from what I hear he was so gay positive he was frequently ...um... mistaken for one of us... ;)

Paul said...

Simon I did not mean to say I think some people should be allowed "marrage" and others "civil union" in the eyes of the government there should only be one "civil union".

The government should only be concerned about "civil union" and the legal aspects of it. Everything else is just talking points.

I do not view the word "marrage" as a religious word, but there are many that do. There are people that get hung up on the word. There are others that would use the word to hide behind there religion.

I may not like the homsexual lifestyle (Not True)oe even understand it (True), but that does not mean I do not support another person right to live that lifestyle nor do I look down on them for what they do with there lives. I believe we cannot be seperate and equal at the same time its a all or none we are either free to "choose" or we are simply sujects.